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      I know it’s possible to wash a synthetic wig, but I’m curious as to how you do yours.  What do you use for soap, and how do you dry it?  What results have you had with your attempts at washing your synthetic wig?

      I’ve heard that you can use wig shampoo and some say to air dry it, even hang it upside down in a shower.  Who knows, but I want to know from all of you experts out there.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      Godiva wigs sells a shampoo & conditioner for their wigs. They also have a you tube Chanel with videos on how to take of a wig.

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      Angela Booth

      I use a wig shampoo and conditioner. I brush out the wig then fill a basin with enough warm water to cover the wig. I lay the wig, hair side down in the water and leave it to soak for a few minutes. I then scoop the wig under the fringe and swish it to and fro, crown forward, in the water lifting it up and allow to drain and swish a little more, lay it back in the water and a gentle push the wig so water goes through it. When the water runs clear lift the wig out, drain the water and rinse. Refill the basin and add the conditioner and swish the wig through as before.. I then swirl it round over the bath and then leave to drain. I then use a hairdryer to dry it out – most wigs are heat resistant and I don’t have it on full heat. Gently use a brush out any knots. The hair dries quickly and the cap takes time so I lay the wig flat, hair side down to dry out overnight.


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      hi Jennifer,

      I have washed synthetic wigs by soaking them in Woolite, followed by a gentle rinse. I dry them on a wig stand. When mostly dry I use about a 3:1 ratio of water to fabric softener in a spray bottle to lightly spray the wig and gently comb with a large toothed wig comb. I comb the ends out first and gradually work back up to the cap.

      – Robyn

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      I just use a very mild liquid soap and not very much. I let it sit in the Luke warm water for about five minutes, rinse in warm water, and roll up in a towel lightly squeezing as I go, to remove excess water. Give a gentle shake and lay on a dry towel to air dry.

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      Hi Jennifer,

      I haven’t read through the replies you’ve already received, so please forgive me if this may repeat some of what they’ve already said.

      First I fill a sink with lukewarm water and some wig shampoo. I gently swirl the wig through the water and let it sit for five minutes. Then I drain that water, rinse the sink out, place the wig hair side down and fill the sink with clean lukewarm water and rinse the wig. Next I repeat the first part but use a wig conditioner, again gently swirling the hairs in the solution and leaving it for five minutes. I then rinse it again in lukewarm water making sure all the conditioner has been rinsed out.

      I then lay it on a thick towel and roll it up in the towel to remove most of the moisture. The wig then goes on a wig stand – not one of those styrofoam heads, but a real wig stand. I let it air dry for an hour and give it a gentle shake. The following morning all it need is a bit of combing with a wig comb and she’s ready to go for the week.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      In the past if done what was the instructions said that the wig came with.  I use baby shampoo on my wigs and hand wash gently and lay on a towel to get bulk of water off them. Then a few shakes and hang to dry.

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        Hi Ashley, LOL,  I didn’t come up with my own procedure, what I do is what the instructions on three of my wigs said to do…and what my hair girl/wig girl said as well.

        big hug girlfriend,


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      Diana Stockton

      Exactly like Lauren does…

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      Similiar steps as lauren; I specifically bought wig shampoo/conditioner for wigs.

      Fill sink with cool lukewarm water, put abit of shampoo in the water, and then place wig in the water.  Let it sit for 5 min or so.  Take wig out, drain the water, and while it is draining rinse with cool lukewarm water, making sure to get out all the shampoo.

      Then refill sink, place conditioner into the wig and then gently work it in.  Allow it to soak for 5 min or so.  After wards, rinse with cool lukewarm water.

      For drying, I lay a towel on the floor (don’t have the counter space to do this), place wig on its side, and place another towel on top, and gently pat dry the water.

      Again due to lack of space, I lay out another towel on top of our dryer, and then lay capside down on the towel and let it air dry.  Takes at least a day or so to completely dry.

      Sometimes it scares my wife when she goes downstairs; in the dark she thinks it is a big muskrat on our dryer.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      You need to use shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate-free. The sulfates can damage the fibers. Also use cool water, warm water is not good for the fibers. I personally stay away from hairdryers and let them dry naturally.

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      I use wig shampoo and conditioner, following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Generally, that means filling a basin with cool water, adding a cap or two of shampoo, gently swishing it in the solution, then letting it sit for 5-10 minutes. Thereafter, remove from the water and rinse…. Repeat the process with conditioner.

      Upon draining off the excess, I gently blot the wig in a bath towel, being very careful not to stretch or twist the wig. Then I turn inside out and hang in the shower to allow the last drips to fall. Usually I’ll leave the wig hanging inside out over night to be sure that its fully dried. Then I’ll gently shake it out and very carefully slide my fingers through the hair to remove any tangles.

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        I totally concur with Kim in her exact method of  shampooing , conditioning, and rinsing – all in cool Not Hot water, do turn it inside out to dry after rolling it gently in towel and hang over the shower head or a wide neck 2 liter bottle overnight, then  shake it next day and put in head and style it all over. Foolproof method 👍

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      Rayna Carlian

      Wig shampoo. In the bathroom sink…

      I have 2 wigs. One is heat tolerant the other isn’t. However, I let both air dry after a light towel off after rinsing.

      I then hang the wig from a hanger that has clips(like for pants) from the tabs in the back that you grab to “seat” the wig when putting it on.

      Treat the wig well and it will last…

      good luck,



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      Was going to share how my wife , who has worn one every day for 15 years, taught me.  After reading 13 replies, I guess you have more than enough info.  They covered everything except using the leaf blower to dryLOL

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