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      Hi, Jerri,  I have to agree with Holly in many ways.  The article was titled the Psychology of Cross-Dressing, and not the Physiology…  The implication seemed to be that cross-dressing is not just ‘okay’, but that it’s a very normal attitude or desire.  I’m not quite sure I can agree with that, although the reasons given are interesting…just not particularly scientifically supportable.

      Now maybe a lot more men partake in cross-dressing than has ever been reported, but I would suspect that those who speak out against it are still quite numerous, as are those who may be privately disapproving, but are not vocal about it.  My SO and I have a significant number of friends where we now live, and they range pretty much across the political spectrum.  Occasionally, comments regarding cd’s and ts come up and there are a few, oh, maybe slightly snide comments, and definitely a rolling of eyes.  Not so much as people I knew back in 6o’s/70s, as a lot more families now have members who have come out, but there is still barely grudgingly acceptance if even that among those who consider it non-normal.

      From my understanding of the various studies, there still seems to be a debate between ‘nature and nurture’.  I suppose one can find enough (supposed) cases for whatever they want to believe, but, from my lifelong thoughts about myself, my research into my family history, and paying attention to the growing numbers of those who have come out, I personally feel it’s mostly nature.  Some people are just born that way whether it be cross-dressing or going so far as transitioning.

      I suspect someday in the not too distant future, enough studies will have been done to find enough indications in cell division, gestation, etc. etc. to see a mostly physiological basis for genetic disposition (besides of course, susceptibility to various genetic diseases) and eventual ‘cures’ for those (whatever form they take).  And at that time, there will be serious issues that will have to be addressed, and which I suspect will cause major disagreements with how to address the causes, and what if anything should be done.

      It will be great day when genetic diseases are mostly eliminated, but a sad one if non-expected sexual orientation comes to be considered just another curable affliction.

      Hugs, ChloeC

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      Holly Morris
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      Hi Jeri, thanks for posting that article.

      I think it’s a very high-level approach to try and summarize in a few words what cannot ultimately be captured in volumes. As a crossdresser who has denied, fought against, pondered, considered, feared, and ultimately accepted my own trans-gendered state, I think that any article like this that is written by a non-crossdresser (which is what that seems to me to be) really is more an academic or journalistic exercise than anything else. Why do I say thta? Because unless you are a crossdresser and have lived with the demons of trying to understand why you are this way, you can’t really even begin to understand what it is to be a crossdresser, much less understand what drives us, so how can you truly write about it?

      This article seems to focus on the obvious aspects of crossdressing (the sensations of wearing women’s clothing, the excitement of seeing ourselves as a woman in the mirror, etc.) without delving into the real reasons that drive us. But nowhere does it go deeper. It tries to appear deep, by associating crossdressing with classic literature, but fails in that association. This is merely a superficial treatment of an incredibly deep and complex topic that even those of us who do crossdress still don’t understand.

      So yes, it’s good that this article presents a positive spin on crossdressing, but the title of the article is very misleading as it does not really go into the psychology of anything.



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      Thanks Jerri for posting the article, it resonated some for me. I have always been curious by nature and I feel that has been a driving factor to my desires but I don’t think exclusively.


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      Sandy Honey
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      I have been wearing some form of women’s clothing since I was a little boy. When I think about why I sense that it is not a sexual thing for me. When I put on my first pair of panties that my mom bought for me I felt complete, like my body was waiting for just that to feel correct. Like now when I’m dressed completely and walking in public as Sandy I feel like I am finally correct. We all have our reasons, some known to each of us and some just a mystery.

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      I think yes, definitely. I’ve stated several times since ive joined this site that being closer to the feminine experience is one of the things that inspires my dressing. Emulating what I admire and want to find out more about makes sense from that standpoint.
      Speaking for myself only, the sexual aspect of it is always hard to pin down. Is it the excitement or thrill of doing it, getting caught, or the feeling of the way the clothes move or feel? Other then general curiosity of how it would feel, the being with a man part doesn’t do it.  I know the sexual part of it was more in play when I was younger, and is quite a bit less as I get older.  If my wife was more willing that would probably change that a little bit more as well.
      What I like about some of these articles is that, for me anyway, there always seems to be something relevant to my why. It might not hit on all of it, but it might also expound on something else I’ve felt and added a little depth to it if that makes sense. Good article in that regard.

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      I read the article twice and it does not resonate with me. There is no mention that we are “hard wired” this way and it is part of who we are.

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        I dress and present as a female as its the best version of myself, I never made a very good male and have far too many feminine features to stay as a male, so after trying to be someone and something I could never achieve, I decided to present full-time as a female and not looked back as I enjoy life so much as I love making myself look beautiful and being soft and feminine as it suits me. So glad I made that decision. X

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      Lara Tucker
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      Thanks Jerri,

      I think this was a good article. Although there is a purely sexual element to it for me, I  would say more than 90% it’s something else. I think maybe this helped a little for me to figure some feelings out.


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      interesting article. It does make sense, but they also did not address the sexual part of dressing up.

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        Jerri Newman
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        Yes I agree. It is mostly a sexual thing for me.

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      Liara Wolfe
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      Thanks for sharing.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Araminta Purdy
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      The article you link to is better than many and at least touches on the fundamentals of the stimuli and motivations for cross-dressing an the natural reactions to cross-dressing.

      Two things that might be added is that it isn’t really ‘cross-dressing’ but just dressing Many people do it, many people do not. The objective, in part, is to be feminine but also to be beautiful.

      The second thing is that it is not abnormal, all that unusual or pathological for anyone to wish to be feminine and attractive regardless of their sex.That is why the often overwhelming feelings of discovery and revelation in initial stages Some prefer to transition between genders as occasion and circumstances allow with varying frequency.


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      Betty Rockwell
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      I was just talking about this with my husband last weekend! I have had the pleasure of talking with many of the lovely ladies on this site and I am finding many commonalities. One such commonality is that women are on a pedestal in the mind of many crossdressers. They view women as beautiful, perfection, idealistic, and want to experience that for themselves. It is quit flattering when thought of in this way.

      Betty 🦄

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        Jeannie Jones
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        It is always to get a gg’s perspective. Thanks for sharing

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