Should young women athletes be free from transgender competition?

I'm a crossdresser who fully supports all LGBTQ issues, but I do believe there are women's rights issues that transcend equal opportunities for the transgendered.

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  • Yes, women's athletics should be restricted to genetic women.
  • They should accept trans women of any kind.
  • They should accept trans women who've had SRS.
  • Trans women should have their own division.

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    Falecia McGuire
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    Whether we are transgendered or not, shouldn’t young genetic women athletes be able to compete without interference?

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     Rozalyne Richards 
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    I think trans women should only compete against other trans women then they would all be competing on a level playing field, there was a case a few years ago about a trans woman competing in races against genitic women and she won every race she ran, she was born a man so she had the muscle power of a man which gave her an unfair advantage x

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    I think the key is the type of sport(whether muscle/bone structure and/or aerobic capacity is involved AND when the transition took place (IE did the MTF go through male puberty or not). The increased lung capacity and even residual muscle strength DO give an overwhelming advantages in many sports(e.g. the track athletes in CT that took first and second well over a second faster than the previous state girls’ records.)

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     Bettylou Cox 
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    Probably not true for all athletics, but differences in skeletal proportion and bone structure give a trans-female advantages which are not affected by hormones or SRS. A larger ribcage, with greater lung capacity would make a difference in many sports, also.

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    There is a rule in football (soccer for those in the USA) that if a player with dual citizenship has already played in an official game in a category with one of the national teams for which he is a citizen of, will not be allowed to represent the other nation in any official game. (Not the actual rule here but I think it is basically what it says)

    I believe if (going to extremes) a weightlifter who participated in official competitions as a male, shall she transition and decided to compete as a female, would have an unfair advantage. Her bone structure would be stronger to start with. Same with most other athletic disciplines based in physical strength.

    However, on those disciplines where skills are the most important attribute needed to succeed, I’d believe it would be a leveled field.

    Also, not quite the same, but in beauty pageants, I don’t think contestants (cis or trans) should be allowed if they had any beautifying cosmetic surgeries (nose jobs, breast implants, butt implants) but should not exclude a m2f contestant if her only surgery was a gender confirmation surgery.

    Just my opinion.

    Gaby 💜

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     Coral Wentworth 
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    Falecia, That question always produces a lot of different opinions, but I think it should be addressed and in all truth and fairness if that shoe were on each of our feet I would hope that people would be honest in their answer and not go with the politically correct answer they think it might be. Well I might a raise a few eyebrows and even ruffle some feathers but I need to say what I believe is fair. I think unless you have gone through the final steps of SRS you should not be competing with Cis women in sports period.

    I would not compete against a woman in sports right now in my status now but if I had finished SRS you can bet your boots I would think I would have the right to do so and would demand it. Now if you look at it another way I would not want a Trans  man competing with me in lets say men’s weight lifting unless he had also completed SRS. I believe that would make the playing field level and the person would have to rely on his or her skill and training to compete without the cloud of any advantage or disadvantage. Now I hope I have made myself clear on this, that it is just my personal belief and not anyone else’s and I do not want anyone to think it is right or wrong it is just my belief.


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