How do you feel about the infamous Target spring dress line?

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  • Yes, I got one...or two
  • I'd consider them
  • Cute perhaps, but not my style
  • Hell nah
  • Have no idea what you're talking about
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      I’m kinda guessing that target is a store name?

      I’m English and I can’t say that we have target stores over here in the U.K. (unless they got under my radar!!!) so I really don’t know what you are talking about. Can you point me in the direction of a few pics?

      Take care girls.



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      Around 1980 my mother sewed a period day dress inspired by Little house on the prairie and The Macahan family (How the West was won) TV-series. It was my absolute favourite among her clothes that l secretly wore in my teenages and occasionally in my early twenties. It still hangs in her wardrobe and l have pulled it out a few times visiting but presently l am a bit too large for to close it up.

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      Diana Morgan
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      Ok for re-enactors or latter-day Granny Clampetts I guess but you’ve got to say in real life why would you?

      I followed the link btw and have to say I loved the two larger ladies , one with a shotgun over her shoulder and the other holding a rabbit in one hand and a knife on the other – disturbing….


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      Amy Myers
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      I’m also in Canada, and Target isn’t here anymore, and I cannot go to the US to buy them. However thank you for the link and I did have a look at them, and I’m not very taken with them. Here there is a very conservative Christian community called Mennoites, and the women wear dresses much like that.

      The men dress like any other, but the women don’t. The real conservative ones also use horse and buggy for transportation, but those around here drive cars and trucks.


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      Hi Heather, thanks for the link to have a look at the old-style dresses.

      I’d definitely consider buying one (depending on price) but unfortunately not available in my city in NW Canada.  And I don’t think I’d drive 5 hours to the big city where it might be available.  It might be a fun dress to wear at Hallowe’en.  I think I’ll pay a visit to my local thrift shop and see if they have anything like it.

      thanks again, Stay safe, stay healthy, All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Interesting, but not my style; they make me look too much like my real age – or perhaps Granny Clampett.

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      Alison Anderson
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      I’m firmly entrenched in the “not my style” category. I wear ankle length dresses or skirts in the winter months.  In the other months, I prefer something shorter (even if below the knee).

      I also tend to avoid buying something that is “in style” now, but goes out of style in a year or two.  I prefer things that are more timeless, so I’m not wasting money or closet space on something I won’t wear long term.

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      Sandy Honey
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      I would wear one but prefer sun dresses with no sleeves and  lower neck. I’m sure they are very comfortable.


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      Laura Lovett
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      Great meme – and cute dress.

      As the photos prove, anyone can look good in one!

      Love Laura

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      I can see the retro type appeal but it doesn’t translate across the pond. Little house on the prairie was a lovely program about another world for us. I can’t see the appeal of cheap printed fabrics made into simple dresses for low cost sale.

      Dressing for me is about the fabulous choice and styles of femme clothing and whilst this is certainly adding to variety and choice it’s not for me.


      Lisa xxx

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      Raquel Botas
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      I voted ‘whaaa?’
      Post a picture for us, babe. I do remember Little House on the Prairie, but now I’m picturing a less-than-sexy cut + floral prints.
      I just like dresses… I’d probably wear one.

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      Kelly Terry
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      While Target did buy up the Zellers stores in Canada they tried to use their own supply chain and that just didn’t work so they closed down everything.

      While they where around I did visit them often and did score a few things but now it’s all gone so I don’t look at whatever they may offer.


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        Kelly Terry
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        After seeing the pictures on the buzzfeed link I would vote “Hell nah”. Don’t like that style at all.


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