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    Paula F
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    Okay, we have several topics about our panties, and yes they are very important to each of us for different reasons.  But, It is our brassiere that shows the world the shape we have worked so hard to attain and maintain.  They hug us and hold us and keep us warm at times.

    So let’s hear what your favorite style of bra is.  Do you like smooth cups or ones covered in lace, or just lace on the straps and band?  Contrasting lace, complimentary lace, multi colored?  Full coverage, balconette, push up, sports, or even those vintage, cone shaped, bullet proof ones from the 40′ and 50’s.


    For me, I love the lacey cups and straps.  It can contrast with the main color of the bra, or be the same, but being there is what is important to me and tells me “yes, you are a babe.”  Most of my bras are full coverage, but I have almost all the different styles to wear also, from smooth t-shirt bras to uplifting balconette and half cups.  My all time favorite bra in my life was my very first one.  It was one of my sister’s trainers that she tried to throw away as she grew through puberty.  Just feeling that little bra holding me around my chest, even though there was nothing there, let me know that I was finally a true girl.



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     Charmagne Stewart 
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    I’m definitely partial to bralettes.  They are so comfortable, and if I get them one size small, they keep my breast forms nice and snug.  Plus they are great for underdressing.

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     Meghan M 
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    I have to go with a lacy bralette.  Super comfy, cute as hell, and they usually lay flat if you’re in guy mode and want to be discreet about wearing one.



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    Hello Paula,                 My bras are all non padded & non underwired. They are a full cup with lace trim or full lace covered, & are UK size 38B. I wear simple white cotton bras for normal day wear, then the lace ones for going out & about. Most are white, couple of black ones & one pink one. Not having any breast shape underneath, I use some padding to make me more femine. Yes I like my bras, but I still love my knickers the best.

    love,   Helenmarie

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     Cynthia Marie 
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    I absolutely adore the bullet bra. I want one so bad I can taste it. I love love love the pointed breasts silhouette that they create. Lately I’ve become extremely obsessed with creating a 1950s sweater girl look for myself. I am on a mission to become a sweater girl. Channeling Jane Russell and Jayne Mansfield for inspiration.

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     Michelle Hansen 
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    I like my bras to be seamless and full coverage with underwires.  As a 38ddd, I do need a good bra.

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     Caty Ryan 
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    When wearing my breast forms, lacy underwires in any colour except white…. Boring!!!!

    Full cup styles are lovely too, especially when I wear one of my larger pair of C cup forms.

    Favorite brands are “Fayrefrom Coral” and Simone Perele (on clearance).

    When not wearing forms “Mona” 16a bra by Amoena. The strap design is such they dont ride down from my ‘little “t’s”





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    I love a nice lacey half cup bra. If I’m feeling particularly naughty, I’ll wear a shelf bra.
    (NO coverage at all, just holding my girls up good & high!) 😉

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     Rozalyne Richards 
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    I love lacey bra’s in contrasting colours, you know like red bra’s with black lace on, or black bra’s with red lace on, i also like flowery bra’s too in all different colours x

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     Heather Hansen 
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    I like the add-a-cup bras the best in a full coverage. I don’t have to use forms to look good, but sometimes I will put in forms from Walmart for that little extra. Most are lacy but I like smooth also. I get most of them from Ross or the clearance racks at Macy’s or Kohl’s. I’m able to wear a bra everyday, which is wonderful.

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     Leah Santini 
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    If I’m dressing formally, that is, out and about where I’ll be interacting with people, I use a pocket bra because it holds things together better (like someone just said up above).   If I’m just casually dressing around the house for my own pleasure, I have several Bralettes I use with partial forms.  They slip on over my head easier and stay in place, plus I can also use them for underdressing as they don’t show much when not filled with forms.


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     winny jones 
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    I like full coverage pocket bras when wearing forms. The forms stay in place better if I lie down or bend over. I do have a few regular bras in molded cup and soft cup styles that work well also. Would like to find a retro style pointy bra in my size.

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     J J Johnson 
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    I depends on if am are seeing or being seen. My favorite style is a sheer and lacy balconette. They look fantastic on my wife with her nearly perfect B cup breasts. Since I don’t fill a balconette properly I tend to wear bralettes or some underwire bras that don’t take much to fill the cups. If I wear forms, then I want a ful coverage bra that hides the edges, but is still sheer and lacy.

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     K Swim 
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    It is rare for me to wear anything else except swimsuits (one piece, not bikini), but when I do, I wear a sports bra.

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     Nicole Box 
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    I always seem to go for my Bali flower power underside bras. I have them in 32d and 34c. They hold my forms perfectly and I love how femmine they look.  My second choice is my Bali lace and smooth underside bras.

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    I only have a few but i am inlove with anything lace.
    I have a few tshirt bra wife bought for me, a few padded ones. And what seems to be my favort is my blue lace underwire bra that shows my outline of my forms nipples, makes me feel more girly. And i try to match panties always. Funny thing now is my wife never matches hers untill i keeped telling to. It seems i am more girly in everything i do then her😁. This can be a issue with us at times and other timea she seems to like it!


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    Paula. I love it. When was the transition when looking thru a VS catalogue that we focused on the bra and not the woman wearing it? So, my response will come with a caveat. To date my most comfortable as well as eye catching bras come from 2 vendors. VS (not much imagination there) and ADORE ME. You get what you pay for, although much more expensive is out there. (Un)fortunately I buy enough from VS my coupons and timing of purchases reveals also the girly shopper I am.

    OKAY, never to say in 10 words that can be said in 100.

    First, I should say that 90% of my bras (and YES, I have an absurd # that I can speak in %), are “Add 2 Cups”. I do love cheating!!

    Second, you need to be near sighted at times yo get that front closure and have flexible shoulders to hook the bra from behind. I refuse to hook it in front and rotate it. Hooking your bra and getting your straps just right? It’s a part of the journey.

    T-Shirt Bras: Even before I knew they had to exist I would enviously ogle that swell of breast and want that look. It is the bra. The smooth texture and contour. VS took it a step further in their Body by Victoria and added a very fine lace that also permits the smooth and round swell. Under a sexy T (you are not borrowing your boyfriends for one of these)!!

    For shear beauty (see caveats). It is a girl thing (so take advantage of it) to know that what you are wearing Underneath is also a treasure for that someone who is lucky enough to get to it). At those times when you (or someone) take off your dress or blouse (remember, men DO NOT wear blouses!) or T, you always want THAT bra that in itself is beautiful (as you are). I do like lace and ~ always like all the same color. Your bra should be as pretty and sexy as whatever you wear over it. VS again owns it for me (caveat – add 2 cups).

    Strapless bras. Every wardrobe needs one in black, white and nude/tan/ecru. Buy them now and have them. There are gowns, off shoulder dresses and blouses – you get it.

    And yes, finally, I remember ~ 6 years ago the first time I saw teenaged girls with open backs and bras fully revealed and thought “how inappropriate “ BUT NOW, see the beauty of the back of the bra.

    So, Paula, I could go on and on and… talking about bras (Teddy’s and One-piece body suits next, please please?). I have a group of gurls over from time to time. As gurls tend to be, we are very showy and always have to show off the bra we are wearing. AND, these are usually casual wine and cheese get togethers, Well, I am pleased to say, Gurls will be Girls!

    Kisses and more kisses


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     Aisleyne Stardust 
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    Im wearing a Bralette/Knicker sets at the moment, feel comfortable in them and was wearing them under regular clothes when went out earlier in the week see how I felt.

    Im waiting until I have my cleavage to get more traditional styles which should be soon so I can add more then!

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     Cynthia Hughes 
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    It depends on what I am doing really.  If I am just underdressing I will reach for a soft cup bra but if I am going all out it would be a padded bra as I find they really help with my profile when my forms are used.

    Of course, the bottoms always match and there is a ton of lace.


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    I love the sports type that hugs you and you can put inserts when you want! The other thing i like about them i can wear them during the day under my man clothes!! I usually try to wear matching bra and panties! Then I look at women and try to guess that I have sexier lingerie then they have on! I love all colors!!


    Love Tami ❤️❤️❤️

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