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      Does your wife / partner let you wear pantys to bed.

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      She would, but we both prefer to sleep naked.

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      J J

      I can, but rarely do since we both sleep naked, but if sex is on the agenda then we both often wear lingerie of various sorts.

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      I wear panties 24/7 and my wife is OK with that, so I always sleep in my panties (and sometimes a cami or full slip as well).



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      I wear panties exclusively to bed. She knows I do it and is not excited about it. I wear shorts over them until the last second before I get into bed. I wear basic styles and colors so as to not offend her even more in the rare event she sees them. It’s an awkward situation but I make do.

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        I also regularly wear panties in bed but my wife does not know as she would not approve. Like yourself I wear them under my PJ bottoms and then slip of my PJ bottoms as I get into bed ( normally I turn off the light that is on my wife’s side and then walk round the bed with no light on ) I keep the pj bottoms hanging down from the side of the pillow so they are close to hand when I need to get out of bed
        What I have done is to switch my guy underwear to a mix of largely brightly coloured briefs so that if my wife were to see by accident a momentary flash of colour she would not be suspicious. I also manage to underdress in panties doing the day sone days but the opportunity depends on where she is when I am getting dressed as I normally get dressed in the bedroom with the door open. However I always make sure that I always wear my guy underwear for part of the day so that the right number of underpants are in the washing hamper

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      Sometimes, and my wife likes it!

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        My wife likes it to , she says she likes it when she rolls over and feels them on me.

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      OMG Steph yes with a nighty and lipstick every night without fail the moisterizers in the lipstick keep my lips so soft i live in NE Montana cold country and have never needed chapstick he he ..


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      HI Steph I wear them 24/7 except to my daughters house as if I bend over working on something Ive outed myself.

      which I did but my daughter didn’t say anything.

      Any way my wife isn’t crazy about it but I told her its who I am.

      She is  tolerant and I love her for that.

      Its hard on her.

      Huggs Patty

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      Like most. My wife will tolerate it. So I don’t wear them all the time.

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      It’s fun to see the similarities and differences in our lives. Variety is the spice of life…and what makes for horse racing.

      Panties to bed every night unless the grandkids are sleeping over. In cold weather knee-high nylons, too.

      It’s not a matter of letting me, it’s just how we are.

      Hugs & Kisses,

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      I would love to but my wife wouldn’t appreciate it – besides I sleep nude so doesn’t make a difference – I do however wear panties under drab during the day when home


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      Hi, Steph,

      Short answer, No.

      Here’s the long answer:

      My wife is aware that I wear panties. She has seen my panties a few times in the past when I was careless (in a drawer at a condo we rented while on vacation and more recently in the laundry after I washed a few pairs when she was out and forgot to retrieve them from the dryer), but has chosen not to ask about them.

      Many nights, if sex is not going to happen, I’ll wear a pair beneath the men’s nylon boxer briefs I usually wear, and slip under the sheets. Other nights, when it might happen, I wait until after it has happened, or until I’m sure it isn’t going to happen, and put on a pair (again covered by my acceptable underwear). She never sees me in them.

      Once upon a time, years ago, after my evening shower, I “borrowed” a pair of hers when all of my men’s underwear was dirty. She thought it was cute. So I did it again the next night. Again, she seemed okay. Both nights, the panties of hers that I wore were simple, black or nude, nylon Victoria’s Secret high-cut briefs.

      I thought, “Hmmm, maybe tomorrow night, I’ll slip on a pair from my stash that are a little more sexy.” I did this again the night following. That’s when she switched.

      “Why are you, all of a sudden, wearing panties?”

      “Are you gay?”

      “I don’t like it. I’m not a lesbian.”

      She’s not a prude, but seeing me in panties (especially those clearly meant for a woman) triggered something that made her uncomfortable.

      So, out of respect for her feelings, and so as to avoid rocking the boat, I hide (in broad daylight) the fact that I wear panties, at all. Ahh, the things we do for love.

      Much love,

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        This is my situation almost to the letter. I could’ve written it myself.

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        Yeah this is similar to my situation as well.

        my wife also brings up the phrase “I am not a lesbian”.  This always confuses me, why does this come up? Is it because when I dress I want to be submissive or have breasts and my male parts…the best of both worlds?  Is she projecting that being with me will make her a lesbian…I just don’t get it.


        Can someone explain it to me?

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          I look at it this way. Panties, and other aspects of my feminization, that I haven’t shared with her, of course, make me feel girly. That’s why I do it.

          So, naturally, even when it’s just panties, perhaps she senses this.

          Since she is not attracted to women, not even in the slightest, when she senses some tiny change from my male self, it’s a turn off.

          At least, that is all I can assume is going on.

          Maybe some SOs can chime in.

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            You are right on the money in your answer. Early on I found myself saying the same thing: “I’m not a lesbian.’ I’m not attracted to women and likewise I don’t find a man dressing like a woman sexually appealing. I suppose it’s the easiest way (saying I’m not a lesbian) of expressing that I don’t like a man dressed as a woman.

            If a wife starts dressing masculine and acting more masculine, I don’t think it would be unusual for the husband to say he isn’t gay.

            It’s also a way of pushing back and expressing discomfort as it is not what you thought you signed up for.

            I will say that the more time and patience you give your SO can make a world of difference. I now enjoy painting my husband’s nails and am so used to seeing him in panties that I do a double take when I see him in boxers.



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      Yes. And other girl things.

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        What other things 🙂

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          I usually wear bikini panties with a cotton sleep dress. Sometimes I wear satin or silk, short gowns.

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      My favs are a camisole or a chemise with loose fitting bottom pantie shorts fringed with lace.  Cuddling with my wife most nights I think she is ok with it.

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      Goodness I’ve had this happen a couple of times!

      After a long day I forget to change into “guys” underwear and go to bed in my panties!

      I’ve woken up in panic hoping wifey is not going to reach over and try to touch me in anyway. (Really no chance of that happening).

      But no, I dare not.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      I wear panties to bed several nights a week, with a long t shirt. It feels so comfortable, and girly. Other nights I wear my men’s bikini briefs. They are a nylon, lycra blend. They are like panties anyway (Manties?) The real panties are still the best!


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      My boyfriend doesn’t care what I wear to bed, which is usually romantic lingerie and always panties underneath, and I usually wear a ‘wedding night’ style bridal nightgown/negligee to bed for those nights when we make love. I absolutely *love* wearing beautiful lingerie to bed, it’s incredible, nothing like it. I wear satin pjs to bed as well some nights and those are also heavenly.

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      Given as I have worn panties solely for the pas 6 years, I will have to say that I wear panties to bed on a daily basis.  In fact, it was my wife who suggested that I dispose of my boxers, as it was clear that I no longer wearing them.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      I started wearing panties a few years ago and wear them 24/7 now. The wife even borrows mine when hers are all dirty. Today its a pair of pink Vanity Fair bikinis with lace at the sides.

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        Vanity Fair are the absolute best!

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          Lara Muir
          Baroness - Annual

          I totally agree!

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          Agreed. Love Vanity Fair

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          I have more than 200 panties and many VF panties. They are so comfortable and are often on sale. I guess the style I have the most of is the string bikini. Love the patterns and the cute “string” sides. Also many full cut briefs (a favorite among gurls with lots of room the “the boys”) and VF hicuts.

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      Mia Mor’e

      Yes, I wear panties 24/7. My wife helps me pick them out.

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      Yes, I wear panties every day. I wear a nightgown to bed. I often dress when working from home. Until recently, my wife would be home for part of that day but will now be home for the whole day since taking a new position in her company. I am very lucky to have an accepting spouse.

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      I wear  panties al the time. I threw out all my mens undies 20 years ago. Have fun.

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      I wear panties every day all day and that includes wearing them to bed. I’m a girl at heart and in my mind and girls wear panties. Enough said I’m going to bed in panties and lacy nightie. Night girls!


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      Yes she does! She has bought me several pair as well! Pantyhose too! I ADORE her!!!

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      Not only does she “let” me wear panties to bed, but she washes, dries and folds them for me …

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        Mine too!!

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      Panties 24/7 putting on bedtime panty after my shower before dinner. Depending on the season I wear a chemise, cami, slip, women’s short pj set or ankle length gown (winter) with the panty.

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      Yes. Out of all the things, my SO is the most comfortable with the panties, leggings, night shirts/gowns and hosiery

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      I typically wear a babydoll or chemise to bed most nights

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      I wear panties 24/7 they are so comfortable last night I slept in my panties, tights for warmth and a satin nightgown she bought me

      I’m so lucky it’s a simple pleasure for me …

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      Yes to panties and chemise for night wear and leggings panties bra girly robes wig etc, for morning wear with coffee with my wife

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      Panties always. Other items depending on the season and weather. Winter panties and an ankle length long sleeping gown. Spring and fall panties and a chemise or slip. Summer panties and a cami.

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      My SO knows that i wear panties 2 4/ 7 and she is ok with that.  Usually wear panties and long t shirt to bed but once in a while it is a silk pink gown.

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      She knows I wear them all the time. I go to bed before she does and am up at at the crack of dawn. I don’t think she knows about my red lace cami under my sleepy tee-shirt, lol

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      Does she let me? She positively insists. Panties are what protects the full-length, silk nightdress she bought me last Christmas from being soaked by my seeping tears of ecstasy. She knows, as well as I do, that life in panties is la dolce vita.

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      A cosy full length victorian night gown made of cotton and never panties.


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      I wear a slip or silky nightgown every night. I might add a bra, panties or pantyhose depending on my mood. My wife doesn’t encourage it but doesn’t complain about it either. I’m to the point where I’m going to do what I enjoy anyway.

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      Panties 24/7 for the past few years. I usually sleep in a nice womens tee and if cool then leggings too.

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      Yes she does, she’s actually supportive of it and is happy i let her know about it and trust her to tell her.

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      Yes! My wife bought be these cute boy short lace panties that even have a little crotch pocket for men! Super sexy!

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      I just started being a CD and I think I sleep better and feels sexy. I love wearing panties everywhere under my normal clothes. I do find myself touching me because i feel prettier and sexy.

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      I guess she would as I wear panties all the time during the day; often it is the only thing I have on during the summer, plus a bra if it is a bit cooler; they do keep you warm. Usually in bed I wear an almost sheer long nightdress with lace adornment. The SO has often said how much she likes it. I asked yesterday if she would like one and she said “Yes”. I hope getting the correct size on line is not going to be a problem. I’ll start by having her try mine on. Best, Marlene.

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      Stephanie Flowers

      Starting wearing panties 24/7 now for several years so bedtime isn’t any different. Matched with a nice nightie or soft feeling gown always makes for a great night’s sleep 😴…🌷

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      Not a person to give away my level of lust for “intimate” apparel, unless there is a good reason not to, she requests that I wear panties to bed all the time. And of course, I’m not complaining.
      In the summertime, I find panties much more comfortable to wear at night than “those men’s underwear”! Let’s face it ladies, men’s clothes suck in relation to style.
      Men’s clothes in general, my opinion, are too heavy in thickness, rough on the skin(especially us ladies that have no hair on their body), drab in color and just downright not sexy! I must say in contrast, my men’s dress shirts have color in them as to avoid the funeral looking stuffed white shirt and dark suit fashion statement that has become prevalent.

      Oh, did I give away something with the “especially us ladies that have no hair on their body” comment up above? Well, now you know something else about me!

      – April

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      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      I’m impressed that so many have accepting wives/SOs. It took ages for mine to accept my wearing a nightie. Now she offers me one or lays one out on the bed for me. Views it as a night shirt to reconcile in her mind that it is something a man might wear, although my nightgowns are hardly something anyone would consider manly. But I bought a couple shapers with bra cups and she could not wait to get rid of them. She has allowed a sexy shaper with built-in bra if on a trip where I am Rhonda, but not typical, and there certainly would be no intimacy if I am dressed that way. Panties, bra, lipstick, and wig are definite turnoffs. So I’m jealous of all those whose partners are so accepting, and even willing to make love that way… something I have never done but would love to. There HAVE been occasions where I do something that causes her to say I can do what I wish, so maybe I will put being intimate while en femme on the list and see where it goes.

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      yes , but she dont notice…

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      She knows I do but since she sleeps in a separate room, it’s not an issue. Most nights I wear a pretty nightie, too.

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      A good few years ago I confided in her that I wanted to wear hers. Her response was, “don’t let me catch you”.

      A while back, when undressing, she slipped her panties off and insisted that I put them on, which I did. It felt kind of weird but I still grabbed the chance to wear them in front of her.

      I’m not sure what her motivation was – curiosity possibly or maybe even to try and embarrass me.

      I trust that one day I will be able to sleep in satin and lace with her acceptance.

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        Rhonda Lee
        Baroness - Annual

        Good for you in seizing the opportunity. Perhaps you can draw the courage to use the episode as a way to ask her more directly what she was thinking and/or open up the topic to see if she might be at least somewhat accepting. Maybe she thought about your initial inquiry and was showing a level of acceptance if you wanted to take it further. Who knows what a woman is thinking?

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      She doesn’t know I wear panties to bed and would not like it if she did.


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      All I wear are panties 24/7, no boy undies for me.

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      Wife and I are looking for some semi sexy girly full pj sets with full bottoms and tops for sleeping and lounging around in the mornings for the wintertime.  Those chemise and cami’s with bare shoulders just dont work for wintertime.  Time to go to the big town and shop

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        You are right about bare shoulders in winter. I just bought an ankle length sleep gown with short sleeves. I love chemises and camis and own more than 100. One option is to wear a nice women’s tee under or over the cami or wear a silky robe. And, of course, as you noted long pjs.

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      Fortunately, my wife has no objections to me wearing panties or a bra when we’re in bed together or just around the house.

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      Isn’t wearing lingerie to bed the best Ashley?! 🙂

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      Ha in my case it’s hard for my boyfriend to keep his hands off of me when I wear something romantic lol!

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