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    patty williams
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    Hi girls some of you know that my wife is just a little above tolerant of my feminine side.

    So she isn’t crazy about me dressing in front of her and wants me to go out of town if dressing out of the house and with me working ten hour days it doesn’t leave much time for getting any feminine time.

    So On my morning commute I put on usually some skinny jeans a nice bra crop top and some nice high heel wedges for my drive in to work and I park in the back of the lot and change.

    However today I changed  except I hadn’t put my tennis shoes on as it was hot and bare foot felt pretty good.

    When I went to put my shoes on I realized I had forgotten to grab my tennis shoes and all I had were wedges.

    Oh my gosh that would be a sight walking in in my wedges and drab cloths.

    My whole large work place would have a laugh I am sure.LOL

    The pink fog got me this morning.

    So I had enough time thank goodness and I went  home and got my drab shoes.

    Have you girls let the pink fog cause your brain to put you in an almost embarrassing situation?

    Thank goodness every thing turned out OK and I wasn’t late for work.Hahahaha



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      patty williams
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      Thats not a bad Idea Rosalyne,

      Your the best I may do that.

      Hugs Patty

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      Rozalyne Richards
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      Hi Patty I’ve not actually let the pink fog get the better of me yet, although i sometimes dream of having a pink fog day hoping that no one will give me any funny looks x have you ever thought about leaving a pair of your drab shoes in your car just in case the pink fog takes hold again it might save you a journey back home next time xxxxx hugs Rozalyne x

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      K Swim
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      Once. I went out to a lake late one evening. I drove there wearing only a t-shirt over my one piece swimsuit…no shorts, no shoes. Not by accident, on purpose. I went there to enjoy a little time in the water, then headed home. Along my drive, I saw a vehicle off the side of the road up ahead that looked like it was stuck. I have used my truck to recover vehicles out of that situation many times before. I wanted to help, but could not because….well I was still all wet and not wearing pants. Had I stopped and tried to help, I’m sure they would have just preferred stay stuck and refuse my help. From that day forward, I now at least carry shirt, shorts, and shoes in my truck with me if I am driving while wearing only a swimsuit.

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      patty williams
      Registered On: January 19, 2019
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      Ladies these are some great stories so far.

      Thank you so much for sharing them.

      It is so fun to hear your humerous stories.

      Like Stephanie Kennedy said I guess we can’t hide forever.

      Very true.

      Early this spring I dressed after work and stopped for gas at a truck stop I usually don’t frequent in my wife’s old Grand Cherokee we don’t drive much.

      About two weeks later my wife ran into an old co-worker that asked my wife if I was driving the old keep as she thought she saw me at the truck stop and giggled.

      My wife played it off like we weren’t driving it,but I have a feeling that event will show it’s ugly head again as this woman knows our friends

      Haven’t had any repercussions as of yet.

      We will see.


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      Laurel Nylons
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      Been there too. Sitting at work, underdressed in pantyhose and I didn’t realize my dress slacks (lined and feel oh so heavenly with pantyhose on rubbing against them, highly recommended) had ridden up on my leg and my sock had ridden down. It was spotted by an observant female coworker and she asked inquisitively what I was wearing.

      I kind of laughed it off and said I had to use hose as support for my legs. She seemed to have bought it but in hindsight I wish I had been able to be more forthcoming as I may have possibly made a girlfriend then and there. We were both only in our 20’s then and both single and she always wore killer 3 and 4 inch heel pumps to work with gorgeous dresses and tight skirts. Ahhh, hindsight;-)


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      Debbie J
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      I’ve documented elsewhere how I, when my wife sat down with me so I could do some online research with her, churned my computer to face her with a big, pink, Crossdresser Heaven on the screen 🙂

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Patty We cannot hide who we are and how we choose to express for ever. We are going to get noticed especially by woman. My secretary noticed i had not completely removed my red nail polish i had on from the night before. She was so nice and brought a bottle of nail polish remover and some cotton balls to my desk and said “always be prepared” I responded quickly by saying “were you a boy scout”? she just said “no” real casually its just apart of being a woman’. I was so embarrassed. I tried to act cool. I returned the bottle of remover and cotton balls after cleaning nails and said” thank you for always be prepared”. She just gave me a cute smile and said your welcome. It was the strangest moment. My emotions were all over the place. You are so right the Pink Fog can get us in embarrassing situations  Just always be prepared as my secretary has said. Thank you for the embarrassing memory.                             Luv Stephanie

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Patty yes went to work and before other workers got there went to little girls room and looked in mirror and still had traces of red lipstick on whew that was close . And one ,ore I posted a while back sitting at table with wife drinking coffee and she jumped up a ran to bedroom as a neighbor drove in yard she didn’t have bra on (he he ) neither did I so I went to door and stepped out side to talk to him chatted for about 15 minutes and when he left I realized I still had on my cute flats with a bow on top the hole time .

      Hugs Stephanie Bass

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      Hmmm, like when in a fit of pink fog I slipped on 3” black pumps under my desk at work, only to have the boss stop by to introduce me to visitors?  I gave them a  “oh hey let me just finish this note” as I tapped at the computer while slipping out of pumps and back into my drab shoes.  Not graceful but effective.  So yeah, gotta watch out for the pink fog!


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