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    Paula F
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    I did a couple of searches and didn’t find this question as a result.

    Tell us about a fun, non-sexual incident that happened to you while dressed, at home or in public.

    This one happened to me in my mid 20’s one night when I was heading to a club to meet a couple of friends for some dancing and just having a good time, and maybe a prowl too.  I was dressed in a faux leather, white mini that mostly covered my bottom, matching white side zip, mid calf boots with a nice 3″ heel, nude stockings held up by a nice white garter belt.  A lace stretch teddy over a very lacy half cup bra, the best makeup I could manage and big dangly earrings.

    Because of city street work and the number of cars around the area of the club (the parking lot was totally blocked by digging), I had to park almost 3 blocks away.  I started walking and trying to avoid the brick piles from the street and trying to stay out of the mud.  After about a block, I heard several men’s voices that sounded partly like they were arguing and partly having a good time.  When I got close enough I could see that there was 5 older+ men playing craps against the wall of one of the buildings.

    They saw me about the same time and were whistling and asking me to come over and join them since a sexy woman would bring them luck, and things like that.  The street was fairly dark so they didn’t read me right away, until I got a little closer.  One of the men finally read me and put that with the proximity of the gay bar I was heading for, and started to say something about me being in drag.  Two of the other men shut him up and told him this would be the closest he was going to ever get with a real woman and just deal with it.  Those two were very polite to me after that and convinced me to stay and blow on the dice for them and let me throw a few times, teaching me how to play craps.

    Needless to say, I was late to the club, and both of my friends already had paired off with a couple of cute guys.  But, I got an escort from 5 new acquaintances for the last block and a half to the club, 3 of them even kissing my hand and wishing me a fun night ahead.  I never saw any of them again in the neighborhood of the club after that.

    So, let’s hear about some of the fun times you other girls have had when dressed, either indoors or out.


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Was playing tennis last year with a dear friend. I was en femme in light makeup with a tennis skirt and top. There was a foursome of guys waiting for our court and when finished playing we walked past them and one said it is so nice seeing women in proper tennis outfits. I just smiled and said ty

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      Cindy Rush
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      My last time out i was finishing my night and went into 7-11 to pay for gas and a water. While in there 2 woman were working. They started a conversation with me and we talked and gabbed away. I was one of the girls Well as I was leaving the one told me I was sexy and should come around more often. I was so excited. I haven’t been back but it was fun and a great memory.

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      Nancy Gamms
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      I picked up a new/used flower print skirt with an elastic waist band and wore it out when I was in Green Bay.  I got a beer, stopped at Walgreens, took some pics and Lambeau Field and headed back to the Holiday Inn Express where I planned to go to my room and then go to the lobby restaurant for dinner.  As I went in and headed to the elevator there was a person checking in at the desk and a few people in the bar area.  As i waited for the elevator i felt something strange and looked to see that my skirt had fallen to the floor.  It was only down for maybe 2-3 seconds.  I quickly pulled it up, did not turn around to see if anyone saw and got on the elevator.  I guess they would have seen my pantyhose and panties.  I was not about to go back down so i changed and got food later in drab checking out all the site lines.  The bar may have seen a bit but there is furniture in the way and the desk clerk would have had the best straight view depending on what he was doing.  I got rid of that skirt not too long after.

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      stephanie plumb
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      I was pulling my dog out of a rabbit hole- just managed to grab the ring on the back of her harness before she disappeared down it.  The rabbit colony was under some thorn bushes alongside the path so I had to duck under and get in several feet. Anyway, I pulled her back out and extricated myself from the bushes.

      I walked on down the hill towards the car park. A couple of ladies walking their dogs stopped, staring in disbelief or horror and turned back along the path.  Then I realised that I had lost my wig. I rushed back up the hill  – the thorn bush had gently removed my wig as I ducked under. There it was dangling like a scalp. At least I got it back before someone else took it.

      Stephanie P

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      Registered On: September 16, 2020
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      I was walking in the middle of the night in Amsterdam red light district. Suddenly one guy from behind started cat calling me. I felt insecure and walked ignoring. Then he was screaming Hi! and started approaching me. He started to run and come close to me. Then he saw my face, paused for couple of seconds and run away faster than he came 😃

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      Jin Crocker
      Registered On: November 15, 2019
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      My wife had put me into a cute summer dress, my hair in pig-tails and ribbons, strappy sandals, and Barbie pink nail polish before sending me off to work. Getting ready took a bit longer than usual so I stopped for a coffee and donut breakfast at the local 7/11. I was followed into the store by some roughly dressed construction guys with whistles and a cheerful “Good morning Princess!” (note: I am decades past being able to pass). I turned and smiled at them with a “Good morning boys, what a beautiful day to be out and alive.” We wished each other a joyful day as they held the door for me. We chatted in the checkout line and then each went about our daily tasks.

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      Clare Cowley
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      One of the first ever times I went out, there was a road near where I lived that went round in a square, with a a residents car park in the Middle.  I had decided that I would park in there and walk around the block till I got back to my car.  Bear in mind it was a long time ago, I was nervous and a bit unsteady on my feet.
      I was almost around the block when a woman came out of her house right next to me. Scared, I decided to get back to my car, however the heel of my shoe sunk into the grass verge and I went head over heels into the pavement.  I had a grazed head and leg, and had torn my stockings

      The lady came over and asked if I was alright, could see the blood on me so took me straight in.  She helped me clean up and gave me a cup of tea, after which we chatted about dressing, she even gave me a pair of tights before I left

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      Linda Rose Nygaard
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      A year ago last Halloween my wife and I went to a Halloween costume contest at a shopping mall in a nearby town about 30 miles from home.  I was wearing my little red cocktail dress with 4-inch matching red stilettos and matching red patent leather handbag.  My wife made a red satin bow with 12 inch streamers which she pinned to the back of my dress just below the waist.  She was wearing a football players uniform complete with shoes, pads and helmet, which she had borrowed from our son.  We drove separate cars and arrived at slightly different times.  After we had been there a short while, we began flirting with each other.  It was hilarious!  My wife, mimicking a male voice, asked me if I wanted to go with her to a certain motel in town.  A cop even approached me and said: “Is he bothering you?”.  We were both laughing so hard that I (we) couldn’t answer him.  When the laughter subsided, we told the cop that we were married (to each other).  He offered to give us a police escort to the motel in question, but we declined.  Neither of us won any prizes for our costumes, however we had one of our best Halloweens ever.

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      Jannie Murry
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      I had been out for the day dressed en femme at the mall. As I was leaving to go to my car I happened to walk by a bench and there was a girl who looked to be in her early twenties sitting there watching me. As I was passing by she said That’s a nice looking skirt your wearing..I told her Thank you and kept on walking. Just knowing that she thought that my skirt looked nice made me feel good and I smiled all the way to my car .I guess that I was being accepted as a girl which made it feel even better




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      Laura Lovett
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      I had bought some lunch, and decided to eat it on the grass outside Brighton pavilion, as it was a lovely summer’s day.

      I strolled through the grounds until I found the ideal spot, near a tree, Everyone was sensibly socially distanced, a busker was playing some delightful Mediaeval sounding music, and had some spare tambourines and drums which he encouraged members of the public (mainly children!) to play.

      Children were excitedly running around family groups, all peacefully enjoying their lunch in the sunshine. A few seagulls stalked the perimeters of these groups, hoping for morsels.

      An idyllic scene, which I quickly settled into, opening my sandwiches, and hiding my food cache under my legs, as those seagulls looked very stalky.

      As I was eating my first sandwich, a couple of small children ran past me, laughing as they played. I smiled, loving to see them so happy at play.

      Suddenly I became aware of a rustling, extremely close by.

      One of the seagulls had stolen my sandwich box from under my legs!

      Some of the people around me looked shocked, but I laughed. I didn’t want to take my sandwiches back now that they’d been pecked – a whole flock had descended on the thief, so it got it’s come-uppance.

      I put my light jacket over the remainder of my food, and continued to enjoy it.

      Fortunately I still had enough left for a reasonable meal – and yes, I picked up the empty box once the gulls had finished with it…

      Love Laura

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      Patty Phose
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      I began dressing fully femme when I got my own place at 18. I got the idea to go out and the desire just got stronger and stronger. When I opened the front door though, fear hit me like a jack hammer and held me back. I just could not move forward. After several more attempts the same thing kept happening.

      I finally decided to wait until it was dark to make my move. I stepped outside on the stoop feeling very nervous. I heard a sound and raced back in. I repeated this often for the next couple of weeks, standing outside a bit more each time. Then finally I decided to make my move. I got my purse, shut the door and began walking towards my car.

      The sensation of walking in my stilettos, my silky pantyhose caressing my legs, my pretty hair gently blowing in the gentle breeze, the cool air under my dress and my breasts gently bouncing out me into a total state of bliss and euphoria like I never felt before. That is until I nearly walked into a guy walking his dog. Total fear and panic instantly set in. I wanted to run. The house was further away. The car was close. In a panic attack I headed to the car. When I opened the door, the interior lights came on, spotlighting my legs in my shiny pantyhose, sexy stilettos and very short dress. I got in quicky and shut the door. My heart was pounding. I was shaking and sweating. I needed several minutes just to calm down enough to do anything.

      I was going to go back to the house, but I began to feel the desire and experience the euphoria and bliss. I decided to try driving around. I started the car and began driving. I stopped at a few places, where I thought it would be safe to get out of the car and go walk around where I could be seen but not touched. After doing that a few times, I headed home. I didn’t even look to see if anyone was near when I got out and began walking to the house. I was feeling the euphoria and bliss. It was wonderful.

      It had been and incredibly scary and so wonderful experience. I began going out often. I always had some fear and anxiety but always loved the excitement, thrill , rush and euphoria of it. Little by little I began doing more.

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      Grace Scarlett
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      Hi Paula

      I did have one funny experience when looking through a “sale rail”. Being drawn to a beautiful leopard print blouse, ( who wouldn’t??) I picked it up to inspect and held it to myself to see how it looked in the mirror. A woman next to me simply said ” wow, wish I had seen that”…and wandered off….did I buy it….you bet I did!!!!. It is simple little things like that make my day, I probably smiled all the way home…..huggs, Grace xx

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