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      I am building myself up to set out as Freya for the first time tomorrow.

      I have a day off and am thinking about walking around for a bit to get out of the house.

      I have a wig that I feel comfortable in and while I cannot do makeup right now I can wear a mask thanks to Covid.

      I’m so excited about putting in some nylons and a skirt and being in public in daylight for the first time ever.

      assuming I don’t chicken out I will update everyone on how it goes.

      fingers crossed.

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      Liara Wolfe

      So wonderful. Have fun.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Angela Booth

      Good luck Freya. I hope you don’t chicken out and it goes well. We have all been there and once done it is a breath of fresh air so be confident and be you.

    • #716106

      That is so awesome. I hope everything goes well for you. I know you are going to do great and feel even better afterwards.

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      You’re gonna love it! Take Kleenex in your purse in case you start to sweat.  If you are wearing fake nails, take glue and 3xtra nails. Parks are great places, window shopping downtown, lots of places. Most I,portent, have fun and just go slow.

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      We who haven’t come to th that point look up to you as inspiration!!!

    • #716133

      Can’t wait to hear your story tomorrow, for those of who will love oir loves through you for a day.

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      You’re gonna love it Freya! Try to wear comfortable shoes – one less thing to think about and you may get to stay out longer!

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      AnnaBeth Black
      Duchess - Annual

      Good luck Freya!

      I can only imagine how excited you must be. Many of us here will be rooting for you. Can’t wait to hear the details.

      hugs Annabeth


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      Good luck and enjoy Freya! Where in California? Although I don’t live there, but I have been out dressed in some areas that were great before/after business trips or can suggest a good area.


      • #716149

        Northern California. Just outside the Bay Area.

        • #716150

          Nice! OK, obviously this is up to you with what you’re comfortable with, but I’ve walked around Pleasanton Main St. and Napa Outlets dressed up, and had a good time. Look forward to the update later!


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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Good luck Freya! You will probably feel like everyone is looking at you but don’t worry, they are not.

    • #716269
      Jamie Kane

      You can do this! The first time out is the hardest. You’ll think EVERYONE can tell. The truth is that no one is going to notice what YOU notice. Go out have fun be yourself.

    • #716272

      Even if nervous at first it goes away very quick. Go out and enjoy it.

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      Wishing you a great day out Freya.  It is something that I am building up to, so very interested in how wonderful it was.  But take it easy and be careful.  Also if you do eventually decide not to go, you must not see that in any way as a failure,  it will just be another opportunity to feel the excitement of your first trip!

      I hope you have, Nd am indeed you will have, a wonderful time!

      go girl



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      Barb Wire

      All the best, Freya!

      No chickens here. You’re timeline is all your own. Safety is paramount. However, if you do go out then in, then out then in your front door, then that may provoke some unwanted attention! LOL!!


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      Hi Freya,

      Get out there and enjoy! How exciting! Anywhere near the Bay Area is going to be more open to you, regardless of your presentation. Pretty diverse through there.

      A few ideas, since it’s your first time, and just getting your feet wet (of course depends on comfort level).

      1) Order from a drive-thru if you want to interact but don’t want to get out of the car yet. Nobody is going to bat an eye, let alone say anything discouraging.

      2) For safety, don’t pull in to a park with seemingly nobody around, and walk around. If you do, be very aware of your surroundings and always have an exit plan.

      3) Go to a gas station, and whatever you have in your car next to you that can be thrown away, pull up, get out of car, use the trash, and jump back in your car. You’ll feel the excitement of being dressed in public, but also just look like a person jumping out to do something regular… vs. standing in some corner of a parking lot just to present outside in public.

      4) If you’re feeling more risky (or confident lol), order a starbucks on your app, then run in and grab it off the counter, and walk out. Quick, short and sweet, not much interaction. I say Starbucks specifically because half the workers are lgbt or lgbt friendly. GREAT place to interact and test it all out for yourself, without being an LGBT specific entity.

      Anyhow, just some ideas to get out there without the risk, but isn’t anything to really fear.

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        Thank you for the tips.

        I decided to just go for it and went straight to walking down the street rather than staying in the car.

        I will say I am looking forward to warmer weather as stockings under my skirt was a little fresh lol Maybe pantyhose next time may be the order of the day.

        • #716484

          Good for you Freya. Looks like you were downtown near K Street Mall/Old Sac walkway. Good for you, and glad you had a great experience!

    • #716282

      Have fun Freda stepping out as your true self.


    • #716287
      Cassie Jayson

      Go for it Freya. I am sure you will have the best time. Then after you will be planning the next time you can go out!!

      . Cassie

    • #716354
      Patty Phose

      Good luck and best wishes on your first time out. I know it can be scary, but it’s such a rush and so thrilling and exciting. To me, it’s the ultimate crossdresser experience.

    • #716373

      Hi Freya,

      If your profile avatar is any indication, you will not have any problems! You are beautiful, and “blendable” – that is a huge compliment, btw (giggle). Get out there with confidence but know once you do get out, you will want to more and more so be prepared.

      Please do let us know how you go.



      • #716458

        Thank you and you were so right. I can wait to go out again. Who needs Pandoras box when I have my own 😉

        • #716547

          Hi Freya, sounds like an awesome first outing! i wrote about mine for an article here. mine wasn’t nearly so exciting as yours. but the point is we overcame our fears and stepped out… and the world kept spinning just fine! lol

    • #716390

      Hope your time out was a good day.  I understand how it feels.

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      So I did it.

      I decided to go for a walk in Sacramento in the early morning when people will be busy with thier own lives.

      I took the advice below and decided to wear some comfortable shoes, didn’t want to risk heels first time so i went with my trusty Adidas lol

      I brushed my wig, so it was as nice as possible (although i think it definitely needs a real grooming and styling) I put on my favorite Victoria’s Secret bra and panties and decided to also wear stockings and a garter. Go for a youthful 20’s look in a hope i can relive mine that has been lost hahaha.

      A black pencil skirt and wine-colored long sleeve top rounded it out and as i was walking out the door i took my girlfriends black wool jacket because it was cold. The mask definetly helped my nerves and keep my face warm.

      I opened the front door, hesitated then walked on out. Walked down the street and got into my car.

      My heart was pounding.

      I then drove to Sac and for about 10 mins drove around in circles until i found a parking lot.

      Once I got out of the car i suddenly realized as i was walking i dont walk like a girl. so i spent a little while focusing on walking one foot Infront of the other in the assumption that wold make my hips move more and look more feminine.

      Anyway, i walked around for a good two hours enjoying the feeling of letting Freya breath. it was an amazing experience. Some old guy wished me a good morning and i nearly fell off the curb replying to him in my best feminine voice (again not practiced) and i even got a wolf whistle from two workmen on the side of the road.

      all in all, it was a wonderful experience that i want to do again and again.

      Funny thing I forgot to put my glasses on before leaving i was so excited. must remember those next time.

      Getting ready




      • #716438
        J J

        Congratulations, you pulled off a totally believable look…you look fantastic, and really cute.

        I hope you had as much fun as I suspect you had based on my own experiences. I hope you get to do it again soon and post more pictures.

        • #716457

          Thank you, JJ. It was really fun. I wish I have planned more to do. There were not too many people around first thing in the morning so I will be looking to walk among the crowd’s next time.

          Thank you for your kind words it means so much.

      • #716447
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Thanks for the great post Freya!  So happy for you.  You’ve got the office gal look nailed.  Honesty, I think you could stroll around any store or office building with that look.  You’re an inspiration for any girl that’s on the fence about venturing out in public.  As you discovered, it’s easier than you might think.

        Edit: forgot to mention River City Gems – a social/support group for cd’s and transgirls in SAC.


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        • #716456

          Thank you so much Emily, I was very conscious about people seeing me as a male even with the wig. The fact you think I pulled off a a girly look means so much.

          I will look into the River City Gems. Thanks

      • #716481
        AnnaBeth Black
        Duchess - Annual

        Hooray for you! I’m so happy for you making your first outing.

      • #716486
        Fiona Black
        Baroness - Annual

        Congrats Freya!!!

        You mentioned wanting to go out again and again but don’t worry you will. After you get the first time out of the way, it does get very addictive as you will soon find out. Enjoy this next phase of your dressing journey.


      • #716499

        Well done Freya, your photos are fantastic.  You look so at ease with yourself and confident and happy.  We are all so proud of you.

        I am so happy for you.

        Nice outfit by the way


        hugs Christine

        • #716505

          Thank you so much. I felt very comfortable if a little cold.

      • #716516
        Cassie Jayson

        Congrats, Freya. So glad you had such a good time your first time out. The interactionsyou had where both small and HUGE for you. Sounds like you have a good plan that works for you where you live. Hoping you have many more outings.

        . Cassie

    • #716445
      J J

      As for the future, pick up some comfortable, low heels for you next foray. Don’t over do it with too high a heel. Not only will the become uncomfortable, but they may draw too much attention unless you are out in the evening with others reasonably dressed up. A good option is a short boot with a moderate heel…1-2″. I have a pair and they are my go to shoes these days.

      • #716455

        I am definitely in the market for some footwear. The Adidas will be my leggings pairing from now on. I want some nice ankle boots I think and a pair of heeled mary janes.

    • #716511

      Well done Freya and now you see its really no big thing. You look so natural and have nothing to fear as your future as a woman goes. Congrats and welcome to the sisterhood.

    • #716577

      Judging by your pictures, from reading your account, you didn’t just pull it off, you Crushed It!!
      Go Gurl, Go.

    • #716579

      Hi Freya,

      Well done girl!  You look wonderful and natural.  That had to be a wonderful rush that I hope to experience sometime.  I’ve always wanted to walk down a city street during rush hour as just another one of the women going to or from work. What great fun your pictures show you having had and I’m sure will have again.



      • #716602

        Thank you Michelle. It really was fun I’m so glad I did it.

    • #716629
      Angela Booth

      Well done and the world didn’t stop, it just carried on as normal. You looked in place and wonderful, good enough for compliments so couldn’t have gone any better.  I expect many more to come now.

      • #716911

        Thank you, Andela. Yes, the world still turns, and Freya is a little braver.

    • #716633

      I stepped out in daylight for the first time last week. I had makeup done at a beauty school and decided it was the day to do it. I went to breakfast at a Dennys. The waitress was really sweet. It made me feel more comfortable and i was able to relax. Nobody seemed to care that i was in there dressed like that. I didnt see anyone pointing fingers or staring. Everyone seemed to just go about their business. After breakfast i went to a mall and walked around the entirety of it. I stopped in a couple stores and bought some stuff. Again nobody seemed to make any big deal of my presence. After shopping i went and had a couple drinks at a restaurant. It was an amazing day. I felt good being out as my Lily self. Everybody could have cared less that i was there.

      • #716907

        Thank you for sharing, Lily. I’m glad you had an amazing day. Makeup is on my hit list for the next time.

      • #716908
        J J

        How exciting for you, I am so happy it was such a positive experience. You are so right about nobody noticing or caring. All my trips out in public have been pretty similar. Just yesterday I got moderately femmed up in the morning and went out to breakfast then went for a stroll around a very crowded ski lodge. No a single sideways glance. Everybody was out to ski and paid me no mind. I have been out many times, but never in such bright light and in so crowded an area. It was wonderful.

    • #716750

      Good for you Freya ❤️

      The first time is the hardest. But physiologically it is also the most exciting. You will never feel exactly the same way again. But be careful, this is how all addictions start Lol!

      • #716904

        Oh I know Im addicted. Ive been an addict since i was 14 i just never did it in public. lol

    • #716758

      Way to go Freya – you did it – and looked absolutely great doing it! Here’s  to many more outings and adventures to come!


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