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      Alexa TB

      Hi all.


      Just wanting to know what everyones favourite clothing is.


      Mine is easily a ballgown style of dress. Feels delightful. Closely followed by lycra dance outfits.

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Skinny jeans or leggings.  So comfy and practical for most activities. I can dress them up with a nice top or heels.  They’re my go-to most days.

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      Great question Alexa!

      I have to agree with Emily on leggings.  Although I probably have more dresses, a close second place.  In which case, I would say my fav dress in my blue velvet wrap dress.

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      I’m with Emily on leggings and I love my yoga pants which are easily dressed up or down with tops depending on what I’m doing. I have over 40 tops now to choose from, I’m addicted!


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Hi Alexa my favourite clothing are my dresses, I could give up some of my clothes but not my favourite dress it’s white with flowers all over it, I think there is a picture of it in my public photos if you want to look X

      Hugs Rozalyn X

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      Tights with a mini skirt and either a sweater or a cute top. Short dresses are also a fave of mine.

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      Peta Mari

      Tights in cooler weather. Skirts all year round.

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      For me it would have to be pantyhose and a denim skirt. Skinny jeans with hose and heels.

    • #712343

      A dress.

    • #712358

      For me, long 3/4-sleeve dresses and veils.  i love the modest, romantic look.

    • #712375

      A sweater shawl over a comfy dress.  It’s snowing here again!

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      Caty Ryan

      Classy cocktail/formal evening wear/mother of the bride ensembles.

      Ranging from full length with train evening gowns through to 3 piece ensembles. Skirt/jacket/cami.

      For “going public” either skirt blouse and drop waist cardigan or the “Clever Secretary” black 2 piece suit with white blouse. Black tights and 2″ black block heels



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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      A fitted dress that zips up the back.

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      Mine is a fitted dress that shows the curves, and somewhat short to show those legs.  But, I may be getting too old for that look any more.  I do prefer dresses with zippers in the back, because pull overs just mess up the hair and makeup.

      • #712402

        Sounds like a great look and you are never too old to show off some leg gf.

    • #712425

      Denim. Skirts, jeans and shorts.

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      J J

      Since we seem to be talking outerwear, a LBD without a doubt. Of course all that goes with it is a must…sexy lingerie and stockings, wig, make up and black high heels.

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      1) women’s one piece racing/training swimsuits.  The nice tight/snug feeling of the suit is simply heavenly.  No words can describe the feeling when wearing one.  I have a huge collection of suits, and looking to add to the collection each and every day.

      2) pencil skirts just above the knee.  I have a closet full of skirts, and most of them are pencil style and above the knee.  Paired with a short/no sleeve blouse, and it is a simple yet sexy combination.

    • #712481

      Pencil skirts and lace top stockings are my favorites

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      Fiona Black
      Baroness - Annual

      1. Cocktail & formal dresses.
      2. Short-ish lightweight bright summer dresses.
      3. Bras w/forms, nylon panties, slip, stockings & garter belt.

      Love ’em all!


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      My favorite clothing is nearly everything that is sold in the women’s section.

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        That goes for me too Brittney. Everything! Having said that, with it being winter where I live, I am mostly in jeans & leggings, so they must be favourites at this time.

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      Full Victorian style wedding dress,  full veil, long silver earrings, long leg knickers ,  and lots of petticoats !

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      Victoria’s Secret corset tops with garter set.

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      Calf-length or longer cocktail or formal dress with slightly puffed shoulders and 3/4 length sleeves, with a matching veil.

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      I am, without a doubt, a dress and skirt girl.  Though the style would generally be dependent on the occassion, my choice would be causual or professional styles.  And while I have a few dresses that are among my favorites, I do not have a specific favorite.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      A wonderfully flowing dress with gartered stockings and a slip. Am I overdressed when I go to the grocery store? Yes, for sure! Do I care? Well, less and less every day!!

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      I simply love a sexy dress.

      Hugs, Liara

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        Yes Laura Evey girl loves dresses also omg being a woman finally I have over 25: dresses and still feel I need more I used to shop at dress Barn for years so sad they closed there stores all the woman were so so supportive of my transition they said be yourself and forget all the negative stuff they were so so wonderful

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      I am a dress girl, thus into dresses of all sorts as they are easy to wear, classic feminine and comfortable. My usual go-to type are knee-length wrap and business style dresses, coupled with a cute handbag and – depending the season and environment – a pair of pumps, flats or dress boots. I of course also love wearing beautiful summer dresses, and depending where I go, with medium to high heel party-type or wedge sandals.

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      Hi Alexa
      Most of my girls clothes is my favourite but do love my panties and thongs because I underdress most days, but do love to wear a skirt and leggings when I have the opportunity.

    • #713271

      My favorite pice of clothing is a gourgous bra with match paint a a beautiful pair of pantihose just love the feeling of it.nice. And tight the better

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      Joanne V

      Hi Alexa,

      Mine is the secretary look and my most favourite is the maid look.

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      Hi Alexa,  My favorite is a black wiggle or cocktail dress with heels but most of the time you will just see me in jeans and a T with runners.   Thanks for this interesting question.  Marg

    • #713325

      Mine would be a corset. Just love the restrictiveness like getting a permanent hug.

      • #713943

        I just tried one for the first time. I wholeheartedly agree with your take on it. Plus the look is pretty nice too!

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        Yes, I adore Victoria’s Secret corset bra tops with matching garter.

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      For years I’ve been a skirt girl. Mixing and matching skirts with different tops is so enjoyable. But lately I’ve take. To wearing leggings with sweaters and oversized tops.
      the wife is away this weekend so this afternoon it’ll be black leggings with my Eagles Jersey for the big game! Black booties and all the cute stuff on underneath.
      GO 🦅

      Natalie 💋💋💋

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      Patty Phose

      Fpr me, it’s always been pantyhose.

    • #713375

      First…..a nice bra and matching panties. Love the feel of tights and leggings too

      • #714125

        I agree. Nothing sexier than a matching bra and panty set!


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      In my early days it was pantyhose, tights and bodysuits or leotards and full bodyshapers they   were the best ever, and now it’s still pantyhose and such but have become a huge fan leggings and always with knee hi’s to get some color.

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      A leather skirt. I love the feel of wearing one.

    • #713935

      Miniskirts are my favorite 💜

    • #713942

      Leggings, bodycon, and pencil skirts. Recently though I tried just a pleated skirt and oversized sweater – breaking with my typical – and wow do I love them. So maybe my response should be… my favorite clothes are…evolving?

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      karley delaware
      Baroness - Annual

      Hi……………I like skater dresses …….they are light …….love the thin shoulder straps………………easy to cover over with a sweatshirt and pants ……. be a girl when I am out driving …………………love the feel of my pony tail on the open back…………………….and how the dress rides up when sitting to show my legs!!!  K

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      Hi Alexa
      I have always loved Corselettes I do love getting in a a Skirt and Blouse, I just love the feel and I also have a faux fur coat which I love.
      Sarah xx

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      Women’s clothing.


      Probably pencil skirts and blouses, but I love sweaters when it’s cool. I also love swimwear, though I don’t look that great in it.

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      Emily Rae

      My favorite day to day is nude pantyhose with some black above the ankle leggings,  lacy black panties, a black sports bra with a cute T-shirt and jacket or front zipper sweatshirt hoodie.. can pull that off in boy or girl mode


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      Tonya Johnson
      Duchess - Annual

      My go to outfit (that my wife loves) is a short skirt or dress with heels to show my legs.

      ❤️ Tonya

    • #715852

      Hi Ladies,

      Just about any article of women’s clothing. Although my favorites are panties, panty hose, bras, dresses and heels.


    • #715866

      My custom cut booty shorts. 9 pairs and counting, all cut and tailored exactly the same specific to how I need them to be to achieve a feminine appearance and tuck. Boy parts don’t hang out or are ever visible even with basically a g-string amount of material in between. Very custom.

    • #715971
      Luci Star

      Personally I find business atire to be heavenly, there is something about the cut that just works so well for me. I also work from home during the day so it allows me to be productive and enfemme at the same time 😊

    • #715999

      I had to chuckle when reading this thread 🙂

      Not because of the replies, but because as I read them I couldn’t help thinking ‘Oh yes, me too!’ lol

      I ended up wondering whether I actually do have a favourite item of clothing after all! However I think that of all the wonderful clothes available to our girly selves, it would be glossy, sheer-to-waist tights (sorry, pantyhose😜) that I would have to choose. It was tights that got me into dressing in the first place and they are the one item of clothing that I always wear.

    • #716002

      For me it’s denim skirts  any length ant style

    • #772304

      Hi Emily,

      Mine is a stay home wife from the 1950’s.

      A nice house dress, 2 inch heels, stockings with a garter belt, corset or all in bra/girdle, full slip, and of course a full h-back apron to keep my outfit clean.

      Full make up and a strawberry curly wig to finish off the ensemble.



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      For me it’s tights/pantyhose.I have been wearing them since I was twelve.My favourites are black opaque and sheer ten denier.In the next life,I want come back as a pretty and leggy hosiery model.

    • #772357

      Definitely pantyhose for Dotty .I find them very comfortable and I love how they give my legs a polished look

    • #772381

      Dear Alexa,

      I love dresses. I adore dresses. I revere dresses.

      Glamourously with a handful of lace,

      The bluest belladonna

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      Hi Alexa,

      For me, it would have to be an elegant cocktail dress, with stockings and strappy heels along with a glass of champers to complete the look and welcome the weekend.


    • #773002

      My favorite everyday clothes are leggings, a sports bra and a tank top. It’s really practical and something I can wear as I do my daily activities and errands. Having said that, I’m really a dress girl. I love to wear a nice dress, with stockings and high heels. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all that often since there aren’t all that many events in my life style that call for it. Sometimes I think it would be great to have a job as Lauren where I could dress like this for the job. Anyone know a nice day spa or clothing shop that needs a receptionist or sales woman?

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      Love,love, love my gurl jeans, that’s all I wear including capris. Now starting to wear blouses but shoes are my favs too!

    • #773472

      lingerie and swimsuits


    • #773508


      pour ma part c’est la jupe moyenne celle descend au genoux , quelle soi en pvc ou en tissu j’ai toujours aimer les jupes .mais aussi les robes j’aurai plus tendance a porter des jupes ainsi avec des bas et des talons c’est mieux. et la porter avec un chemisier à manche longue , ou avec un body , ou bien un petit haut et un pull à cause de l’automne .

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      Nicki Johnson
      Baroness - Annual

      I love a pretty cocktail dress with strappy sandals. Second would be leggings with a cute top or sweater.

    • #773519

      I love my black cocktail dress from my most recent photo. I just feel so feminine wearing it.

    • #773531

      With me it’s definitely cardigans.

    • #773534

      For me I’d have to go work skin tight jeans or shorty shorts I love how they make my but look.  Close second would me pencil skirts the tighter the better.

    • #773536

      Pretty heels!

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