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      Marie Chandler
      Registered On: June 29, 2020
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      I like perfume, but I don’t wear it. When I was younger, I knew girls that wore Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Chanel’s Coco. Both are scents that take me back in time like no other. Love them both! I wish they still gave out those little tester bottles at the department stores.

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      Amanda Woods
      Registered On: November 26, 2019
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      There was one my mother wore years ago called poison, wonderful smell. I need to try to find it again. Currently i use white diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor also wonderful smelling

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      Kandace Kussen
      Registered On: January 5, 2023
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      Watermelon Lemonade body spray in spring/summer and Fig and Brown Sugar fall/winter body spray. Both from Bath and Body Works. Theres a few more but I’ll go with those !

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      Jill Lacey
      Registered On: December 25, 2022
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      I wear little anymore. No one seems to wear it. I have for years now worn Chanel  no. 5 perfume. I originally wore Chanel No. 9 but it was discontinued some time ago. I still wear it, not often.  Maybe I will hook up with Meghan for an evening out  to the theatre and we can clear the joint.

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      Sofía Alejandra Hurtado Espinoza
      Princess - Annual
      Registered On: January 5, 2022
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      Hi girls,
      My favorite perfume aromas are floral and sweet, they make me feel very feminine and I love to smell them, I also like citrus aromas but without a doubt floral and sweet aromas are my favorites, specially the Hello Woman of Mirage
      Greetings to all girls

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      Tommie Sullivan
      Registered On: December 21, 2022
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      Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds. I also just got Passion and I like it as well



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      Ashley Konners
      Registered On: August 15, 2020
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      Well perfume is fairly new to me but I do love smelling it on me. I’ve always loved Eternity and my wife gave me a bottle she hadn’t finished but lately I’ve been using Alfred Sung and another called irresistible.

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      Jamie Johnson
      Registered On: July 22, 2022
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      Escape by Calvin Klein. So pretty!

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      Registered On: June 13, 2018
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      Hani More is my go to

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      Kara McNally
      Registered On: November 8, 2022
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      Don’t enjoy any fragrance that is too strong or too sweet. I generally buy gift sets of Victoria Secrets fragrance mists (8.4 oz. bottles) every Christmas. The sets usually include: Love, Bombshell, Heavenly, Bare, Tease, Very Sexy. Spray some on every morning before I put on my bra and panty.

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      Jessica Velasquez
      Registered On: January 26, 2023
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      Ii really like flowerbomb or juicy couture very sweet and flirty

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      Lorraine Lowry
      Registered On: January 2, 2023
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      Don’t use much perfume but like Jessica McClintock and wind song in body powders, both very light scent.  My favorite perfume was ambush, a cheap one no longer made.  On my lady, it was irresistible!

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      Bianca Everdene
      Registered On: April 11, 2017
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      YSL Black Opium. Love it, my first real perfume.
      B x

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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      Most perfumes give me an allergy attack.  Especially flowery ones.  If I were to wear one, it would have to have a very light scent.

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      Lanna Barton
      Registered On: May 25, 2017
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      My favorite perfume was Navy. But unfortunately it’s been discontinued.  Now I use  Obsession.


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      Meghan Brandice
      Registered On: April 15, 2022
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      Don’t wear any, the several times I did, once at a CD support meeting and another at our concert hall for a philharmonic concert the people sitting close to me had to get up and move, it was too strong and making them sneeze🤨😤

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        Fiona Black
        Baroness - Annual
        Registered On: November 23, 2019
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        Funny story Meghan!!

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        Jill Lacey
        Registered On: December 25, 2022
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        Lmao, oh .I can just see it now.  Lol probably had a shitty attitude anyway.  Lol


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      Megan Taupe
      Registered On: January 1, 2023
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      Clinique Happy. Fruity and gently floral. A definitely relaxing scent. And it lasts. Makes me feel so girly. So me.




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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      My transformation to Wendy wouldn’t be complete until I spritz perfume.

      To be specific I only use perfume marketed towards women, so that way it will round out my femme self.

      I prefer candy/sweet smelling scents.   For example, Sweet like Candy/Thank U Next (and 2.0) by Ariana Grande has this sweet candy like scent.  I think Thank u Next 2.o has abit of a marshmallow scent to it on top of the sweet smell.

      By far Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears is one of my faves for sweet smelling perfumes.  It isn’t candy smelling but very sweet, and very feminine.  Kinda like a ripe sweet smelling fruit mixed with sugar.

      Rounding out the list is citrus scents.  A hint of citrus is also one of my faves.   Incredible Things by Taylor Swift is a perfect example of a perfume with a hint of citrus.   I would say it is more on the orange citrus scent than lemon/lime citrus scent.



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      Lauren Mugnaia
      Registered On: November 1, 2021
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      Hi Fiona-Ann,
      My current favorite perfume is ‘Si’ by Giorgio Armani. It is called a Chypre fragrance and is a Fruity fragrance for women. I love it but wish it lasted a bit longer, I spritz it on in the morning on my way out the door to head to work but can’t smell it at the end of my shift.


      Ms. Lauren M

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        Fiona-Ann Moss
        Registered On: October 7, 2018
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        Hi Lauren, yes its normal for some perfumes to last longer than others. Generally the Eau De Parfum is better than Eau De Toilett owing to concentration but this isnt always so because some ingredients naturally stay around for longer than others, in fact ive had cheap perfume last all day and expensive ones that last a few hours!! Thanks for your reply xx

        Fiona xx

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