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    Six months ago, all alone in my ‘closet’, I stumbled upon a website called Crossdresser Heaven.

    It was tough the first little while… being the ‘new kid (girl) on the block’. I felt a bit lost. However, you wonderful Ladies make everyone feel welcome with unconditional love. With the exception of one person (my ex-wife), I have had a loveless life.

    You have brought so much love and understanding into my heart… I’m in tears writing this 😭. You have changed my life… you have changed ‘me ‘.

    Still, for the most part, I am a closet dweller. Have ventured out once… and what a thrill it was!!! I don’t have the confidence ‘yet’ to go out regularly. Have pierced my ears (wearing my danglies now 🥰) and growing my nails out. I’m sure I’ll freak when one breaks. 😱

    You wonderful girls have brought out my feminine side beyond comprehension… Thank you… ❤


    Gen… ❤



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      I could have written this exact post eighteen months ago… But alas, I don’t have your way with words.

      I agree with most of these posts. We haven’t changed you, it’s all you.    All we did was make it impossible for you to suffer the illusion that you were the only one.  The beauty that is you/Genevive is all your doing and this site is better for having you here.

      Thanks for expressing it in a way I wish I had.

      Lots O hugs. (and danglies)


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      Paula F
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      I don’t think we changed you one bit, only coaxed your girl out to show you a part of you that you just hadn’t met yet.  The Ladies here have that ability and aren’t afraid to use it.

      I wasn’t too sure myself when I found CDH and was thinking “Oh, just another CD site like the rest.”  I have never been happier to have proved myself so wrong.  I do plan to stay here as long as you ladies will have me.

      Congratulations on becoming more of who you desire to be and I hope you never stop discovering new things about yourself and growing within yourself also.


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      Dani CD
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      Gen, I know exactly how you feel, since finding CDH 6 months ago I have been a different (happier ) person. Good luck with the nails, being a diesel mechanic I never have much luck and when they do get a bit of length they end up full of grease and dirt.     Love reading your posts, hopefully one day I can let you know I’ve got my ears pierced as well.                                                                            Dani👩🏻‍🔧xoxo

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        Thank you for the kind words Dani.

        I wear latex gloves most of the time I’m working … keeps nasty chemicals away. However, I do get ‘some’ dirt under the nails… easily cleaned though.

        Gen… ❤

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      Together we Stand…. divided we fall… ❤❤❤

      Gen… ❤

      So much this. Together we are stronger 💕🙏

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      Polly Stewart
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      You mistake us! It is you and only you who have grown and changed! You have done it by yourself even if you have read some great comments by the contributors here.
      It’s all come out of YOUR heart!


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      We’ve been here about the same time, and I’m glad you’re here with me. I visit every day at least once, and am always happy to see your posts. This place has made a huge difference for me too.

      Thanks to all you girls! Thanks for this post, Genevieve

      Bridgette vS

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      Regine Rich
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      Hi, Gen, I Thank YOU. each little thing we do, inspires each and every one of us, Each little victory, for one is a victory for all. We truly are a family, and this lovely place, our home
      Hugs, Regi

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      Sandy Jayson
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      Isn’t it great Gen!!  I agree all the support all around here at CDH and the great stories.  Even those which sometimes don”t go as hoped.  We are all going to proceed on our journey, no mater where it ends for each of us.  All the love felt from everyone here makes it all good for each one of us.


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      Darling, I love our chats, I love your posts, I love that you got your ears pierced….it’s just all love here sometimes….the girls here are treasures….and you honey….are one of them.!!!

      Grace xx

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Genevieve  so happy for you to start gaining confidence in yourself and hoping things change for the better.  So sorry for for a bad experiance  hope you have gotten over it and hope it wasent here you had a bad time  . But as all of us here we all grow with each day and each conversation with a helpful girlfriend to ease out of your closet  and make it into the world again im so envious of all including yourself you made it out one time thats more than i have.. So go for it girlfriend  be all you can be a girl ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Cindy Lou
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      You’re not alone Genevieve, in more ways than one. Going out all dolled up is something I fantasize about regularly, even if it was just for a stroll. Maybe we have to get to the place where Mika got to actually go through with it. Step one, have zero f***s left to give, step two have someone living close by to join you in your first foray. We will both do that hopefully sooner rather than later, in the meantime we have CDH, and you have added so much to this forum with your presence.

      Sincerely, Cindy.

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      Sarah Du Hessisse
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      Genevieve its really nice to have a lovely girl like you here to chat to, there lots of girls like us still in the closet but it really helps to have love girls like you to talk to. Your fabulous by just opening up to us and listening and sharing.

      Love Sarah


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