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      Michelle  Last. You have summed it up along with everyone has….. but i have to say it is better feeling than……. christmas day… the best meal….. or even doing your most favourite thing…….. better than anything you could immagine…. ok maybe almost…..



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      It feels like “Me”. I do not own any male clothing, nor have I , since High School.
      (NOBODY needs to know how long that is!) LOL  Seriously, I don’t possess the body for male clothing, nor do I want that type of body. Smelly, hairy, dirty, rough skin,  YUCK!
      The colors & textures of male clothing are enough to send me screaming into the night!
      No, thank you.  I’ll keep my silk blouses, pencil skirts, LBDs, & heels.  🙂

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      I have been crossdressing for years and even today the sound my high heels make when I walk is exhilarating.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      How lucky we girls are here at cdh to have discovered this glorious sensation and those that laugh at us will never experience this human experience

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      I too long for those same sensations too.  It makes feel so feminine.  ❤️❤️

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      Michelle Last
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      Hi Sa*man*tha. I too love the feel of a tight fitting panty girdle or long line bra. I bought my first corset about 18 months ago and wish I had done it sooner.

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      Patty Phose
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      I totally love crossdressing too. I totally agree with everything you said. There is nothing like those feelings and sensations and no other way you can get them.

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      Paula F
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      I have to wear drab for 8 hours a day, both in color and fabric, and it is almost maddening after knowing the sensations that I can get from women’s clothing.  The caressing of a long skirt or dress with a slip underneath as it moves over freshly exfoliated skin encased in stockings and panties.  The firm hug of my bra’s when they are fresh from the laundry, and the soft blouses to secure my look.

      One of my nieces asked me once why I go to such lengths of getting changed into so many layers when she enjoyed her jeans and undies and a good t shirt after she got off work or was just lounging around the house.

      I explained that I too could be just as casual as she liked to be, but that I desired to be as feminine as I could be, to look and feel beautiful and sexy in a way.  I have nothing against casual at all, after all, I am a Texas girl.  But even after so many years (and there are a lot of those) I still revel in seeing myself transformed from the ‘drab’ person, to a glowing and content woman.


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      Bettylou Cox
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      Hi Michelle,

      As my wife and I returned from a move date this afternoon, she asked me why I like to dress as a woman.  I could only answer with generalities.  I love how they look and feel on me, but that’s only a partial answer; my vocabulary isn’t adequate for a full explanation.  Perhaps I should have said that it fulfills a need, but even that seems inadequate.

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      Hi Michelle, there are many, many things I enjoy about presenting in fem, in terms of the clothes one of my biggest keywords is “support” 😁

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      There is not much I can add to your topic as all the previous respondents have already used the adjectives I would’ve shared. What I’d like to share is that as a baby Mom always had me dressed in baby girl satin outfits as I was to be her daughter and no male shower gifts were wanted! I’m told that she dressed me in all those satin items rather than give or throw them away. (They did not have a lot of money in the early 1940’s when I was an infant, born Apr., 1940.) Around 9 or 10 and home alone after school I discovered Mom’s satin (real 1940’s vintage satin) slips, nightgowns and panties. When I slipped on her fabulous long satin nightgown with it’s huge sweeping skirt I had goose bumps all over and almost swooned onto the floor. That feeling and thrill of walking around in it changed me forever. I sleep in long satin nightgowns every night, weather permitting, and 70 years later the thrill of all that satin caressing me all over is still with me!!

      Berta, Mon., September 7, 2020, 4:02 PM EDT

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      Stevie Steiner
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      I have to say I do love the feel of the ” swish ” of a long dress or skirt on freshly shaved legs.  That one sensation us divine.


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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Michelle,

      So very true!  All you describe draws one to cross dressing.  And lest one forget the click clack of those heels and fragrance of our perfume.


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      Lee Ann Rakers
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      Your elegant words describe what I feel when dressed.

      Lee Ann.



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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Why I love crossdressing?  the clothing certainly has an exhilarating effect to one’s feelings and desires to dress up simply or fully. Just to be able to find salvations in life is a blessing so don’t hesitate to discover what makes you happy and comfortable. I enjoy wearing my feminine things and yes that swish of a pretty dress, or a skirt in my hosiery and the clacking of our heels, nothing feels better.🌷

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