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    Stephanie Silk
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    I get some satisfaction or thrill from being able to under-dress at home while my wife is here.  It says to me, “I can do this for myself, and you can’t do anything about it.”

    So, I sometimes, like right now, I will wear panties or a cami under my jeans and lumberjack shirt.  My “wife” sleeps in the other room, so I sometimes wear a nightie under my cotton PJs.  Sometimes in the early morning, I’ll strip down to just the nightie for a while.  Or, I’ll just wear running shoes without any socks, or with shortie socks, which is kind of a fem look.  Or, I’ll wear knee-high nylons under my cotton socks and jeans.

    I would never dare tell her about this addiction, as I’m sure that she would be freaked-out.  She would probably accept it grudgingly and not say a word but would never accept seeing me dressed fem; also, I would just not feel right about it.  It isn’t necessary, and it would always be another point of friction.

    My next step will be under-dressing when I go out.  That would not be a bold step, at all.

    I’d like to find some things to wear when I’m out that are more fem without announcing “gay.”  I’m just not ready for that yet.  My padded underpants would be a safe start, or a pastel tank top in the summer.  

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      Mellissa Drake
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      I underdress with at least panties 24/7 and sleep in something femme every night since we sleep in separate rooms due to work schedule. Even when going out on errands I am always wearing panties. Whether she knows for sure or not is the question she has never said anything and since she is not a fan of my dressing I suspect she would. I finally got the nerve to go to the thrift store the other day underdressed to shop for some womens jeans and while there I decided what the heck let’s try them on. revealing my panties in the changing room and slipping on some nice tight skinny jeans was a huge thrill I ended up buying two pair lol

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      johanna lynch
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      I underdress in thongs, panties, pantyhose, bras..
      its too sexy ..


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      Natalie Jones
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      Hi Stephanie

      underdressing is always a fun topic.
      I’ve been underdressing at work for my whole career, 40 plus years . Heck I even underdressed in High School.
      Doing it at home can have it’s hazards.
      I underdressed at home often during the last 10 yrs or so of my first marriage, which lasted 35 yrs. I came out to her around year 8 and she went ballistic. She was totally against it even panties. In the beginning I hid it well and I believe she thought I stopped. on a few occasions I slipped up and she’d find something and go ballistic again.
      At some point I just decided to underdress at home and let the chips fall where they may. I got away with it for a long time without her knowing.
      Then one Saturday afternoon I had taken a shower and was getting dressed in our bedroom. I was standing in front of my dresser with pink lace panties and a t-shirt on when she came into the room ( I didn’t think she was home ) she stared at me for a moment got this strange smirk on her face and walked out. That day was basically the beginning of the end of  our marriage.
      after that we were never intimate , we never slept in the same bed. We pretty much lived separate lives out of the same house. Of course this gave me more freedom to underdress. I even started sleeping in a nightie. 4 years later I filed for divorce. During the divorce she outed me to our children , other family members and friends. It was difficult at first but  I survived and have been remarried for 4 years to a wonderful women who is fine with me wearing panties .. nothing else but I’m fine with that. So what I’m saying is be careful!

      Natalie 💋💋💋

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      Gine Lynne Carter
      Registered On: April 16, 2022
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      I do underdress at home. Mostly panties and a bra under a regular shirt. It’s easier in the cool weather to hide the bra straps under a flannel shirt. Now with weather warming a bit I just have to be careful the straps don’t show under a T shirt.

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      I underdress all the time while at home or not at work, my satin panties are more comfy the my guy clothing, and I like wearing pink

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        Jane Mansfield
        Registered On: December 27, 2020
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        Hi Sophie, could not agree more.
        I have thrown out most guy clothes, bought soft feminine clothing, and my wife and I have girl shopping days together.
        Enjoy your freedom and live life.

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      Dana Dean
      Registered On: January 29, 2019
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      I feel we are in the same place. My wife sort of knows but after she lost it a few years ago because I over stepped I’m sure she thinks I stopped. I have been underdressing now for over 2 years even to work. I wear a sweatshirt and bib overalls because of the kind of work I do. They hide a full on 44A padded bra. I’m on the large side so a small chest is normal. At home it’s a sports bra with racer back, you can’t see the straps. And yes they are harder to take off in a hurry.

      Bras are my weakness.  They make me feel great all day.

      luv Dana

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      Emily Lace
      Registered On: February 26, 2020
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      I underdress with at least panties 24/7 and have for many years now. My wife knows and is OK with it. When at work outside of the home I like to add some thigh high stockings to help me feel a little more feminine. If I am feeling a little friskier, I will add one of my lace garter belts and a silky camisole to the ensemble.



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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      Since I am still working from home, I underdress everyday while at work.  Most days I wear a womens one piece swimsuit.  If it is slow at work (which is rare), I may sneak away for abit to fully transform into Wendy so I can work as girl in the office.  I don’t do that often as it takes me about 1.5 – 2 hours from start to finish and my greatest fear is my boss trying to get a hold of me and me not responding until 2 hours later.

      It is great to underdress, and while working is a bonus.  In the winter months, I underdress to go out (groceries, get a pedicure, …) as the heavy parka hides the straps of the swimsuit.  In the summer I just wear panties for underdressing.

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      Stephanie Silk
      Registered On: December 21, 2021
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      I plan to buy some satin or silk or poly panties that are designed for men so that I can wear them all day more comfortably.

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      Donna Ceedee
      Registered On: January 17, 2022
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      I wear panties every day. Have been for years. At work I wear a Hanes full cut white nylon size 5  . Very comfortable, snug and silky. My work can be kind of dirty so I don’t wear my best. If I’m going out it’s Vanity Fair Nouveau which I have in a multitude of colors. I will also wear a slightly padded bra, camisole and pantyhose without socks (I try to be a little daring) and maybe some unisex jewelry. Then there is the rare occasion when I can fully dress with makeup and wig. Just don’t get near enough of the that.

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      Michelle McQueen
      Registered On: June 14, 2021
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      Under dressing is so much fun and helps me keep feeling feminine all day long.

      I under dress with panties and a bra every day and have for so long its become normal attire. I’ve found that bralettes and sports bras are the most stealthy because they don’t have underwires or defined cups and lay flat against your body. Some of the bralettes are very lacy and feminine. Also there are no bra adjusters to create bumps under your shirt or tee. The only thing about these types of bras are they have to be pulled over the head because most don’t have traditional band hooks but simply stretch. Different from a traditional bra, they can’t be taken off from under a top (I hope you girls know what I mean) without first removing the top.

      Pantyhose, thigh highs and garters are fun to underdress with too and no one will know… but my wife knows and doesn’t care.

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      Sandy Honey
      Registered On: February 24, 2021
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      Good for you Stephanie, wearing panties will become second nature and you will find that eventually that will be all you will wear. Looking in my closet I now have zero men’s underwear. There are so many choices of clothing that are gender neutral that it is easier to find clothing that makes you feel more feminine. I had to go to the post office and UPS yesterday and had on a women’s light blue polo shirt, women’s denim shorts and blue sneakers. My ears ere pieced so I match them with what I wear and had a anklet on too. After that I went to Lowe’s to buy some plants and while waiting in line a woman behind me commented that it was great to see a guy wear something other than kaki clothes. I would have gone full Sandy but just didn’t want to put on makeup.

      Summer allows you to wear pastels, linen and other light bright clothes that matches the warmer weather. So go out and find what makes you happy to wear and enjoy searching for those special things that make you feel wonderful!

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      Katie Plowright
      Registered On: October 15, 2021
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      For the last 3 months it’s been cotton thongs and camisoles as under dressing. Now all my drab underwear is packed away in another draw. I am in the lucky position of having my fantastic SO’s acceptance. Katie.

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      Samantha Jo
      Registered On: April 3, 2021
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      Hi Stephanie

      last year I started wearing panties on a daily basis and my wife doesn’t mind at all, for me it’s the feel of the silky material next to my skin, recently I bought a bralette which I wore for the day and it wasn’t until I asked my wife could she see anything under my shirt, when she replied no I revealed what I was wearing, since then I have bought a few more bralettes and now wear them and my panties daily, and only myself and wife know what I am wearing under my everyday clothing.

      Stephanie no matter what you wear under your clothes no one will know but you, the main thing is to be happy with what you are wearing.

      Samantha x

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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      Except on very hot summer days(and even then I still wear panties..), I underdress 24/7. Summer”??

      Panties and cami and if cool enough a 40AA bra. Come night time and cool enough,40C bra, forms and silk cami, french knickers and full length nightie.

      Winter, femme floral pj’s, thermal cami and the bra and forms as above.

      My SO and I sleep in separate rooms, so I change to “femme” when getting into bed and back to “drab” come morning




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      Michelle Bailey
      Registered On: July 17, 2020
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      Hi Stephanie i have been cross dressing nearly all my life starting with mum’s underwear ,starting buying my own in my late 20’s and it stayed that way graping the chance to cd when no one was around ,this last 18 months things have changed I now underdress nearly all the time at home and when out  started with panties and pantyhose and now wearing the most important female underwear my lovely bras ,early mornings with forms (no one else up )and then for the rest of the day just supporting my natural breasts as I like to call them . Now that the weather is getting warmer and wearing less ontop the bra has to come off on more occasions which makes me feel that I am not a full cd  who knows one day I may be able to cd 24/7 and not have to hide my female time .  Michelle xx




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      Cassie Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
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      Stephanie, if you are happy/satisfied where you are at with your CD good for you. If you would like to take it further you might be suprised how your wife will take. For Everyone here on CDH who has come out the response from their SO is all over the place. If you don’t try you will never know, but like I said if you are happy where you are at good for you.

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      Tina Que
      Registered On: April 14, 2021
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      I have under dressed at work for a year. I was only panties but then I realized that I almost alway wear a t-shirt under my button up shirt so why not a cami instead. I have done that for about a month. In the last few weeks I have wore a bralette. I was positive that people could tell but I was absolutely wrong about that. You would be surprised how inattentive people are.

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        Jane Mansfield
        Registered On: December 27, 2020
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        Hi Tina Que, I sometimes wonder what poeple see when they pass you. What they want to see possibly, or when they turn to look twice, but mostly they are wrapped up in their own moment.
        Wear what makes you smile, and if an incident occurs where you need help, Ambulance, Police are carefully trsined to respect the person that would happen for you or me.
        Best Wishes

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      Jane Mansfield
      Registered On: December 27, 2020
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      HI Stephanie, all the beautiful ladies at CDH, are at different stages of Femmedom. Perhaps you and I are early on, despite feeling and dreaming enfemme for 5 decades. Whatever works for you. Keeping harmony, and balance at home, till your SO, says, sweetheart, I want you to live life, so at home wear what makes you feel special.
      My beautiful wife has encouraged me in this aea, and bingo, our good marriage is now unforgettable, just like you
      Best wishes Jane.

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      Jess Secret
      Registered On: February 18, 2021
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      Underdressing at home is the best Stephanie, I have a boyfriend and I love wearing beautiful/romantic lingerie to bed (99% of my wardrobe) and lounging around in it on the weekends when we’re at home together. I also wear panties almost all of the time. Romantic lingerie is the best, feels so good.

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