What is your favourite season for dressing up?

Favourite Seasonal Fashion

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    Alyssa Blair Harris
    Registered On: July 2, 2020
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    Do you enjoy dressing in one season more than the others? Maybe its a style thing or you just get the urge more at certain times of the year? I always see myself as a bit of an autumn girl. Whenever this time of year comes around, the urge to dress grows stronger and there’s nothing better than those autumnal colours and layers: boots, pantyhose of all colours and different styles, sweaters. I just love the colours at this time of year!

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      Registered On: October 31, 2020
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      My pick would be the cooler months. Fall to Spring, that’s like August-June here and in July the S.O. keeps the thermostat set at “Winter”.  So I’ll keep the leggings and sweaters close all year.

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      kim dones
      Registered On: May 28, 2018
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      all seasons mostly summer short shorts minis tank tops show off

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      Rachel Cross
      Registered On: October 13, 2020
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      summer of coarse. high heel sandals with painted toes, mini skirts, bare legs with a tan. toe rings, anklets and pierced bellybutton. short shorts, fish net shirts, bikinis. its all about showing what you got. everything looks better with a tan. i might be old but i’m not dead.

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      Robyn Devine
      Registered On: October 24, 2020
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      Being from Phoenix AZ, Autumn thru Spring.  You can wear all your nicer stuff and not worry about sweating to death.  Like Grace Scarlett, tights and boots and warm sexy stuff. I also like what Caty Ryan said, I wear pants and jeans all the time, if Im dressing, Im doing it up…skirts, heels etc.

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      Paula F
      Registered On: August 7, 2019
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      Autumn is my favorite time.  The colors and fabrics can be worn much longer through the latter part of the year than about any other season.  Spring is my second.

      For me, it’s more about the color choices and patterns than anything.  I like the ‘earthy colors’ as pretty much my favorite blend of choices, plus you can sneak in a little of late summer or early winter wear in the mix too.


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      Registered On: October 22, 2015
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      Winter is the best for myself, hip pads shape wear all works best in the winter

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      Laura Jane Moore
      Registered On: July 10, 2020
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      I like the coziness of winter….. snuggling in my negligee by a fireplace with a brandy in hand dreaming of being held closely and kissed by my lover who is due any minute….. OK, so I worked a fantasy in my answer… but I do like the winter holidays and the dressing opportunities…..

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      stephanie plumb
      Registered On: November 17, 2018
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      Summer. In the UK its sometimes quite warm and doesn’t rain all the time.

      I like to wear as little as possible, but lets not go there. Strappy, floaty summer dresses are my favourite, and tank tops and flimsy blouses with mini skirts, and short skater dresses.

      I wear all of the above well into the autumn too, until it begins to look “situation inappropriate” and everyone switches to leggings and boots.  A few girls still wear skirts so I am not the only one.

      Stephanie P

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      Linda Lee
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      Thanks for your message I agree and as a woman  I would  never wear pants like a “guy” would  never wear a dress

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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      late Autumn through until mid spring. Too hot otherwise down here in southern “Oz”

      Over the years I’ve built up an extensive wardrobe, (both inner and outer wear) for the above time periods.I underdress in heavy tights, panties cami and aa cupbra almost every day and at night, just change the tights to a lighter denier.

      When Caty gets to go “public” its always in a skirt or dress, none of this pants rubbish. I wear them as a male all the time…

      One of my favorite outfits is the “clever secretary” on her lunch break. Black skirt, jacket, tights and low heels. White blouse under the jacket…

      Happy dressing






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      Emily Alt
      Registered On: August 24, 2019
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      I voted winter.  It’s the only time of year in Southern California when I can be reasonably sure it won’t be uncomfortably hot.  When I used to live in the Northeast, autumn was my favorite season.

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      Mary Ann Summers
      Registered On: April 29, 2020
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      Autumn!!! My fall wardrobe covers a multitude of sins…

      Hugs, Mary Ann


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      Michelle Bailey
      Registered On: July 17, 2020
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      I voted autumn and winter ,I look forward to be able to wear undies inc bras ,pantyhose , stockings and suspender belts  ,I can go out for walks hiding my bras under a couple of layers but the other important thing I can use or wear my lovely forms .I’am getting used to wearing some of my bras without forms ,with just my natural breasts (chest ) and my nipples visible under them ,and of course ‘play’ with them which I love to do in secret .

      I suppose for me as a person spring and summer are the best times of year ,but as a closest dresser they will limit what I can do during my cd times ,full undies before anybody else in the house gets and then after breakfast and the rest of  the day just my panties which I will make sure I continue to do .

      Michelle  xx


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      Sazza Symons
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      Not really a fan of summer. Wearing a wig in the hot weather is pretty sweaty and uncomfortable.

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      Grace Scarlett
      Registered On: July 26, 2020
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      I like them all really, so many variations, so many different outfits but…..

      I do love Autumn into winter because I’m a leggings/ boots girl at heart. Ok, I cannot wear my beloved Heels ( safely), but that’s the only downside….I love crisp days with big scarves and hats, over the knee boots or furry ankle boots and coloured leggings…and…..omg, don’t get me going…..

      grace ❤️ ❤️

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      Samantha Roarke
      Registered On: April 17, 2019
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      I love dressing in cooler weather so I don’t just sweat my makeup off!


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      Amanda Burton
      Registered On: January 15, 2020
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      Definitely the summer, so much fashion to buy and wear out,  or in  the garden. Beautiful summer skirts and dresses, footwear too,blouses and T’shirts, shorts etc. Top up the tan, fabulous time of the year.

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      Ria Freichuk
      Registered On: June 6, 2020
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      I picked winter as I like leggings and camisoles and bulky sweaters which make it so pleasurable to underdress in. Of course I can also enjoy freshly shaved legs in thigh highs and skirts too.

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      Linda Lee
      Registered On: October 18, 2020
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      My favorite time to dress is autumn so that it is comfortable to wear nylons and camisoles under my sweater and pants it is dark early so you can venture out dressed  with a mack on and be more  discreet also its Halloween so I feel more comfortable shopping for new outfits at the consignment stores and plus size ladies shops

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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      I picked winter.  Summer gets way too hot to wear a wig; add on silicone hip/butt pads, and the temps easily escalate.

      In winter, especially if it is super cold, I can wear all that and feel absolutely comfortable without overheating


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