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      In experimenting with various bras, I am trying to see which will hold my forms the best. Being of a larger frame I find a D form suits me for my body structure. Therefore, needing a perfect fit to keep the “girls” in place. I have one full coverage underwire bra that seems to do the trick and I really like the look under my cloths. Which do you prefer? Underwire or wire free!!!!!

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      In my early years of dressing, I didn’t know the difference so I bought wired bras.

      Fast forward to now, I’ve incorporated breast forms  and have been using pocketed bras to put the forms into.  I only wear wire free, i don’t like how the wire bra dig into my chest.

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      Hi Maive,  In my experience bras are like cars….a million models and a zillion variations and they change all the time.  Once you find a bra that works for you then just try to concentrate on getting similar ones.  That way you can probably get the fit that you desire.  I’ve found Maidenform underwires work best for me and I usually wear a lightly padded one each day without forms.  If I think I need a little extra help, then I’ll wear a pushup one or cut the cup and put a small form into it.  If you look at my article called Swimsuit Perfection you can see how easy it is to do and you can find the article under my profile.  I hope this helps and may the support be with you.       Marg

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      Both underwired and wire free can hold your forms with no problem. The trick is to get a full coverage bra that fits you correctly. Having slept in a bra with D forms last night, I’m wearing an underwire bra at the moment but have non wired that work just as well.

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      when I got my first sexy bras online, they were underwire bras.  When I modeled them for my wife she asked why I got the underwire ones.  She said it wouldnt be long until those wires were poking me somewhere. Of course I didnt believe her at first.  After a couple weeks wear her prediction came true.  Felt sad when I had to toss them out (they were so sexy).  Love all my no wire bras so much more comfy.  Just my 2 cents.  Should add that I dont wear forms so that may be a factor.

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      Angela Booth

      For day I wear underwired bras and breast enhancers. I have noticed now they use a plastic as ‘wire’ being more hygienic and more comfortable without pushing through the material like they used to. I go with Marg in that once you have found the style and type that works for you then stick with that. For night or leisure wear I like the pocketed bralettes for comfort.

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      I have several underwire bras from maidenform and love the look and feel even with the wire. Just be careful going through TSA because the wires can set the metal detector off.

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      I am a plus plus girl, thought I prefer to have a smaller, but defined bust line.   That being said, I prefer underwire and lined bras.  As I wear a 48 band size, I do deal with limited availability, but have had great success with finding bras that are both comfortable and meet my goals from Torrid and Lane Bryant’s Cacique.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Maive, I have worn many styles both with wires and without. For me the key to comfort is the fit of the bra. A poorly fitting bra for me is uncomfortable no mater what style. A properly fitted bra is a dream to wear!

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      I’ve had lightly padded non wire t-shirt bras by Warner and Jockey, An Anita pocket bra with specific pockets for Amoena forms, and several no name wired push up bras that really didn’t work that well.
      After trying numerous styles and doing a fair amount of research, I finally found the bras that works best for me. They’re underwire T-shirt bras and they fit me like they were made for me, size 42C bra and they fit my size 7 Gold Seal Classic forms perfectly.
      I’ll see if this link works.

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      Definitely underwire. All my Bali bras are underwire and are comfy enough to wear all day.

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      Anna Beth

      Underwire for me never did like the wire free bras.

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      I have just bought an underwired full cup t-shirt bra from a high st supermarket. I can honestly say it’s the best bra I’ve ever had so comfy, fits like a second skin. Wasn’t even expensive £16 for a 2 pack, 1 black 1 white. Now if I can find the same bra in flesh/nude I will be a very happy lady

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      I will start by saying I don’t use forms as of yet. So most of my bras are unlined underwire I have many that fit and feel very nice. I like them to conform to what I naturally have and give me a nice shape. It is sometimes hard to find a nice bra, and it seems as soon as I find a nice one and try to buy another one it is discontinued for the next new style so frustrating.

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      I’m big on the racerback design in both sports bras and bralettes — wire free with one sexy red exception. Thanks to weight, age and the pregnant sheep hormone injections diet* I don’t use forms so I’m just looking to support what’s there comfortably. I get them in longline for tummy smoothing.

      *Do not try sheep hormone or HCG diets. They do not work and you have as good a chance of getting cancer as you do gynecomastia.

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      Caty Ryan

      I have been an underwire fan for years.. I find they hold my breast forms “just right”.So far no problems with wires sticking through. Tho all my forms are supposed to be C Cup, they vary in size. Thus, a full cup underwire goes best with the “big forms”. Favorite (Australian brand) is Fayreform. International, (for my big forms)  Wacoal and Simone Perele.

      Lacier the better and 95% in various colours. White is borning….One Wacoal was a “must have” as the colour description was word for word thet two chritian manes of my beloved… Lovely shade of “pink for girls”, (For the girls!!!!)

      I’ve also been leaning to bralettes, but only if they have wide shoulder straps and no hook and clasp at the back. IE pull up or over… Arianne of Montreal have some lovely ones…



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      The choice depends on breast size, tissue firmness, and cup design. Natural breasts vary quite a bit in firmness, some need more support. Same with inserts. Then size, of course, matters.

      Some bra cups are so flimsy, only an underwire will hold the girls in place.

      The only wired bras I own are the lacy, plunging cleavage type. Both Sweetie and I are large busted and wear non wire, full coverage, support bras.

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      I wear both, but usually underwire…

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      I have only used underwire bras; they do a good job of holding my forms in place

      I never have had an issue with the wires at all.

      I always wear a full coverage bra

      Maybe I should consider a wire free bra


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        Hi Neighbor
        New here and a late bloomer crossdresser but becoming more comfortable every day with my femme self. I dress femme mostly in the privacy of my home but very seldom go anywhere without my bra and panties on and a lot easier to do in the winter under my man clothes. I did throw out all my male underwear because I find cotton bikini panties so much more comfortable and soft. I wear an 38 C cup underwire bra because at my age I have developed a pretty good set of natural man boobs that fit quite nicely. The only time now I don’t wear it is when I am sleeping or into a public setting. Still haven’t made that step forward

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      I have some 30 bras mostly bought at M&S various types and colours , mostly underwired which I prefer ,a few I can wear without forms which is important as I am a secret dresser and can underdress nearly all the time wearing these bras and the lovely feeling of my nature breasts and nipples  ,must admit as I type this reply I am wearing my forms which I can do when no one around ,the main thing is I am wearing a bra and feel only part dressed when not wearing one ,can’t understand why girls want to ‘burn their bras ‘oh how I miss mine when I can’t wear one .   Michelle xx

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      Lola Caprice


      Underwire mostly, for the same reasons you listed.  I have a broad chest so I have D forms and they need lots of support.  My pocket bras are wire free though because, well, they have pockets to hold the girls in place.  I did recently buy some C cup forms just because they are lighter and I can attach them with tape.  They still need a little support but I’m looking forward to trying some lacy wire free bras with them.


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      Hi, I always wear underwired bras. The wires don’t bother me after I found my right size quite a few years ago. I always wear full lace cup bras, M&S are my go to brand but I absolutely adore Triumph bras. Hugs, Chrissy.

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      Definitely wire free. I have tried wire and they are always uncomfortable to me. Hugs, Allysa

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I wear underwires almost exclusively.  They’re very comfortable.  Finding the right size, style, and brand is key to comfort.  The only bras I have that aren’t underwired are a few sports bras.

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      I’m an underwire girl. To me they’re very comfortable yet still have that constant reminder that I’m wearing a bra.

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        So Ladies, from what I am reading most prefer underwire Bras. Time to go shopping!!!!!!

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      I mostly wear sports bras.

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      Being a plus size I do prefer underwire and wear them most of the time. I am getting more on top so I wear a 42D and a couple of C cups too, and like one of the earlier comments most of mine are Playtex and they have been great, 4825 is the style and have only had one that the wire came thru. Have tried other wire free bras but they tend to roll up on me and don’t have that problem with the wired ones.

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      I my humble opinion, I enjoy a wired bra. I have a few wire free bras and for me I find they can bunch up a bit, where the underwire hold its shape. To better understand, I’m a natural B cup now! (radiation from cancer made me the girl I am today) Unlikely a lager cup woman might not experience the bunching issue with wire free. Also I just bought a Warner bra. They have the shoulder strap adjusters in the front of the bra (above the cups) instead of the back. Now no more lumps on the back of your shoulders. A dead giveaway at times for underdressers.

      Lisa Leigh💋

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      Normally Underwire, but Victoria’s Secret Corset Tops are hot wire free choices.

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      Manager Codille
      Managing Ambassador

      I am on both sides of this. I love wireless when I am just relaxing at home but when I go out I like the look of an underwire better.

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      Hun. It is recommended to wear a underwire bra to keep your silicone boobs in place so I have to wear only those and want to.

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      My first few bras were underwired, but lately I’ve found that I prefer wire free and only wear those now.
      Karen x

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