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    Zoe Peru
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    Hi.  Thought it would be fun to talk about our favorite things to wear and why?  For me, it’s nylons/pantyhose.  I just love the silky feel of hosiery and the subtle swooshy sound when your rub your legs together.  I particularly like the really glossy hose that make your legs pop.  Z

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     johanna lynch 
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    my favorite is lingerie too sexy !!

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    Hello Zoe,    My favourite item are knickers [panties], I always wear them, cotton/nylon/ frilly what ever. They are so much a feminine thing that you feel lovely all the time. Wear them with tights as well & its such a lovely feeling on your legs you are in heaven, [ well Crossdresser Heaven anyway].

    love,  Helenmarie

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     daina gurlee 
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    Thanks for the question, Zoe! I love a skirt, preferably a soft peasant skirt on freshly shaved legs. Heavenly.

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    My favorite female items of clothing is short skirts and thigh high stockings
    Next is tight fitting jeans worn with heels
    It just depends on how I’m feeling as to what I wear and to how much of me I want people to see

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    Pantyhose, or tights as us Brits call them, a long flowing skirt, preferably pleated, silk blouse and lingerie that includes a tiiiight panty-girdle. B cup boobies. Sometimes a long dress. X

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    Panties, every day. Love wearing them. At home when I’m lounging; skirt and a top, or a dress. Simple and easy.

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    My absolute favorite outfits are silk blouses, matching lace bra & panty set, knee length (often shorter) skirts, garter belt & stockings, with heels, & my signature RED lipstick!
    (A girl’s got to be ready for anything at the office!)  😉

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     Laura Lovett 
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    I have a short yellow skater dress from Atmosphere that I adore. That and my nude court shoes from New Look – this is not only pleasing to see, but the material is so gossamer thin and silky and tremendously comfortable to boot.

    Think it’d look great with boots too!



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    With out a doubt.. Skirts! Knee length mostly but also mid and maxi . I love the mix and match possibilities , and with a smallish wardrobe that helps this gurl out. Heels are probably second. When I’m getting dressed and at the end slip on my pumps the feeling is just wonderfully feminine and fantastic . I won’t forget lingerie , but that’s a given. What girl doesn’t enjoy the soft , silky , girly feel of our undies!



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     Rebecca Shields 
    Registered On: January 1, 2018
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    I have tried many dresses but just not sure they ever look right

    for me a nice short skirt (not too short) with dark tights and some ankle boots look best in me

    will be experimenting with skinny jeans and jeggings this year

    just live shopping for clothes now I am not in the menswear section

    just need @anna123 to join me.


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     Jennifer Love 
    Registered On: October 11, 2018
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    Mmm, I love a very soft ensemble, very cute satin panties and stockings.  Nothing beats the feel for me when I cross my legs, the nylon silkily rubbing.  A pretty bra and cute peignoir and I am set for a lounging around day.

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     Caty Ryan 
    Registered On: August 27, 2017
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    A lacy underwire bra for me is the most feminine thing I can wear, simply cos with my forms adhered to my chest and inserted in the bra its about the closest I’ll ever get to being female. Closely followed by my shoulder  length strawberry blonde wig.

    I also enjoy stockings and garter belts as they are quite feminine as well




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     Bren Whyme 
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    Hi Girls,

    This is a hard one for me, I love all female clothing. But I go nuts for sexy heels . No higher than 5″ maximum a 3″ minimum. Sexy heels look so good when I were a dress, skirt or Jean’s. They make me feel so feminine and sexy . A sexy pair of CFM’s I cannot pass up, if they fit, I will buy

    Hugs, Brenda

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     Charmagne Stewart 
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    Definitely suntan pantyhose.  I call them my security blanket.  Bralettes come in second.

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     Natalie Taylor 
    Registered On: December 10, 2018
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    Good morning ladies,

    my favorite thing to wear is always in flux. But I’d have to say it’s mainly skirts. Pencil or A line . Most are just above the knee, I adore seeing my legs in hosiery from my knees down to my pumps. But lately I’ve been digging deep in my collection and wearing dresses I haven’t worn in sometime. I have to say though that everything starts with panties . If I’m underdressing (everyday) and the only feminine item I’m wearing are panties .. I’m still a happy girl!



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      More important than clothing for me is freshly waxed legs.  Add a nighty and silk sheets and you can’t beat the feeling of sliding under the covers with no hair on your legs.  I’m don’t even like stockings when my legs are smooth I just prefer to show them off and have nothing covering them.  Next to that I really enjoy a sexy top.

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        Yes!!! I’m not much for hose, I prefer my legs bare. If I go with hose, I prefer thigh highs in nude or black (depending on the outfit of course).

        Mini dresses and playsuits are a fave, but mostly I like my denim cutoffs and sports bra when just lounging at home.

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     Fiona-Ann Moss 
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    Hi Zoe. For me its always Skirts! I melt, they are my weakness! nothing longer than knee length though. Worn with Black stockings or tights, really enhance the way your legs look 🙂 . I prefer short, preferably A-line types, in Reds, Pinks or Blues. Tartan skirts are great along with Checked skirts. A close second is pyjama wear or nightwear 🙂 .

    Fiona xxx

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     Roxanne Lanyon 
    Registered On: November 11, 2018
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    I adore thigh highs, honey.  I think the lace tops simply scream “Girl” to me!

    I love hearing that scream!

    Roxanne Lanyon

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    My favorite things to wear are pantyhose and a nice dress to my thighs or knees.  If no dress, a skirt, silk top, and lace bra.  Pantyhose still a given.

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