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      I know we all have clothes, makeup, and wigs, but what about perfume? I just recently realized that IF I look womanly I should smell womanly.  I bought a bottle of Charli. What perfume or perfumes do you like? and Where do you get them at a reasonable price?

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      Hi Dana,

      Growing up I liked Charli but I have tried others through the years.  As to your question a few ways to save money on your perfume  are:

      – Take advantage of discount stores like TJ Maxx

      – Visit outlet stores that carry perfume and other toiletries.  Often you’ll find close outs and products just for the outlets.

      – Department stores cosmetic counters often have samplers so try something as you pass by

      – If you’re a senior, take advantage of  a store senior’s day promotions.  As an example Walgreens has a 20% discount the first Tuesday of each month.  If you’re shy, the senior day promotions code works online too.  And if you receive their emails you’ll get a reminder.

      – Other chains have reward programs.  Often you’ll receive gifts when you sign up.  If you tire of the email messages just update your status and opt out.


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        I was in a dr waiting room when I smelled a perfume that I just loved. I asked the lady about it and she told me that it was called ” Pink Sugar”. I found it on Amazon and bought some. It is a very flowery scent. Just love it.

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      I have an allergic reaction to most strong scents, so I can’t wear most perfumes.

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        Allergies are a bummer. They prevent us from doing what we like.

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      I don’t wear perfumes but daily wear Secret Lavender deodorant which has a nice flowery scent.

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      Trish White

      Hi Dana, my all time favourite was Enjoli but they quit making it. The latest one I bought that I really liked was Calvin Klein’s ‘beauty’ and I love the fragrance. That would be my choice. Good luck in your search girl.

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      Hi Dana
      Nice to meet you I love Charlie Blue it makes a statement.
      Sarah xx

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      Hi girls,

      My favorite perfume, has been, and will remain my only perfume, is ‘Si’ by Armani. It is sold at most beauty counters in department stores and drug stores but never seems to be on sale. It is worth the price, a bottle easily lasts me a year and they don’t recommend using it much longer than a year as the fragrance can change as it oxidizes once opened. I receive so many compliments when wearing it and I absolutely love the scent.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      I’ve only recently discovered the joy of women’s perfumes. I can’t dress nearly as much as I’d like, and am constantly trying to feel my true feminine self, despite the drab clothing.  I’ve been using Cashmere from Next (I’m in the UK). It’s reasonable, something I’ve chosen because I love it, and not so sweet that I couldn’t pass it off as an after shave if someone ever queried it. It’s great on me but also lovely on clothing, scalfs handkerchiefs etc.


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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      Bath & Body Works stores sells fragrances at reasonable prices, as well as a complete line of other products.

      They always have specials, such as “buy three, get one free.”  Their prices are reasonable enough that I normally will make a shopping bag, or two, haul once a quarter of their products.  Just before I start dressing I will drench myself in a different scent each time.

      Their stores are all over the country.  If interested, check out their web site for a store nearest your location.

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      Oh I’m a big fan of perfume and have been wearing it a lot more often. Right now I have a few different ones and enjoy them all. Eternity, 2 different Alfred Sung , irresistible,Angels and demons, White Diamond to name a few but my absolute fav is the Eternity.  I’m wearing a slash of them while presenting as a man at times.

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      I have no end of perfumes.
      I agree, if you look womanly you should smell womanly.
      Even if you don’t “look womanly” why not still smell womanly?
      I often use a little perfume when presenting as male.

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      YSL Black Opium, love it, one spray and I’m in my happy place.
      Expensive but one spray lasts a long time, one bottle has lasted a whole year and still plenty left.

      B x

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      Oh No! Not for me Dana. I am deathly allergic to many perfumes, fresheners, soaps and room scents and have to leave the area whenever I’m exposed to them. I get a very irregular heartbeat when that happens and then things go downhill fast. Years ago my doctor told me that I had been exposed to too many synthesized hydrocarbon chains and that did me in. So, no scents in wash and dry products, deodorants, rugs, Fabreze, plastics, etc. I can still do some things like spray paint but only with lots of ventilation and a respirator. There are a lot of stores that have piped in scents and I can’t stay in them for more than a few minutes. I also can not be in a car or plane with someone wearing a body scent. My poor wife can only wear perfume when she is away from me at conferences. In my next life I will try to be more careful. Marg

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        You are not alone. Some other girls are in the same condition. It seems like most soaps and detergents are made with a scent. It makes life for you like an obstacle course. You will get through.

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      Caty Ryan

      When I can, (but sadly its not often), Estee Lauder “Beautiful” perfume and post shower dusting powder.

      When these times come along, I make sure I have my breast forms attached, “tuck myself” between my legs and then “dust away” Oh so femme…..

      Cant last too long…. “oh the pain”….



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        Those wonderful private moments I can relate

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        Right you are Caty.  I use dusting powder from the knees up.  Like a light scent but powder texture is important at friction points.   Only perfume that ever had my attention was Ambush.  Stopped making  it years ago.  Only other scent I use is my deodorant in lavender.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I am not dressed until I put on a dash of perfume.  I wear “La Vie Est Belle”  by Lancome.

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      I wear perfume everyday. My favorite is Woman by Ralph Lauren. I also wear #5, White Shoulders and Gloria Vanderbilt. For casual attire I also wear Charly and Japanese Cherry Blossom spray.

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        I love Paloma Picaso as well.

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        Need to try them I have been with Paco Roban for years and feel unsafe experimenting

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      I absolutely love perfume marketed for women.  I find women’s perfume has a much more pleasant smell and range from candy like to floral.  Men’s just smell strong and stinky (too musk smelling).

      My first perfume I bought was Incredible Things by Taylor Swift.  It has a very nice citrus smell, strong scent, and lasts a decent amount of time.  My next was Taylor by Taylor Swift.  This one is a tad on the muskier side, and strong smelling.

      I’ve branched out since then, and now have 20 in my collection.  My fave line up so far is the one from Ariana Grande, notably Sweet Like Candy and Thank U Next (incl 2.0).  Both are sweet smelling, 2.0 has a nice coconut smell.  To me it smells more youthful.

      Next one that I like is Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears,  Again this one is very sweet smelling, which I love.

      Two of the stronger smelling one I have is Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian.  I find these 2 last the longest.

      My next one I am trying to find is Sweet Tooth by Sabrina Carpenter.  Even though it was recently released it seems a little elusive to find.

      I try to buy them in the drugstore, or on line.   Good thing about the ones I listed they are budget concious and smell quite decent.


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      I can’t remember the name of it but it was very popular in the 70s and 80s. A group of women walked past me at the mall and one of was wearing it. By the time I realized it they were gone!! Loved it though!!

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      I love Hani Mori

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      I haven’t bought any yet. My Mom might interject hun.

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      I really like White Diamonds but use it sparingly as it can bee overwhelming. It lasts almost all day.

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        I love White Diamonds. But it makes my wife sneeze. I have some Juicy Culture now.

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      Amy Oxley

      I also love perfume. But I never buy any. I just steal my wife’s. She has a few older bottles she doesn’t use anymore so they find their way into my collection.

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      Davina H

      I recently started wearing perfume while dressed.  Thankfully my wife has several different bottles that she lets me use. She has one that is sweet and faint which I will wear while male mode too.

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        Perfume s such an individual choice,, Find your scent and embrace it.

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      If going out I will always add perfume, it just helps complete the overall attempt at blending in.  I got a small bottle of Juicy Couture on sale at Kohls a few years ago.  It is small nut i don’t use much and don’t go out too often.

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      Hi Dana as I’m still in the closet to my wife i can’t really wear any perfume, I would love to wear some perfume when I’m dressed as it would be lovely to smell so womanly, my wife has a big problem with smells it affects her breathing and i have to buy bubble bath with no smell to it,

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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        It is great that you are so considerate of your wife.  Being in the closet is a bit confining.

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          Hi Dana I’m very considerate of my wife i even do the housework all the cleaning and washing up, all the laundry and all the things a housewife would do, sometimes i wish i could do it all En Femme wearing my favourite dress 👗, she has an allergy  from all the dust,

          Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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        That made me sad. I feel like yo9u are in a prison. If I had any advice I would say push back

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      What perfume would you ladies recommend for a good starting point for someone who is looking for their first perfume?

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      Sarah Lee

      Coconut Fantasy body spray available  at Dollar General  or Family  Dollar and other places for less than $5. Really anything  cocnut scented i like. I wear that every day even in drab.

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      I don’t usually wear perfume, for a number of reasons.

      I was often going out to parties in a home. Imagine 25-30 people in your living room, each with a different perfume. The clash of smells would be awful. Now imagine just one or two were really sensitive to perfumes. They wouldn’t be able to attend without getting their sense of smell assaulted.

      The smell of perfume can also last a long time. If you need to appear male without enough time for the perfume smell to totally dissipate, you are going to have to make sure not to give yourself away by the residual smell.

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      I started out with Avon Beautiful Splendeur which isn’t made anymore. Eventually, I couldn’t get any that hadn’t gone off so I switched to Avon Candid. Now, I’m changing over to Juicy Couture. I wear Candid or Juicy every day.

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      Roxie Ritz

      Personally, I like Beautiful from Estee Lauder. I know it is kind of expensive, but when it is on special, I like to get it from They have makeup as well. I have heard that people may have had bad experiences with them, but I have not.

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      Eva B

      I usually wear a scent that my wife has on hand. Her favorite is La Vie en Belle, but it is a bit strong.  We share Happy, and other scents.  When I get a chance to buy some it is usually a Burbery perfume.

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      I do not consider my outfit is complete until I put on my perfume. My perfume choice depends upon where I am going and the occasion. I have a causal perfume that is not too heavy and a perfume for special events that is a bit more noticeable.

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      I wish I could wear women’s perfume, but my wife has such a sensitive sense of smell that she would detect even the slightest drop on me; and then she would give me the “riot act” of demeaning questions: Why do you smell so strong? Is that perfume you are wearing? Why are you wearing perfume? What/Is there something wrong with you? Perfume is for women, not men. She’s done this to me before when she’s noticed my fingernails being “shiny” from clear nail strengthener and my forehead being “shiny” from using hyluronic acid wrinkle serum; although I told her I had just scrubbed my forehead with my acne wash pads. She accepted that explanation enough.

      A few years ago, she went out of town for a weekend and I borrowed a bottle of Avon Imari Perfume Eau de Cologne Spray from her vast but never used collection. I placed it back in the same spot and I think she eventfully threw it away in one of her whirlwind “spring cleaning” binges. I wish I would have just kept and hid it.

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        I apologize for hi-jacking someone else’s topic ; but I had to post this update.

        Yesterday I decided to walk around what is considered the largest flea market in my area. I went looking for a person selling Avon products. I found an Avon booth and bought a bottle of Imari perfume. I went with the Eau de Toilette Spray instead of the cologne.

        I’ll be using it sparenly and only on my wrists; then I’ll “wash” the area off with hand sanitizer after I change back into “male mode” before I return home from any “Brittney” outing.

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      I tend to be pretty sensitive to fragrances, especially the various chemical fragrances added to cleaners, soaps, shampoos, deodorant, ad nauseam. There are whole aisles of the store I can’t walk down. I have to use fragrance-free laundry detergent. It’s a bother. BUT…

      There are some perfumes that I adore that also love me back. My wife loves perfume and has a huge collection. The higher quality scents don’t trigger my sensitivities, and I routinely wear them both en femme and en homme. My favorite is 10 La Roue de la Fortune by Dolce and Gabbana, but I also like Vetiver by Elizabeth W. and I have a couple by Fresh that I like, Canabis Santal and a grapefruit sounding name I can never remember. When my wife was gone for a few months during the pandemic to care for a parent out of state, I used to wear her perfume to bed as it made me feel close to her. That was a terrible time, but perfume really helped.

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      Hi Dana. My go to fragrance is Coco, from Coco Chanel. It just happens to be my ex-wife’s fragrance of choice and I always loved it on her. I also like a scented lotion from Victoria’s Secret called Angels and another from Bath and Body Works in Sweat Pea. Both are lightly fragranced and wonderfully light and moisturizing.

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