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      I popped into town to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon. I was wearing a dress that was a bit shorter than my normal length. It had a bit of a 60s vibe going on and I matched it with white ankle boots with a 3″ heel. I realised as soon as I got out of the car, that perhaps the dress was a bit too short, but it was too late. Feeling very self conscious, I held my head high and carried on.

      I was walking through a shopping centre (mall) taking a short cut to the meeting place, when I heard a gaggle of girls behind me. One of them said “I’m certain it’s a man. If the skirt was any shorter you’d see his bllx”
      Even though I was feeling self conscious, I have to be honest, it made me laugh. A short while ago, I’d have scurried away and got upset. These days, I have fully accepted that I am what I am, and people can either take it or leave it. I met my friend. Told him the story, and we had a good laugh over it. As I walked to the counter to order more coffee, he confirmed that my bllx were not on display πŸ™‚


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      Peta Mari


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      You have a good attitude when it comes to the hurtful things girls can say. Β I had a similar event in a mall once with two girls pointing and laughing at me. It made me feel terrible then, but now I’ve decided that I’m a transgender woman and if other people don’t like it, it’s their problem. Β Be proud of who you are.


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        One day, picking up my first pair of heels, I wore a new pair of sandals that I had tried to break in. I failed at doing enough, so by the time I got to the mall, I was damaged goods.

        I bought the heeled shoes and I had to wear them to go to the drug store, to buy some moleskin, so that I could walk home. As I walked through the mall, a couple of teenager boys saw me and snickered. I was on a mission and had to soldier through, to help my feet.

        Live and learn.

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      Angela Booth

      At least you tool it in your stride Cerys – I never forget what my mother said to my sister who wore a mini back in the day, ‘If it were any shorter it’ll be a belt’….

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        It wasn’t THAT short, just a little shorter than normal… Honest πŸ˜‰


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      That recalls the old joke β€œWhy doesn’t Golda Meir wear a mini skirt?”

      They probably told it about Thatcher and Hillary, too.

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        You got me on that one, Wanda. Did a quick web search, but no joke.

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          Why doesn’t Golda Meir wear a mini skirt? She’s worried about her b*lls showing.

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      Angela Booth

      I was out and about yesterday and was following a young couple of more than ample proportions, the girl was wearing a short skirt. She kept tugging at the back of the skirt and it drew my eye. After she pulled it down for about the third time I realised that after she had done it a few moments later her butt cheeks dropped into view!Β  Well that did make me laugh….

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      Whenever anyone says anything about my choice of clothing, I just smile and thank them politely. Being open and honest about who I am empowers me, and disarms naysayers. Ever since my late 30s, it is my maleness is very obviously from the front, I sometimes get called by female pronouns from the rear because of my hair.

      And I do like to be noticed and acknowledged.

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      Take the fact the girls noticed you as a compliment. Β As we all have that very feminine trait of wanting to be noticed, you succeeded beyond Cerys wildest expectations. Β Go girl!

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