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      Amy Myers

      Well Girls, the title says it all! Four years ago I finally summoned the to courage sign up here!

      I’d gone three other times, but backed out before committing myself. It is no exaggeration to say that step changed my life, and for the better.

      Before that I was so totally closeted only my wife knew, and I felt it was like my “dirty little secret” but as so many of us are the pull to be femme had been getting stronger and stronger till I started searching online and found this website.

      The support and acceptance from everyone here was just astounding. Then shortly after that a couple of girls somewhat local to me reached out and invited me to an informal get together, a local support group for CDs and TGs and for the very first time I went out (other than my own yard) dressed up. The acceptance and support was amazing there too, even though my presentation was pretty terrible, but with help here, and from them I quickly learned!

      Now I have the confidence to go out and about fully femme just about anywhere. Of course I use judgement and don’t do silly things, but I’ve learned to dress to blend quite well, and then to NOT blend and show off my glamorous side.

      I was recently elected as President of the group which welcomed me so warmly almost four years ago.

      All from having the courage to join up here!


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      Congratulations Amy and Happy CDH Birthday!!

      Thats wonderful you got out that front door and your experiences have exceeded your expectations. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!

      I’m coming up on my second year here in June and I agree with you completely. CDH really is a great support site for the CD/trans sisterhood. Thank you Vanessa Law and kudos to the moderators who work so hard to make this a safe place. All the girls here are wonderful in helping each other with advice or sharing their inspiring, positive, life experiences. We gain a little more confidence and/or understanding just by reading and sharing like women naturally do.

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      Congratulations Amy and Happy anniversary!


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      Hi Amy happy anniversary to you girlfriend as you came on board a bit before Stephanie joined in November of 2019.. So coming up on my 4th year so happy for you girlfriend as this home is such a wonderful home and so many fantastic family members and sisters that i really do love and am happy to be a part of this family.. hugs girlfriend ..


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      Happy Anniversary Amy, It started with one small step for Amy,, that’s all it takes that first step and look at all you have accomplished, I have yet to take that first step myself I’m not sure if i have the courage to take it, all i can say is good luck in all your future endeavours Amy X

      Hugs Rozalyn X

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      Cassie Jayson

      Congrats, Amy. Have to agree with yo9u about all the wonderful moderators here at CDH. I’ll have 4 years in Sept. Today I only wear men’s clothes at work, even when ‘presenting as male’.

      . Cassie

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      congrats Amy and thank you and your lovely wife for leading our support group

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      Hey gf…so happy to have met you Friday note. Thank you for the warm welcome on Friday nite !




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        Amy Myers

        Thank you, it was great meeting you too Carole!


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      Angela Booth

      Happy fourth anniversary Amy. What a great example of how CDH helps and supports girls to come out of the closet developing the feminine in yourself, being part of a wonderful community.

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      Hi Amy,

      What a great success story and plug for our site.

      You are owning it girl!


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      Happy Anniversary

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      skippy1965 Cynthia

      Congrats -I’ve been here about 7 1/2 years (August 2015) and never regretted a moment . I will be here til either I or the site dies (and I hope it’s the former not the latter but not for decade or two yet!)

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      Amy Myers

      Thank you one and All for your lovely replies! You simply reinforce all those feelings that this is a very good place to be!


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      Stephanie Flowers

      Amy wonderful hearing and many more to come 🎊.  Yes our first is always an unforgettable memory. And other times and your experience I will always remember. Heading to my 6th year myself this June. How times fly lol..🌷

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