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    Jessica Wilde
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    Some time ago I posted about my drawer that contains my leggings and tights being packed to the point of overflowing. I went through it and eliminated a whopping total of 4 pairs lol. Didn’t really help a thing as far as the overcrowded drawer goes.

    Anywho now my bra and panty drawer is overflowing and I have more on their way. What’s a girl to do? I have an exceptionally hard time relieving myself of any female ecountrement sometimes. Like a really hard time with it. Guess I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet and say goodbye to some things I don’t wear anymore. Or I could buy a larger nightstand with bigger drawers. Better eliminate some panties I guess cause I don’t want to buy furniture at the moment.

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      Michelle McQueen
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      Oh you poor girls with overflowing lingerie drawers and jammed closets…. we are so jealous! What a problem to have… LOL

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      Wendy Swift
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      Add another member to the overflowing club.

      I have alot of women’s one piece swimsuits.  I bought one of those big plastic tubs and it has overflowed a long time ago, to the point where I can barely close the lid.  There are drawers full of shapewear, panties, tights, … and the closet space is packed with tops/skirts.

      I did a clean out purge a few years back, getting rid of anything that did not fit/did not wear in a while, that helped but I just bought new stuff back and worse now, because I handpicked the new stuff it will be tough to do a clean out purge.

      I recently started a new donations bag, this time it is filled with shapewear I don’t intend to wear again.  Sad part is, the tags are still on them.  Unfortunately, I can’t donate panties.  Those I may have to just toss in the garbage.

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      All you girls with plenty of underwear is making me very envious.
      My wife would have a fit

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      Angela Booth
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      Perhaps it isn’t about the wearing but the owning of it. The must have purchase that may or could be worn. Real women spend a lifetime building up the wardrobe to overflowing. We girls may have had less time so need to play catch up as well as dress up.

      I started with a small box of feminine items, now every drawer and cupboard is full to the brim and my male stuff is almost all in that little box.

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      Connie Twirl
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      Those under-bed storage boxes are quite good – you’ll get loads of stuff in those. Twelve cubic feet of bras and panties…………….


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      Lacy Satin
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      Your not alone girlfriend,  My drawers are overflowing and I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of anything.

      I have a whole room dedicated to all my feminine appeal and it’s not enough room. I’ve tried time and time again to organize everything but in the end it all just gets stuffed back in my drawers.

      The biggest problem I find is, I will neatly fold everything and make nice neat  piles in my drawers but when I go to look for something I tend to mess it all up again because of the silkiness of the fabrics. My biggest problem is my slip drawers.

      It would be wonderful if I could hang everything but I already have 100’s of items on hangers already.

      I love my room and wish I could share pictures of all my feminine appeal here. I am really proud of my collection.

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      Hi Jessica,

      I can remember fixing one daughter’s set of drawers. It was full to overflowing and ramming it shut had busted the front. I was a little exasperated – “how many knickers can you wear at one time!” I asked.

      Fast forward. My knicker drawer is full to bursting.

      Marti xxx

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      Hi Jessica, I fully understand and I can commiserate.  I have way too many items of clothing, most of which I’m just not wearing any more.  Yet, I can’t seem to get rid of them as each item brings back a fond memory of a past time where I enjoyed wearing it, felt really good, felt right.  It’s very difficult when you have an emotional attachment to things you really don’t need anymore.  I have my things in 3 different places, more or less, a few items I can get at right away, a few more down a little deeper that I just love but I’m just not wearing any more, and a third tucked away because the first two are taking too much room.

      Sadly the day is coming where I will toss that last part which will just tear (both ways) me up, but I’ll know it’s time.

      Hugs Chloe

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      Alison Anderson
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      I have this problem all over.  I had to move my half slips from my panty drawer.  I had to move my leggings from my tank top/skort drawer.  I had to move my women’s and women’s unisex tee shirts to a larger drawer.  I had to move my sweaters and jean’s jackets from my closet to the hall closet.  My skirts and hanging tops are stuffed in half of my walk-in closet and my dresses are pretty close to capacity.  I also have a drawer of men’s/unisex tee shirts that is overflowing.  And these I keep getting given more from work.

      I’m being very selective and not really looking to buy more clothing unless there is an occasion to wear it.

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      I’ve the same problem, girl! To much stuff, but I’ve been slowly going through things, and getting rid of some of what I done wear much, but it’s all been boy clothes.


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      Stephanie Bass
      Princess - Annual
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      Hi jessica what a problem to have girl ha ha .. Im in the same boat drawers overflowing and closet the same looked last weekend and counted 200 hangers there but whats a girl to do he he ..

      Stephanie Bass

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        Jessica Wilde
        Registered On: October 5, 2020
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        Wish I had the closet overcrowding problem (well we do but it’s because my fiancé and I share a closet and my girl and boy clothes are in there) but it will get there soon. Gonna have to build a giant closet for the 2 of us.

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