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      Hi girls,

      In my previous post about my “gender journey” my awareness that my interest in femininity was different than other boys when I swooned over just seeing my friends sister “show us her slip” by bringing it in a shopping bag while the others scattered in disappointment that she wasn’t modeling it for us.

      Catalogs – Sears, JC Penney and the Sunday newspaper ads are another fond memory of exploring pretty clothes that I’m sure many of us fondly remember growing up in the 60’s and 70’s…at some point I realized my interest in these had as much to do with how beautiful the lingerie was as the models themselves.  I often found myself wondering how nice they must feel and whether I would feel as pretty as the models looked!

      In the summers I spent pretty much every day at the public swimming pool.  Like the rest of the boys, I enjoyed seeing the girls and young moms in their swimming suits – whether it was a bikini or a tank – I just loved how they clung tightly to the body and accentuated all the feminine attributes…then one summer I decided to join swim team…that meant a bikini style Speedo…I was so disappointed (not really!!!) when my parents or older siblings gave me mine – it was small, floral print, including a deep shade of pink!!! I’m pretty sure it was on the discount rack because most boys wouldn’t want anything like that…but as a member of a large family – even if I didn’t secretly love it, if I wanted to be on swim team – it was that or nothing!  I remember sliding it on for that first time and trying to suppress my excitement…fantasizing I was really one of the females I admired donning a bikini bottom…I really dreamed of a top with spaghetti style straps…but back then this would have to do!

      Kimberly Anne xoxo

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