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      I’ve been alone now for a year.  When my ex left she took all her stuff and left me with a large mostly empty walk in closet.  I brought down two bags of clothing from the attic and hung them up in the closet.  Since then I’ve been slowly accumulating dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes, mostly from thrift shops. I have to admit I’ve become something of a clothes whore.  If I keep accumulating more stuff, I’ll get to a point where I have more womens clothes than mens clothes.  Since I spend 95% of my time in male mode, I wonder if there is something wrong with me.  But, like a lot of women, I love trying new outfits.  Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

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      The woman in me says no you can never have enough stuff.  However, the practical side of me says yes you can.

      When I introduced Wendy to my wife I started to buy more women’s stuff, like accessories, makeup, clothes, … list goes on and on.   We spent good coin to redo our closets so we have room to store stuff.   But I kept buying and buying.

      I reached a tipping point with my wife and she exploded on me, saying we have house issues we have to address and you keep spending money, alot of money, on clothes.

      Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

      After we addressed the house issues, i still kept buying.  I selfishly used up most of the closet space, drawer space, for Wendy’s stuff.   My wife was getting annoyed, so she got me to purge items i no longer wear.  It was alot of stuff, and some even had the tags still on it.

      It wasn’t until dec 2021 when I finally decided that was enough.  I still bought a few items but nothing like before.  Now delivery vehicles barely come to our house anymore.   And I have to admit, my bank account swelled because I stopped buying.  Now my wife barely makes a peep when I do buy stuff, one being she knows how much money I’ve saved and deliveries have been far and few between.

      So the answer, for me anyways, yes there is a tipping point that you can have too much stuff.



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      Angela Booth

      Nothing wrong with you, it’s natural. As I say you have a lot of years of buying to catch up on, just promise yourself that you will wear it and that might curb the buying a bit.

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      One of my favourite sayings is:

      You can’t have everything.
      Where do you put it?

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      I have filled up an entire walk-in closet and started on closet #2. I have been on a dress buying binge and swore I’d stop a few times but another one showed up in the mail today from Macy’s. So much for my willpower. Maybe I’ll stop when closet #2 is filled up.

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      Whilst I voted yes it was in the context of storage issues if purchasing continues in an unrestrained manner. There are two things that will always put some form of restraint on the purchasing habit. One is money and the other particularly for those of us in the closet is the ability to hide the purchases. But I do understand the problem as I have a very real weakness when it comes to buying dresses as I currently have 8 but being in the closet to wife and family I do not get many opportunities to wear them.

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      J J

      I voted yes, you can have to much stuff, and I use the word “stuff” to represent just about anything. All we do has a carbon and/or environmental footprint. We as consumers need to make a serious effort to choose only what we need, not everything we want.

      Anytime you contemplate a purchase, stop and think about its consequences. That doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things, but just remember it has consequences.

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        Yeah, I was shocked as to how much plastic is in women’s clothes.

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      Great question,

      I said yes, simply because I have to try and store it all somewhere. If I lived alone the answer would have been no. I get an idea to get a certain dress, skirt, top or whatever it is that week, and think that’s the last thing I’m buying for a while, but as soon as I have it I want more. In male mode I only buy shoes or clothes when they need replacing but Katie just wants to spend, spend, spend!!

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      Cassie Jayson

      I voted yes, but I can’t figure where that is for me. From the time I started working at Torrid I have bought so much stuff. All those cute tops and dresses!!!!

      . Cassie

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      Once I got comfortable being around my wife and family dressed. My shopping habits took off like cancer. I became a uncontrollable and ended up with a shopping addiction.

      I had to teach myself self-control and set limits. But if the wife joins you in a live on-line clothing auction and she goes bidding nuts.

      You end up hanging on for a ride. Yesterday morning my wife made my shopping habits look like I was a rooky.

      She made my head spin like a freaking Muppet from the Muppet Show.


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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      I voted yes, but I love having too much stuff. I have a closet that is literally packed with all my femmewear. Then there are the drawers, totes, and shelves. I found my wife one day looking in my closet, she saw my 40 plus pairs of shoes, all the blouses, dresses, slacks, and all the intimates. She told me I have more bras and shoes than she does. I looked at her and told her she should go shopping. So yes, I have too much stuff, but I love every item.

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        Yes Carolyn according to your public photos you have a wonderful taste in your femmewear.. thanks for sharing…

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      Lucy Bancroft

      I voted yes simply due to lack of storage space.
      Of course being in the closet means that you have to store things out of sight. If that wasn’t an issue then I’d have voted no.
      I do need to get rid of some stuff that I just don’t wear soon as I’m out of space but keep seeing more stuff that I like and will wear.

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      I have a mountain of clothes, literally! Wardrobes full, chests of drawers full (Skirts mainly over 130). There is a tble in out bedroom that I have “The pile” on. The pile is huge. I’ll take something off and throw it on the pile. The next day, if I want that item again, it’s been swallowed up. Things go missing in the pile for weeks on end. Every now and then, I will throw the pile on the bed and filter through it, putting stuff away where I can. Sorting stuff into separate piles, tops, skirts, dresses, T-shirts, jumpers, trousers/legging….. A week later, it’s all merged back into the pile.
      Under this table I keep my shoes…. Too many shoes…. I’ll go looking for a specific pair, but I can only find one. They were put under the table as a pair. I will eventually find the missing shoe nowhere near its partner. The same being that hides things in the pile, also has fun with my shoes.
      Too much stuff leads to “The pile” be warned. Once you have a pile, you’ll never find the thing you are looking for again. The pile knows what you are looking for and it will hide it. It matters not if it was top and centre…. When you need it, it will be gone.


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      Sorry couldn’t answer yes or no.  In the ideal world , all of us would say BRING IT ON!   Shopping and looking pretty is part of the feminine addiction, some of us have it worse than others.   Practical matters dictate a number of reasons to say yes.  In my case I’m on a fixed income and a trying to preserve what I have for education of future generations.  At my age there is a more finite number of times that Lorraine will be happy.  Also space eventually becomes an issue.  With an eye to the future we should all look at resource consumption  and  pollution.  It might cause jealousy or hard feeling with SO, or others.  We want to show the good side of our femininity not the sometimes hateful things women do.  So much for the serious stuff.

      the real reason we all say yes is we don’t want another sister having all the fun😁 LOL

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      Caty Ryan

      I have too many bras, (there’s five lovely Fayreform Corals) I hardly wear, (cos I’ve gone up a cup size in my “nightly” breast forms). They still fit my fave “Gold Seals”, but I’ve moved on from the above to other (bit more) upmarket brands.

      Regarding outerwear, not “right over the top” ,but I recently culled a few skirts. knitted tops and a dress I bought off a TV shopping channel. Looked great on the model, but not me….They all went to the local CD/TS group.

      Probably have too many mother of the bride/cocktail/full length evening gowns/dresses/outfits. And I sure as heck dont go as Caty  to any events where I could were any of the above. So they are for “in private”

      I really dont need 3 full length nighties, (2 of ’em are pure silk) and pj’s from the same fabric

      But I love ’em all and will only part with them, if they part with me. IE Dont fit me anymore…

      But that’s what bustiers/bodysuits and torsolettes are for,


      90% of my lingerie is stored here at home in my chest of drawers.99% of my outerwear is stored in my 10ftx10ft storage unit about 30 mins from home. It also contains a large part of my wine collection and other “male pursuits”





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        Thank you Caty for showing photos of your bride/ cocktail/full length evening gowns/dresses/outfits… you look so lovely… your transnats friend, Leonara

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      Reading through these replies gave me thought that a site like Thread Up (online consignment shop) but for crossdressers might make some business sense. And in addition to a purchase option there could be a “share” option where members could swap outfits for a period of time amongst the member group….hmmm 🤔

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        I was just thinking the same, Darcy….but wanted to add, and I’m sure this is easier said than done, to live “next door/in the same neighborhood” to a crossdresser who’s the SAME SIZE as you so you could have a “private clothing exchange” for items you might like to try, rather than buy…I see instant BFF’s…what are the odds….??? sadly, I’m thinking SLIM or NONE…hahaha…!!!

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      Angela Wagner
      Managing Ambassador

      I answered yes. For me, it’s basically a storage issue. I am literally running out of closet space. I have two closets devoted to Angela, one to my male self. And I have recently started putting some of Angela’s wardrobe into my male closet. I worry about where this trend is going.

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        Buying pretty clothing gets addictive doesn’t it? I definitely have more dresses than pants, even though I only dress up once or twice a week and only go out en femme roughly every other month.


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      For me, storage is a issue, but I also think about how much I will actually wear something. I think like most of us here, I love to try things on and experiment with new outfits, but I have to think practically about how many times I’ll actually get to wear a thing. So, I think it’s wise to focus on getting a few outfits that I love, rather than just anything I sort of like.

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      Now I will just say if you walk into the bedroom and open the closet doors it’s pretty obvious what I do in my spare time. Being retired and single I have a lot of spare time and nothing to hide. Lol

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        I am pretty much in the same boat as you. My only concern would be if a sibling stopped by and spent the night, but that only happens about once a year.


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      I suppose it’s possible to have too many clothes although I would love to test that assumption. However, a girl can never have too many shoes.

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      I started this thread and I appreciate all of your comments.  My local Salvation Army thrift store is having a 50% off sale on clothing today and this clothes whore can’t resist. If you are a CDer it’s like being a kid in a candy store.

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      I voted “no”, it’s not possible to have too much stuff…but I was thinking about my feminine clothing, make up, shoes and so on.  If I think about my drab clothes….the answer would have been “yes”.  I don’t regret any money spent on women’s clothes and accessories, but I do find spending money on mail attire a bit of a waste (but a necessary one, since I have not come out to the world …yet).


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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      I voted no but as many here have said storage is an issue. What I need to do is go through my clothes and part with those that I don’t wear, problem is every time I do that and have the outfit in my hands, the memories of the last time I wore it come to me and back in the closet it goes. If my wife was more involved in my dressing, she would be a great help since she has no connection with any of them and could give an honest answer either to keep it or let it go.


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        it literally “broke my heart” doing my purge last month, Sherri, for exactly the same reason you stated…”the memories”…from making the decision to buy, to the anticipation of it arriving, to the times you admired yourself while wearing it…”good luck” dealing with it when that time comes for you…!!!

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      I thought about it and at first thought yes but I have been going through my clothes and have been bagging stuff to get rid of but then I see some cute things and I will have to buy them. So for me I voted no.   I will get rid of 4 or 5 things and then buy 6 or 7 more, it’s a hopeless circle………… LOL

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      There is no word that I can think of, to describe the pain from a purge of my “girl stuff”…sadly, I got rid of three large trash bags of my most treasured items last month at our local non-profit clothes recycle center; items accumulated over the last few years that I most likely will no longer wear and don’t have the room to store/HIDE…!!! Although I also answered “yes” to your poll, Kerri, I envy your independence and freedom now to live your feminine life as we all would like to, and to, within reason, accumulate the pretty, lovely items we all desire. I honestly feel, “another time, another place”, I would be right there with you, doing exactly what you’re doing, and loving every second of it. ENJOY…!!!

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      I’m not sure how a cross dresser can have too much femme rhings.  I voted NO.  However, to me there is a fine line of distinction between too much stuff and stuff that no longer fits, has worn out, etc.  Like anything, if you keep torn panties in your dresser drawer that you will never again wear, is that too much stuff you’re keeping or is simply not discarding that which is worn out, doesn’t fit, or is no longer in style?  I think it’s the latter.

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      I have to be practical and budget.

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      I have a larger fem wardrobe than male so I say no you can never have to much. My wife thinks I should curb my retail therapy for a while as I have more dresses and skirts than she has. I am always seeing things that I would love in my wardrobe/closet

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      Me I have a normal amount of clothing. Hippie on the other hand, at one time went overboard in the beginning of our relationship. He went fast and hard with the shopping. Now years later his shopping is now at the normal speed.

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      Great post Kerri thank you for sharing your experince. Since my wife left last year I have built up a collection and filled up the empty void in one of my wardrobes that was once the domain of my SO. I am now happy when the door slides open to see a collection of blouses skirts and dresses that I bought. I am really interested to know if there is a limit? I currentl have 8 pairs of shoes the latest item is a pair of pumps by Tory burh which fits so well i thought i will buy another but I also have to maintain my male awrdrobe for my job and for travelling. I will use my skirts soon as I fully intend to wear atleast my tennis skirt during Summer. Would love to know what is your limit Kerri?

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        I haven’t found my limit yet.  Thank goodness for thrift shops.  I’ve found some nice things there dirt cheap.

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          Over here i found some great bargains on Ebay. Especially shoes. I bought a designer pair of Tory Burch pumps almost new for less than 20 Dollars.
          Thrift shops we have here too but I am usually a little busy during the week. so online is mostly my way to go.

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      Hi All,

      My wardrobe is actually bigger then my SO’s. Yes she is jealous! But, I find I need different

      outfits for different moods. And, It’s always fun to mix and match make the choices endless.


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