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    Teri Linnealis
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    I have made a few journeys en femme to  town wearing skinny jeans with no front pockets and small back ones. Being a gurl of relatively little expertise  in those things moms teach daughters I found myself with a wallet, a set of keys and loose change and really no place to carry them. One can certainly blow her cover by dragging out a cloth camo wallet, so loose money went in one back pocket and keys in the other. Everything else stayed in the car.

    I vowed not to make that mistake again. The next trip I pillaged my wife’s purse pile an found a Fossil brand black leather over the shoulder purse to borrow. I started moving money and cards to the wallet inside the purse and found I still had room for a small pet. So I added some cosmetics.

    How liberating, I found myself with that leather satchel feeling like I could move mountains. It (for me anyway) was that one part of dressing that I had completely overlooked. When I got home I went to that large auction site and within twenty minutes I had a twin to my wives purse bought for under thirty dollars. To me,having no purse would now be the equivalent of not wearing shoes. Always Hugs, TERI

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      Diane Rakers
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      I acquired 3 purses in a fairly short period of time.

      One of our sisters told me she had 30!

      Thanks, Teri.


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      Carmen Cruz
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      I dated a woman a few years ago and it became a running joke how much darn stuff she had in her purse. I’d be like, hey, can you check your purse… I’m missing my table saw. LMAO.

      Anyhow, NOW I fully understand just how a woman’s purse gets so many things in it. Often however, I’ll have a ton of makeup in my purse, and a matching clutch that I’ll take inside the store. I don’t need to be carrying EVERYTHING with me at all times. In the clutch is just my ID, bank card, some loose change and a few dollar bills… and the lipstick of the day.

      Everything else is left in the car and hidden in the trunk while I’m out and about, just in case I need to pull out that table saw. LOL.

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      Even after just walking around the house with a purse for practice, so I can look more natural at it once I take one out, I like it way better than stashing stuff in my pants pockets. So much better organization, a place for all my things, no awkward digging for stuff, no weird bulk added to my pants, much more room for extra stuff like combs and makeup, and they’re so cute! I totally get why so few women’s clothes have pockets now. Purses are just better.

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      Sandra Lasco
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      I always had purses (handbags). They go with my outfit and shoes and they give you this very important extra touch to blend in as a woman. They also help a lot to store your makeup, keys, nail polish, smart phone, scarf, emery board and wallet.

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      Fredrika Jones
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      Right on! Purses are the greatest! I’ve been carrying mine since before I started dressing. I figured, “Why should (cis) women have all the fun?😁
      Love to all (stay safe),

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      I too put in my purses what I presumed were the necessities only to find room enough left over for lunch & dinner! So in went some Kleenex, sunglass cases, panty liners & gloves. It still seemed a bit empty…

      I purchased all of mine at thrift stores for a few dollars, all were new with tags.

      My first wife had over 100 when we split… I wonder if I may have bought any of hers?? LOL

      Hugs, MaryAnn…

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      Liara Wolfe
      Registered On: August 14, 2021
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      I definitely need a purse too.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Carla Roberts
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      I have always been a “Purse” girl. I love the way a purse compliments an adds to an outfit, because a classic purse can make a nice statement about who you are. I have a nice collection of purses for all occasions except formal, and favorites are Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, although I also have Fossil, Stone Mountain and a few other lower priced purses.


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      Registered On: August 1, 2018
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      Hello Teri,                 Like you I did not have any handbags ( purse ) before I started going out in public, as you say did not need one when in the closet. So I went to a local charity shop & bought a black one & a white one, the black one is a short handle type & the white has  a longer strap. You can carry everything in side just like a real woman does, even the covid mask & hand cleaner. I can not go out with out one now a days.

      love   Helenmarie

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Oh definitely gurls. A purse can really make the outfit and is so damn practical.  I have over a dozen and feel naked without one when stepping out. Currently into bigger shoulder bags which carry everything I need but Terri is right in that you cant wear it cross shoulder or you have breast interference. Also be careful if youre going out really dressed up to make sure the purse goes in color with the shoes. Also get a womens wallet to go along with it so you dont pull a man’s wallet out to pay for things. In it I keep my reading and sunglasses as well as lipstick and mascara ,wallet and tissues,keyes etc.  You rarely see a girl without one so it is a must when going out

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      Michelle McQueen
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      I think most CD’s don’t consider purses unless they go out much dressed. Theres no need for one if you’re always in the closet.

      I love purses. All the styles, sizes and colors are fun. A purse can be large or small and it can give you something to do with your hands and even help with your appearance. A large purse held at waist height can make your hips appear bigger or carried high on your shoulder can make your breasts look fuller. A purse can be held in front of you, hung on your arm or hang from your shoulder. Small clutch purses are good for just the minimum while large bags can carry a whole change of clothes. Purses are like heels, you never have enough to coordinate with your outfits and occasion.

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        Teri Linnealis
        Registered On: January 28, 2022
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        Great points made, many I never thought of. Mine (only one unfortunately) is a cross body with a shoulder strap that usually runs between the breasts. If you are trying to minimize your breasts this is NOT the way to go. Hugs, TERI

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