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      Cece X

      Hopefully, many of us have made progress with our CD journey in the past year. We may have overcome some roadblocks, and we can celebrate those achievements. We now may be looking at goals we hope to achieve in 2023.

      I may have several goals for 2023, but one sticks out in my mind today. I am hoping that soon in 2023 I will have the courage to open a discussion with my girlfriend about my dressing fully in front of her and see how she feels about that. She has seen me underdressed and liked it. She has given me several femme undergarments. For unknown reasons, I do not yet feel comfortable with the idea of dressing fully with her. Maybe in my mind I feel like I am supposed to be a “real man” when I am with her. I am allowing the reveal to evolve in its own time, but at least the goal is clear, I would like to share with her that I would like her to enjoy the full CeCe with me. Whatever my ridiculous reservations are, I hope to overcome them in 2023.

      We are all at different stages of our journey. What are your CD goals for 2023?

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      I can answer that in one word:  Keystone!

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        Kelly Lee
        Duchess - Annual

        I do have other goal b ut yes – keystone is a big one

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      Another makeover with Beth Taylor at her studio in Takoma Park, MD.

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        So much fun there, I’m looking forward to another one too!

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      That is so awesome CeCe. I hope you are able to accomplish your goals in 2023.

      For me I hope to become more comfortable and venture out into public.

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      Lara Muir
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi Cece,

      I’m in a similar situation as you, although with me I can wear women’s exercise clothes when I workout, and leggings around the house in the evening. I recently started painting my nails occasionally too. That started with a Halloween costume.
      Oh, would I love to be able to wear lingerie around her.

      My goal this year is to come out fully to my wife. Though I don’t think I will be able to dress fully in front of my her, not having to hide it all from her  anymore would be wonderful!


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      To meet other girls real time

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        Hi Suzanne
        That would be something I would look forward to in the new year but very difficult in the area where I live but one can always wish and dream.

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      Caty Ryan

      I am going to have two more personal bra fittings at two CD friendly lingerie stores here in Melbourne and then donate my purchases to female oriented charities. eg. Homeless/domestic abuse women’s shelters.

      Why?  1., Cos I loved the  department store bra shopping /personal bra fitting I had this year. (See my articles and photos on same here on CDH) and

      2/. I have far more bras than I need already.

      There’s one store in Melbourne’s inner suburbs that actually advertises the fact they will do fittings for CD’s. Complete with a “bloke in a bra” photo on their website.

      If….only….. they had made him shave his chest first…

      Looks disgusting……..





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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      During 2022 I made huge progress in several areas. I’m now out to “everyone” and dress pretty much every day.

      Goals for 2023 would be keystone and meet more cd girls. Improve my appearance (makeup and such) and female voice.


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      I would love to get a professional makeover and attend a girls night out.

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      My goals for 2023:

      1. Attend Keystone for the first time.
      2. Find opportunities to meet more local CD’s
      3. Vacation somewhere fully en femme for at least a week.

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      Hi Cece the one goal i have for 2023 would be to attend a venue somewhere, or even have a professional makeover and a professional photo shoot wearing a beautiful dress 👗 even if it’s only for half a day, well we can all have dreams X

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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      I’d like to get a wig, then a makeover, and spend a whole day out and about as Stephanie.

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      Cassie Jayson

      I don’t usually make goals, I usually get an idea in my head that I can’t let go. Last spring I year I got the idea of going to my 50th class reunion as Cassie. I did it. The week about a month before I found the perfect dress, the week before I had my nails done (fingers matched one color on the dress toes another color),the day before had my hair colored. I had the BEST time!!
      Now I have an idea to take a 3 or 4 day vacation and taking my X. We are on ‘sometimes good terms’. I would love to have a GG out girly shopping and a mani/pedi and maybe another hair coloring session for me. Maybe I can convince her to wear more colorful or sparkly tops.


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      to have the courage to be honest with my wife and myself

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      Loose 16-18 lbs., stop smoking ( only 3-4 skinny cigarillo cigars ) reduce waistline by 8-10 inches ( that’ll takes months) walk more , work out weight training cardio aerobic exercise, drink more water, experiment with different face and makeup appearance changes with face taping, surgical tape lifts, theatrical latex , face putty . I’ve done it before- well too , it changes your whole look and makes me look 20 years younger.


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      Davina H

      My CD goal for 2023 is to take Davina out into the public and meet other CD’ers.

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      Have been thinking about that question

      1. Lose weight both for health and to look better as Carole.  Move down at least 1 dress sizes

      2. Pay it forward …I’ve been so lucky to meet some amazing people here who have helped me.  I want to help other new girls !

      3. Get out more.  Keystone for the second time and help out with it. Meet some new girls





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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I’m trans so my goals are probably different than most girls.  I don’t have anything specific in mind.  I just want to continue living authentically.

      One of the biggest rewards to transitioning has been the real-life experiences I’ve had as a woman.  The ways I interact.  The ways I’m treated.  The multitude of ways I can present.  The relationships I make.  The physical connections I make….with myself and others.  The bonds I make….

      Everything is so much different now.

      I crave experiences.  More please!

      That’s all I want for 2023!


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        Yes Emily, 100% yes to everything you say!

        Big hug,


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        Rochelle Mills

        Wow, Emily, I think you nailed it!  If any of us regularly present our inner women to the world, all the work we do and things we acquire to look more like the women we fill inside are done to help us better engage with others in public.  So definitely more and better relationships and experiences as a woman in 2023!

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        Hi Emily
        I only wish I could look half as good as you
        I am a late bloomer and just about a month out of the closet but still very private living on my own in the country and very sparsely populated.
        I don’t feel normal any more unless I at least wear my panties. I threw out all my male underwear as they will not be required anymore.
        I have no one to talk to except here and my wish for 2023 would be to meet another cross dresser and see where it leads and if possible an accepting woman to help me look more woman. I am 73 and am thinking these wishes and dreams fall under the category of my Fantasy.

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          Liz K
          Managing Ambassador

          Thank you so much Sara!  Merry Christmas!

          I’m not exactly young myself and I work with what I’ve got.  I take good care of my skin and hair.  The rest is makeup, a smile, and a little fashion sense.

          My first makeover was life changing.  You’d be surprised what one can do.  Perhaps a trip to the big city and a makeover is a worthy goal for 2023?


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      After thinking about this, I realize that I only have a couple.

      First, and foremost I want to have a steady boyfriend that treats me as his lady in all ways including in thevbedroom.

      Second, I just want to continue to enjoy my crossdressing that I have enjoyed my entire life.

      Last, i would love to have my wife accept and enjoy my crossdressing.


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        Hiya, Denise – lovely to meet you.  I’m not trying to be judgemental – especially as I really don’t want to be judged!  However, I note that you ask for a boyfriend, and also for your wife to accept you.  I’m not going to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but they may be a little difficult to make coincide.  Not going to be controversial; I just hope that you have made your mind up where you stand – while I know that the ladies on CDH can help to support you should you need us to.  Hugs:  Holly XXX

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      This is a good question. I just passed 70 on the odometer which has me thinking about the future, what remains of it. I think my first goal is either to arrive at a comfortable compromise with myself. I have spent most of my life feeling conflicted, alternating between periods of self-acceptance and periods of rejection. I would like to bring that inner conflict to a close in some manner.

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      J J

      There are two things I want to do, but I don’t really consider them goals, just things I want to do. One is to do a full make over and professiona photo shoot. Ideally I would like to lose a few pounds prior, but until I give up beer, wine and scotch, which won’t happen, I may never lose the weight. The second is to spend an evening with my wife both fully dressed to the nines. Have a lovely dinner, enjoy some wine and end with wild passion.

      My wife has seen in dressed sans wig and make up, so it is not a big step, just one I habe never taken. I have had a make over and did some photos (see my gallery), but never did professional and touched up photos. I want to include a boudoir session as well.

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      I’ve never really thought about crossdressing goals, but I happen to have some anyway. Mostly, I want to be my authentic self more often. I’ve made great strides in 2022. When the year started, I wasn’t even out to my wife; now she’s my greatest ally and supporter, I’m out to most of my community as well as several close friends. At the start of 2022, I was utterly terrified at the thought of being in public; now, I’ve been out several times and crave more. If 2023 is half the year for me that 2022 was, I’ll be miles ahead.

      Specific goals: Attend the Symphony/Opera/Theater en femme, with my wife. Get a makeover to help me with my makeup skills. Make a connection with the local CD/trans community…. And grow that wardrobe!

      xo, Nikki

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      My goal for 2023? That’s easy! To re-open the discussion about my “situation” with my wife. I need to find a way to encourage her to grant me some kind of concessions beyond underdressing in pantyhose. Now, to achieve that goal-not quite as easy as telling it to you gals. Prayers/good thoughts/positive vibes very much appreciated.



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        Trish White

        I know what you’re going through Jennifer. After 47 years of marriage my wife has started to be accepting. I came out to her before we were married. She’s allowed me to go out shopping with some girl friends as well as attending CD functions in Vancouver. She still does not want to meet Trish though.
        The only advice I can give is be patient and don’t push too hard and keep her first and foremost in your life. I made the mistake of putting Trish first and it took a long time to correct that mistake. Good luck and for what it’s worth, allowing you to wear pantyhose is a huge step. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and hoping your wishes and dreams all come true in the New Year.

        Trish ❤️

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      I’m a transitioned trans woman, now legally a female. That achieved so many life long goals as it is that I’m deliriously happy with how my life is. But there is one major goal I would love to see happen, that is to have my spouse, who is currently living apart, come to accept Lauren and we can be together again.
      That would be so wonderful, like very thick icing on an already beautiful cake!

      Hugs girls, lots of big hugs,

      Ms. Lauren M

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        Trish White

        I will wish the same for you Lauren and will say a prayer for you and your wife at the Christmas Eve service.

        Trish ❤️

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          Thank you so much Trish, that means a lot to me! I will be at church tomorrow morning, I go to an Anglican church where the leadership know I’m transgender and am accepted as a woman and a member of the congregation. My prayers will be going up! Merry Christmas girlfriend!



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      Cece I just came out to my wife after 22 years of marriage I wish you the best in your journey and she was totally accepting of my cd wish I would have done it sooner

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      Trish White

      Hi Cece, I only have one goal for the coming year and that is to attend a CD conference. Living where I live the only conference that’s close is held in Port Angeles Wa. but it’s for a week which would be fairly expensive being a Canuck. I’ve heard there maybe one in Vancouver this coming year and if there is I will achieve my goal. If not well, I might have to bite the bullet and maybe go to the one in Vegas. It’s only 3 or 4 days. If any of you have any info on others that may be relatively close to the Pacific N.W. please let me know.


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        To meet another CD in person and dress, have a drink, and see where thing lead 😘

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      I don’t really set any specific goals since I really enjoy my life the way it is. I’m closeted by choice so I won’t be going out anywhere dressed (and my wardrobe is basically entirely romantic lingerie anyway) so the only goals I really have are to keep enjoying being Jess and enjoying life to the fullest, plus make some more lingerie purchases along the way.

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      Hi Cece,

      My goals for next year are: losing weight, getting another makeover and maybe set my first step outside dress as a woman.



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      Erika Henderson
      Duchess - Annual

      2022 was such a huge step for me, I signed up here on CDH and it has allowed me to stop suppressing Erika. I’m getting to know her, and realizing that not only is she an important part of me, but accepting that she IS a part of me. So, for 2023, I want to lose weight (I know, who doesn’t), and I want to have Erika meet people in public. Let her go out and enjoy some time on her own, where she doesn’t have to feel hidden. I would also love to meet other CDers, especially the sisters I have here on CDH. I can’t thank you all for how wonderful and accepting you have been! It has meant so much to me!


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      In 23’ I hope to have the talk with my wife like others as I have aged the urge has increased and the sneaking around has to stop.

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      My CD goal for 2023 is to attend a sort of work meeting in person dressed femme.
      I have about 8 meetings a year in London related to responsibilities I had before retirement.
      I have already advised my fellow Committee members that I am a Crossdresser and intend to attend future meetings as Rachel but the last 2 meetings of this year got changed at short notice to TEAMS meetings so I was only seen from head to bustline in an on screen box.

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      Deana Lee

      1) Go on a nice dinner date with a guy I started seeing. He’s expressed interest in wanting to take me out but we’ll see. Guys will say anything to drop them panties.
      2) Get some high quality breast forms and high quality wig (I really want to try the high quality stuff – pm me if you have any suggestions or tips please!)
      3) Spend more time as Deanna (maybe an entire weekend?)

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