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    Donna Hall
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    How many of you ladies are into the lingerie of the 50s and 60s?

    I was born in 1970. When the desire to wear women’s hit me clothes I was 9 or 10. Women were “burning their bras.” Instead of burning one I was drawn to wear one. Along with vintage girdles.
    My mother and aunt were traditionalist, in their choice of underwear. They wore panty girdles with suspenders along with sheer nylons. Since that was at hand for me I joined them. To this day I go with extra firm Ragos, old fashion Bali Bras and  pull up nylons.
    So my question – How many of you ladies join me in wearing vintage underthings?

    Love Donna

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      Chris Jones
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      Yes great subject I love to put on retro 1950s love to wear vintage bra’s Girdles seamed nylons etc Great era for fashion! my Mother grew up in the 1950’s and 60s I sometimes look at her old photographs in her dresses she’s so glamorous

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      Caty Ryan
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      Tho the “bug” has stopped me for 2020, whenever I can go out in public I’m always “vintage dressed” with my lingerie.

      Silk cami and french knickers, (google Ginia Australia), at least a six strap suspender belt and stockings. (Pantyhose and Caty have never been friends, they always slip down on me).

      And like others on here, I have  a lovely lacy half slip and camisole that I bought in the 80’s.. Dont wear them much, but cant bear to throw them out. Made here in Australia too!!! Now that does show their age…

      I also have two Simone Perele bodysuits, (the cream one cost me $25.00 Oz… Howzat for a bargain…)

      Plus given one of my ballgowns is off the shoulder a strapless Goddess bustier..

      Happy vintage lingerie dressing




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      Donna Hall
      Registered On: October 25, 2020
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      Peggy Sue,

      As the old song says – “ Thanks for the memories “

      My aunt had a Playtex Living Girdle. I borrowed it one morning and wore it to my 8th grade class, along with attached nylons..Even though I don’t favor open bottom girdles it was an exciting day. One of those early memories.



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      Sarah Du Hessisse
      Registered On: September 16, 2020
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      Hi Donna

      I love Corselette’s with and without Suspenders, and I wouldn’t be without a Girdle of any description.

      love Sarah xx

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      Natalie Jones
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      Hi girls!

      I was eight in the early 60’s  when I found an early 50’s vintage black negligee in our attic . No doubt my mothers possibly from their honeymoon.
      I remember putting it on and how wonderful it felt even at that age. you girls know the feeling . What I consider vintage for me is the mid 70’s nylon tricot panties and nighties.
      I still think I have a nice girlie figure but none of those items would fit me now. But I’d love to see them anyway. One item in particular. I used to do most of my purchases at Kmart. I used to go past the one closest to my town to one further away figuring nobody would know me there , I was in my late teens. One day I went to Kmart (the closer one) not for girl things but the complete opposite, a case of motor oil. But I couldn’t leave the store without at least walking past the lingerie department. There on the discount rack was a cute long pink nightgown, just what I was looking for. It was my size and about 5 dollars. Without looking at it further I put it in the cart and headed to the checkout , lingerie and motor oil! It wasn’t until later that I realized it wasn’t actually a nightgown. Inside was a cute little bralette and matching panties, what I thought was the nightgown was actually an ankle length tie in the front cover up . It turned out to be my first bra. It was simply adorable and felt so feminine and soft. I would wear it to bed as a nightie.
      I recently purchased a new vintage type Victorian layered nightgown . I just love that type of lingerie.



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      sarasue olson
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      AS the saying goes those were the days. My dressing began in the mid 50’s and has never ended. wearing A poodle skirt with all those lacey petticoats with those fancy lacey panties was heaven. Sleeping in those babydoll’s with those bloomer panties was pure pleasure. I was lucky to have A mother and sister and three wonderful girls that kept me supplied with all their lovely hand me downs. At eighty one I cherish my memories of those wonderful days, Would I go back to those days, YES you better believe it

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      Kay Lambert
      Registered On: February 28, 2017
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      My vintage look would have to go to Maidenform’s Sweet Nothings collection from the late 70s and early 80s. I loved them all. Bras, panties, slips, tap pants, not to mention the great print ads.


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      Gillian Brown
      Registered On: May 22, 2019
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      Girls, you’re not meant to thank me for my post, you should be saying “gosh Gilly, you look young for your age”. (No Botox jokes, please)!

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      Debbie Werner
      Registered On: September 12, 2020
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      I have a decent collection,mostly stuff that my Wife discarded,the girdle with suspenders is one of my faves!

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      Paula F
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      I do believe that my Rago lingerie has been growing in my dresser when I am not looking.  I do believe I have almost every color they put out in OBG’s, bras and longline bras, control panties (one pair of those even has 6 garter straps), garter belts, and 2 full body, open bottom, body shapers with garters.  When I go to my Etsy account, it always opens to the longline bullet bras that are for sale there, but I have yet to find one in my size with them.

      The 70’s are my favorite memories of finding who I was and have continued to be for all of these years.  I met and ‘fell in love’ with my first lover and boyfriend Vincent in ’75.  That started a very torrid and intense relationship that lasted for 3 years.  He got transferred overseas, then I graduated high school, and then the world experienced Paula full force and on her own.

      My favorite fashion styles are the 70’s and before, but alas, most are no longer available for a true quality item or reasonable price if they are.  I do remember asking my mom once why women on the news were burning their underwear, secretly wishing they would maybe like to mail them to me instead of wasting them.


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      Brenda Stevens
      Registered On: December 10, 2019
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      I’m a huge fan of Vintage Lingerie but saying so gives away my age as I started dressing back in the late 50’s…so I guess you can call me Vintage TOO! But as a young boy I simply feel in love with the pretty things girls wore, lovely silky panties and pretty dresses and of course the slips, the petticoats, the bras, the nylons, the lovely nighties, the peignoirs and lovely dresses…high heels…Oh my Gosh I just so wanted to be a GIRL!!! I just so love it still and absolutely love dressing in vintage lingerie. Putting on my bra, adding a garter belt and nylons and slipping on a lovely pair of silky nylon panties…letting of gorgeous silky nylon slip fall over your shoulders and settle over your bra, panties and nylons…pull everything into place and put on a dress and heels and those magical days when one adds makeup…Ohhhhhhhh…I love putting on lipstick while wearing lovely lingerie…I have become a WOMAN…OMG I LOVE IT!! I so feel deep inside I am really a woman anyways and my I love seeing the lace of my slip and that lovely feeling of my nylons as I cross my legs when I sit…and don’t forget…at night you can slip into a lovely silky nightie that feels just so lovely and sensual rubbing over your panties…and the colors…and the lace and that lovely feeling that you are a GIRL…just look at yourself in the mirror…YOU ARE A GIRL…and it’s BEAUTIFUL!!…and it just FEELS SO SO LOVELY!!! I usually wear a bra under my nighties too.

      My answer is YESSSSSSSSSsssss…I love wearing Vintage Lingerie.

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      Gillian Brown
      Registered On: May 22, 2019
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      I’m afraid to say that, at my age, some of my older lingerie could be considered vintage!

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      stephanie plumb
      Baroness - Annual
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      I do too. Mainly because I have had some of my lingerie since the 1970’s!  I can’t bear to throw them away, even though the elastic is a bit suspect, and a bit like an old threadbare Steiff teddy.    I tell myself – one of these days I will wear them again.  Talking of teddy’s ….  I’m sure I have one somewhere ….

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      Hello Donna

      If Stockings and suspenders count….. I’m in!!!!!!

      Grace xx

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      Renee Peirsen
      Registered On: June 4, 2020
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      I love vintage ingerie. Especially, full slips. I love garter belts, but my male figure doesn’t quite accommodate. <sigh>

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      Amy Myers
      Registered On: February 11, 2019
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      I have a fondness for vintage lingerie too, but only have a few things. An open bottom girdle like my Mother used to wear, a couple vintage style garter belts and stockings. I’m hoping to buy some more.

      There is a kind of sexiness about the vintage lingerie.


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      I was dressing in the 70s and I love 70s fashion. My favourite underwear ever was aa Gossard Ritz Collection matching bra and knickers! I wish I could wear them now.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
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      I was actively cross dressing in public, as a young girl, from the mid 50s on.

      At that time, the Playtex Living girdle was the rage with girls and women, and no female left their home in a skirt or dress, unless they were wearing their Playtex Living girdle and stockings.  The girdles had six garters, and stockings had seams that had to be worn straight, so dressing took time, with attention to detail.  Those girdles were brutally hot in the summer and very uncomfortable any time of the year, but women loved the figure it gave them.

      Being young was great though, and I can remember being in that girdle and walking in heels all day and into the evening and never really giving it much thought, especially when we got all the male attention.

      Would I wear that girdle today?   Yes, you bet, if they were still making it, but they stopped sometime in the very early 60s.  Once in a rare while, somebody will offer one for sale, in the original tube, on Ebay, at some insane price, but I cannot help but wonder what condition the rubber is in after all these decades?

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      Laurel Nylons
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      The 60’s era fashions for women were spectacular. I love fully fashioned 100% nylon stockings that go all the way to the tops of my legs and multi strap garter belts and waist cinchers and pumps. I also love foundation garments and bustiers and girdles.  Etsy has pretty good selections of vintage lingerie.

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      Diane Rakers
      Registered On: August 18, 2019
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      I love stockings.

      Lee Ann

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