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      I Love Ebay …. If you pay attention and buy from sellers with good feedback and a high number of sells . I usually don’t buy from someone who hasn’t sold more than 50 items …. Lots of shoes , dresses , bra’s and panties …. Make up too !!!!! I  bought a corset from Orchard Corset’s last year …. Best one I have ever gotten ….. Good Luck and happy hunting !!!!!

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      Robin Girly
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      • I haven’t bought anything online so far.I like shopping in person.I came close trying to buy some nice dresses but the web site sucked and kept me going in circles.
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      Shreya Shah
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      Would like to buy Veet hair removal cream, which I’m unable to buy from store .

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      Patty Phose
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      Pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, dresses, bras, panties, wigs, breast forms, shoes, makeup. Pretty much everything a girl wants and needs.

      I love store shopping but there is so much online.

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      Michelle Bailey
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      Used to buy all my cd wear at M & S mainly underwear  and then into Boots for cosmetics and pads/liners ,nowadays  I shop on line for nearly all my underwear and arrange to click and collect at a local shop/outlet , still go into Boots for the other items . When I go and click and collect I am normally underdressed  panties , pantyhose ,not yet wearing a bra but that will happen I am sure at some stage .

      Michelle xx

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      Janice Fadden
      Registered On: June 13, 2020
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      There are so many wonderful things available on line. I have purchased almost all of my CD adventure belongings online, except for some makeup and brushes.

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      Britney Summers
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      I have a few things on the way, a wax warmer and package of wax, a hand held mirror to do the job better.  Shaving sucks!

      Otherwise I do all girly stuff orders online. Only some non girly things I need to go out for.

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      Carla Jones
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      I buy about half my clothing on-line and the other in person. I enjoy shopping for my dresses, skirts and tops because I get to try them on. Sometimes on-line will offer some discount that the stores don’t. Shoes are hard to find on-line or in person. Macy’s, Belk’s and Kohls will have great clothing on sale that does not show on their web sites. I love hunting down bargain’s while dressed as Carla. There is just something wonderful about moving up and down the isles finding items to try on. I don’t really buy many clothing items on Amazon, they always seem to be made in China, cheaply made and the size guides rarely are correct.


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      Anna Beth
      Registered On: July 8, 2020
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      I buy most of my CD stuff online. Breast forms, bras, dresses, and whatever.

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      Skyler Connor
      Registered On: May 27, 2020
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      I buy on line and do shopping. I PURCHASED from
      WISH, but not any more. I am careful about where the item originated, if you get my drift. I love
      consignment stores. I always go to Target to the sales area, it is hit or miss.

      Yesterday I was walking through Macys and I was passing through the shoe dept. I went to the Sale rack and lo and behold I picked up a pair of sandals, broken leather, yes leather with a I inch heel for $8.00, originally $65.00. The other pair of shoes are booties for the winter, perfect for the fall with jeans. Original price $55.00 my price was $22.00.

      If I go shopping I generally go 5 or 6 towns ove, so I will not be seen. I go as Sky.


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      Val’sheril Starsong
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      I buy nearly everything online, as for the most part I’m still too shy to do it publicly.  On a more practical level, online shopping is pressure-free so I can really take my time considering options and sizing (which you must consider carefully any time you buy sight unseen).  For the most part I’ve been happy with my purchases.

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      Paula F
      Registered On: August 7, 2019
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      Almost all of my shopping is in person, either in the town I live in or down the road in Amarillo, for my clothing and undies.  When I go to Dallas or Oklahoma City, I always take a spare partially or empty suitcase for my ‘trophies’ to bring home in.  My hotel rooms look like a fashion truck overturned from buying and trying on everything.  The most of what I get online is a little bit of fetish clothing sometimes, and some of the shapewear garments I have really taken a liking to the last few years, like Rago or Valmont.  I do have a weakness for the retro style of lingerie.


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      I don’t do wigs.  I go between a long bob, & a pixie.
      6 years ago, My hair was down to my ass!  It was such a pain caring for it!
      That’s why I go between the bob & the pixie. So much easier to care for, & they’re both adorable!

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      Celeste Starre
      Registered On: June 26, 2018
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      Pretty much anything other than most grocery items and sometimes even that.

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      Erica Lightly
      Registered On: June 5, 2020
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      I buy pretty much everything online, including my feminine clothes.

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      Nick Lacroix
      Registered On: February 3, 2020
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      I always buy my makeup, clothes, and extra stuff online. It’s just soon convenient. You do have to be careful when buying clothes and knowing what size you want though. I personally use breast forms rather than breast enlargement but I do daydream about having my own 🥰

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      Olivia Livin
      Registered On: October 22, 2018
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      I don’t buy online and won’t use self checkout. I like to shop local helping keep people in my community employed so they can in turn afford to hire local trades and enjoy local clubs, bars and eateries.

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      Bettylou Cox
      Registered On: May 26, 2019
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      Hi, Wade

      I would say “wigs”.  You will probably want more than one; and I suggest avoiding the cheap wigs at Amazon.  You can find good wigs at low cost from The Wig Company and Paula Young.

      I have  tried several products, and the only breast enhancer I’ve seen that shows results is the Rx medication I have to take for my BPH.  Soy milk may help, also.


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      Dresses, shoes, bras, panties, tools, I’ve bought guitars online too.
      I’ll buy almost anything online!

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Wade,

      Welcome to CDH.

      Don’t waste your money on creams or any breast enhancement product.  Order a nice pair of breast forms instead.


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