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      Alexa TB


      I’m curious as to what stuff people use to change their bodies to become more feminine (ie breasts). I know there’s tons of stuff on the internet. But it’s expensive and I have no idea what actually works. So I’d like to see some personal compliments of products so I know where to start.




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      Angela Booth

      As you realize there are so many choices available. For me I use silicone boosters in a standard underwired bra. I then pull up my natural breast over the insert creating an acceptable bust. I don’t use any adhesive as when the silicone warms it stays in place and lasts the day .

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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Hi Alexa,

      As Angela noted, breast forms/boosters are the most common way crossdressing girls enhance their busts.  You can get them in all different shapes, sizes, and price points.  To a large extent, you do get what you pay for.  The retailers that advertise on CDH generally sell good quality products.  If you want something that looks very realistic and will last years of regular use, it’s going to cost you some $$$.  If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend buying cheaper forms until you figure out what shape and size works best.

      Now if you’re looking for a permanent solution, there’s only one good option – prescription HRT.  That’s something you’ll need to discuss with a doctor.  A gender therapist wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  Don’t waste your money on OTC breast enhancing pills and supplements.  They don’t work.




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        Alexa TB

        Thanks. I’m definitely looking for permanent solutions.

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      So you are serious about transitioning to female? Permanently? You should be talking to your doctor that understands HRT, and get a good therapist. If this is just a desire or nice thought and you plan on going back a d forth between genders, get yourself some breast forms, maybe one pair of triangle and one pair of tear drop. Then get some butt pads in panties if you have no butt and off you go. Remember if your goal is to pass as a woman, don’t overdo it, otherwise you end up looking like a lion in a herd of zebras.

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      Dance is one to change your body into more feminine and besides it is fun. Second good is to paly an instrument. Girls dance and play instruments and those change your body. As a MTF cross dresser I got positive side effects on the medicine for blocking baldness; first hear grows and second breast grow upto 85B without artificial fillings and I do not want to have bigger than 85C.

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