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    Rachel Cross
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    have you ever had someone you didnt know take your picture?

    this happened to me a few times. i was in a store and came around a corner and almost got hit by a woman with a shopping cart. i looked at her and she had alot of tattoos all over. i thought she had too many but i didnt say anything and just went around her. i was in the next isle looking at something on the shelf. i turn and there she was pointing her phone at me. must have been taking a picture.

    another time i was walking in the mall and going into a store. this japanese girl must have been video chatting with someone. she was speaking japanese so i didnt know what she was saying. i could see the phone following me as i walked. i went into the store and she was following me with her phone pointing at me.

    another time i was at kmart checking out and a mother and her daughter were behind me. i looked back and the daughter had her phone up and pointed in my direction.

    i hate it when people think they can take your picture without asking.

    i have had alot of people ask if i would take a picture with them. i dont have a problem with that.’

    had anyone else had unwanted pictures taken of them dressed?

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      Jennifer Lynn
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      I honestly don’t know if anyone ever took pics but if they have I hope they enjoy them. It is very rude and inconsiderate to do so but it is not illegal to take pics in public. It is illegal however to post or publish them without your consent or to use them for blackmail or extortion.

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      Kitty Van Curen
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      That’s pretty ignorant. I think even against the law!…? I can’t say I’ve been aware but nowadays it’s almost impossible to tell with forward-pointing camera’s on these god-awful ‘smart’ (?) phones ..you never know what they’re actually doing anymore. Sadly the answer could be ‘yes’ …but unwittingly! :-s

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      patty williams
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      Hi Rachael,

      I have been out twice to a small mall out of town and Target and Kohl’s.

      I guess I am not very observant or situationally aware,but I haven’t noticed any one taking pics of me yet.

      I honestly don’t know How I would take it though.

      I kind of feel it’s very rude.

      Just the same as going up and taking a pic of any perfect stranger.

      Not much you can do I guess.

      I will have to keep an eye out in the future.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      Good to know.


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      Laura Lovett
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      Now you’ve made me think, lol!

      I don’t remember noticing anyone surreptitiously taking pictures of me, but plenty have asked.

      My favourite time was a lesbian hen party – a group of women in my favourite bar, not me going to the actual party…

      They wanted me to pose with the group – one of them was tall and looked like she could be my sister – it was such fun. I still have a couple of pictures they took with my camera, so I know that I didn’t dream it!

      I have a few other group pictures – most requests were for groups, the only real exception I remember is a newspaper photographer who I see regularly, who always asks for a picture when I see him out – but I’ve never seen any published, lol!

      I think it’s incredibly rude to take pictures of someone without their knowledge – unless they’re famous, and even then, there are limits that should be respected.

      Love Laura

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Hello Rachel

      I can’t say I have ever noticed really, I am usually ” miles away” just thinking about what GRACE is doing. I am not sure if it’s flattering or just an invasion of your privacy….maybe the people that do, just think you’re gorgeous Rachel !!!!

      Smiles, grace xx

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      Rei Durden
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      I am working hard at learning to ignore other people when I’m out.

      It sounds callous and I don’t like the idea that in order for me to be ME I have treat people around me as beneath notice. It is terrible that some people lack respect for a person’s sovereignty, but perhaps the disrespectful ones are offset by those excellent people that actually treat you with respect, kindness and maybe some admiration?

      Those that mind, don’t matter and those that matter, don’t mind.

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