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      Johannah 66
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      I have started taking a lot more notice of how Females walk since joining CDH and like others here, have also noted that indeed few Females do the one foot directly in front of the other. Actually I cannot remember ever seeing any that did so!


      And a lot of Females in my area certainly do not get the hips swaying; Quite often their walk could be described in the way mentioned by Eileen Bach!


      Anyway, I have found this thread most informative and educational. Thanks to all whom have posted! Muchly appreciated by this beginner!

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      Sarah Cerise
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      Hello Heidi
      That’s a good point I never see any women walking like that either, you tend to see that with women on the catwalk not in the real world. I personally walk differently when I am en femme, I just make myself walk more slowly as women tend walk a bit slower.
      Sarah xx

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      Registered On: November 5, 2019
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      Hi Heidi, I’ve thought about this off and on, but I will say that when I’m dressed, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether in heels or in flats or barefoot even, I walk differently. I’m not sure I can explain it coherently but it’s like I’m more deliberate with more measured steps, and not the rather sauntering plodding I might normally do.  Hard to explain, but when I do think about it, it’s like there’s a little more emphasis on getting my thighs out there rather than extending the calf and ankle.  I mean, I’m not thinking about it until some, oh, aha moment where I realize I’m doing it.  But then again, I don’t know, exactly, as I’m too often just enjoying being dressed, being in a different mind frame focusing on different thoughts.  Yet it is definitely different.

      Hugs, ChloëC

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        Lauren Mugnaia
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        Hi Chloe,
        It is true, when you’re a lady you tend to think about it and become more aware of how you’re doing things.
        For me, living now as a woman, I don’t even think about how I walk anymore as it has become second nature I used to be aware of my movements and try to be as feminine with mannerisms and gestures as I could, but now, being transgender, it’s as if the knowledge was already planted in my feminine brain and I don’t even have to think about it.


        Ms. Lauren M

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      Alison Anderson
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      I was taught to keep your feet close to the center line, but not to cross over it or put one foot in front of the other.

      I find if you have the right posture, you will have somewhat of a sway and a bounce in the bum. First, you want to raise your center of gravity. Women’s center of gravity is above the belly button, whereas men’s is below. To raise yours, pull and keep your stomach in and keep your chest proud, and elongate the spine and neck. This will help you raise the center of gravity. A corset can do a similar thing.

      Continuing with posture, roll your shoulders up and back to try to make yourself smaller. Stand with your palms facing your body, not facing behind you. Your arms should be hanging loose from your shoulders.

      When women walk, they tend to glide rather than bounce. If you think about it, it would be uncomfortable if their breasts bounced with every step. Women tend to walk by pushing the pelvis (their center of gravity) forward, then before they lose balance they slide a foot forward, landing on the heel and rolling to the toe. This keeps their center of gravity on an even keel and they appear to glide. Men tend to walk by moving their legs forward and pulling themselves forward, which gives a bounce.

      If you’re not holding something (like a purse), let your arm hang loose and just swing naturally from your momentum.

      If I meditate and concentrate on my behind, sometimes I feel it bouncing as I walk much as a woman.

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      Jennifer Connolly
      Registered On: November 27, 2022
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      Great post, Heidi.  I’m going to look closer whenever I’m out to see how it goes.  I guess I need to try a video next time I dress to see what it looks like when I walk n heels.  I’m thinking that when we wear heels, that it already has a tendency to arch your back, force your shoulders back and of course it forces you to take smaller steps.  I believe the higher the heel, the more female you get.  But I’ll need to try something in a flat shoe, and see what it looks like.

      The other night I was watching Vana White, since her dress was so beautiful, then I noticed that she had at least a 4 inch heel, and I noticed that she walks so effortlessly and easily, I want to try to walk like that, but probably won’t ever get there, she’s had a lot more practice.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual
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      I’ve noticed the same thing Heidi. Other than in modeling, entertainment areas, fashion shows… etc very few women walk like that. I do a version where one foot is still pretty much in front of the other but are still separated by 4, 5 or 6 inches. Occasionally I forget and walk like a guy until I catch myself.

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      Eileen Bach
      Registered On: February 27, 2021
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      Too many women these days walk like Neanderthals. Walking like a lady requires a confidant posture. Shoulders back, bust out, and hips as if being pulled forward by some invisible force.

      Watch this clip and enjoy!

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      Peta Mari
      Registered On: September 30, 2020
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      Clench your cheeks, as if your trying to hold in a fart. That will give you a wiggle.(and maybe a giggle.)

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      J J
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      Women do not need to put on foot in front of the other, their hips just naturaly sway due to their anatomy. The runway walk is just an exageration for show. Men, on the otherhand can get that sway by putting one foot in front of the other as a cheat. We can also learn to intentionally sway our hips, but it takes effort, whereas the one foot in front of the other sway is simple to do.with little to no thought.

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      April Sinclair
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      Right you see runway models walk with one foot in front or slightly crossing in front of the other for the prominent and pronounced hip sway. I think the walking with the toes slightly inward shorter steps and leges closer together with elbows and close to the body is more how women walk along with much slower. Makes it a appear more of a gliding controlled movement the the clod stomping that many men naturally walk with. I walk like “Magilla Gorilla” as a man but try as best I can when dressed in public to slow down with shorter steps and legs closer together battle against my inner anxiety and excitement pulling against one another. I am sure it is quite the sight.

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      Darcy Grigsby
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      Try walking with your toes pointed inward. I find it forces a somewhat natural sway of the male hips.

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      Lanna Barton
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      I know what you mean. I typically walk in one foot in front of the other so I kind of get the hips swaying. But a lot of females that I have observed do not!


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      Sarah Sprine
      Registered On: November 1, 2019
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      Yea when no one is paying attention it all goes out the window…feet pointed in different directions even in heels..and atleast shoulder width apart at’s funny to observe

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