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      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Last week I polled about holiday shopping (Pink Shopping Day) when I decided I needed a new outfit for a Christmas party.  Several shopping excursions later and I was still without an outfit.  What’s a girl to do?  Look in her closet of course!

      Now, my closet is pretty full….bordering on packed.  There isn’t much room left in there.  I’ve “lost” a few things….including 1 cute sequined dress and 2 blingy pantsuits.  Today I found them and one of them WILL get worn to that Christmas party.

      And for all you smart-asses out there that will say I got the cart before the horse….I’ll offer no argument!  Feeble excuses about wanting a new outfit be damned!

      So anyway, this little experience got me thinking….

      I can’t be the only one with a full closet….so full she loses stuff.  So full maybe it’s time for a little pruning?  Let’s hear about yours.

      Edit – after seeing that several girls have HUGE amounts of space for their girly things, I made a couple of changes.  First, I added another option for the enviable girls that basically have a warehouse.  Second, you can change your vote.  You know who you are.


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      My closest is about half of each. To the left is his side and to the right is Allysa. Allysa is slowly taking over the whole space which is typical of a ladie. But this is one one time that I don’t mind a complete take over of the closet. Hugs, Allysa

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      Had to think before answering.  I have a closet in my study where I keep my girly things and I also keep some of my infrequently worn seasonal drab clothes as well.  There is still room for more though.  I need to get a set of those 3 drawer cabinets they sell at WalMart for my panties, bras, stockings/pantyhose and such.  Right now I have them all stuffed in a duffle at the bottom of the closet.  My wig and jewelry boxes are on top of a shelf in the same room.  My shoes are either in their boxes on the same shelf as the jewelry or on the floor.  My make up bag is in a drawer in the bathroom.  My wife is aware of where my things are and it doesn’t create a problem.  If we are having company I just close and lock the door to that room.


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      Love this question Emily. Since coming out to my wife 6/7 years ago I no longer need to hide things all over the house. I now have a second dresser with all my panties, bras & bralettes, camisoles, full and half slips, pantyhose, leggings , and an assortment in the bottom drawer.  My part of the closet is 90% female and 10% male. I also have some shelves in the closet with sweaters, jeans, well just lots of tops that I fold , my makeup case, my accessories and my perfume.  As far as more room while let’s just say I need a few more shelves added.

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      Michelle’s clothes and things are kept hanging in a closet I share with the wife, in a highboy wardrobe with my drabs, and in a hope chest with jewelry and lingerie… oh, and in a duffel in the garage that contains things I don’t wear often. Sounds like I have a ton but really I want/need more of everything! Do we ever get enough fem stuff? I think not.

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      I have most of my dresses in the guest room closet.  I have all my other clothes along with a few dresses in the master closet. My half of the dresser is overflowing with intimates and more.   Drab boxers got tossed out.  I haven’t bought any drab clothing in years and I have been slowly donating drab clothes to make room for prettier things.


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      I’ve got no room whatseoever in my cupboard… but that doesn’t mean I’m not going shopping anyway!  No matter what, a girl always finds some way to find a little more space for a new arrival…  Holly XXX

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        What more proof do you need that advertising works?  Women fuel retail!

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      Sherri Remington
      Duchess - Annual

      Emily, an interesting question that brings to the forefront, just how much clothing does Sherri own. I’m a builder and back in 2020 I put a second floor on our home which is just a master suite and what came with that, was a walk in closet, one side for my wife and one side for me. So I configured my side with hidden shelves and hanging space for most of Sherri’s clothing, shoes are on the floor under the lower hanging bar so unless your on the floor and looking they are out of sight. This all worked great until, like the rest of us here, I started to have a few things to many ( well not to many) and got rid of all my drab clothing from my dresser and filled it with nothing but Sherri’s clothes. Now if I could get my wife to let me dress in front of her, I could wear those clothes more often but I’m hoping in time she’ll become more comfortable with it, until then just the under dressing which she is fine with. I know when that change does happen I’m going to remodel the closet again and take over some of her side.


      P.S. I’ve got a new outfit come in the mail next week I’m sure I’ll find space for it.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Oh come now Sherri.  We all know you built a 2nd floor so you could have a bigger closet, LOL!

        [sheepish ask] By any chance do you do any interior remodeling?

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          Sherri Remington
          Duchess - Annual

          Emily, there is some truth to that but really it was for the second bathroom so I could pamper myself without taking control of the only bathroom. And yes I do interior remodeling and travel the country to do it, mostly for someone I know but I’ve worked in 9 different states so far. I love it gives me the chance to dress and not worry about being seen. I’ve a couple pictures from some away jobs on my profile.

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      Angela Booth

      My cup runneth over. My drab is less than 5% of space the rest full to the brim. My purges are  boxed in the attic for sale or charity shop. I have things that I haven’t worn in a while and wonder if I need to have another purge. I can’t stop buying lovely things and need a shoe horn to get them in the wardrobe – I love being a girl!

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        See girls?  Advertising worked on Angela too.  More high incidence of Pavlovian response to the enticement of a beautiful object!  I sense another poll may be in the works….

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          Angela Booth

          Ahh, but was it conditioned or a natural urge of a woman…….

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            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            Conditioned I’m sure

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      It seems like Michelle’s things are everywhere right now in different rooms, closets, shelves, boxes and drawers. It took me 20 minutes to find my favorite pair of lts jeans the other day.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Perhaps Sherri can retrofit your closet Michelle….

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      Carolyn Kay
      Baroness - Annual

      Years ago I asked my wife if I could have the large closet in the spare room for my femme items. At first she wasn’t happy about it, but then I told her I would put a lock on the double door to make sure it was secure. Now she likes the idea, she knows I don’t have things stashed all over. Of course, having a large closet meant I had to fill it, and that I did. My profile pic has my closet as the backdrop, I love my closet, lol.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Another creative idea to increase closet space girls!  All you need is a lock!

        So happy for you Carolyn!

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      I have one closet and it is so full of Becky’s stuff I’m not going to purge but I have to go through it and get my summer clothes put away till spring. So I can have room for any new things I might, what do I mean might LOL, I will buy over the winter……… My drab clothes will be moving to another closet!!!!!!!

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      My bedroom closet is pretty full, you can still fit a few things in there, and it’s all girly, I don’t own a stitch of male clothing. I actually rotate my wardrobe according to the seasons. Right now it’s full of Fall and Winter clothes, but in March/April the Spring/Summer collection takes over. All my coats and jackets live in the hall closet.


      Ms. Lauren M

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      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      I have a walk-in closet and a closet about 8′ long in the master bedroom. When my wife lived here she took the long closet and I the walk-in. Rhonda’s casual dresses and skirts and sweaters now take up half of the walk-in closet, squeezing my male stuff into the other half. A near-term project is to get rid of most of that unnecessary male stuff. The other closet is crammed with my dressy blouses, skirts, dresses, and coats, which hang underneath two shelves devoted to clutches, sweaters, and shawls. Rhonda took over all but one drawer of a large dresser and bought a new wide 3-drawer dresser which is crammed with lingerie- bras, panties, nightgowns, slips, camis, cinchers, and shapewear. Another long dresser used exclusively by my wife for her intimates and sweaters is now home to my bathing suits, shawls and jewelry. I bought a large jewelry case that sits on top of that dresser for additional room. I added shoe racks on one of the doors to the long closet… shoes are packed from the bottom to the top and left to right. It is inadequate, so I have boxes of shoes also on the closet floor. On the other door I have racks to hang purses. I have a desk I use for makeup with makeup mirror and a case of makeup supplies. the drawers are stuffed with more. Traveling cases and bags with even more are on closet shelves. One shower gave way to cases with roll-out trays for cosemetics. I have to use another shower for normal use. I have a large guest closet downstairs with racks of dresses for Rhonda and shelves above it for even more. The coat closet in the entry hall is about 50% full of Rhonda’s coats, boots, and other necessities. I even have a camping closet for overflow, in which I store both male and female clothes; it is more convenient to my office and a bathroom..good for those quick changes when I am surprised with guests and cannot find another safe place to change.

      I plan to lengthen my walk-in closet to stretch into another room, while at the same time building a vanity/dressing table area in the current bathroom.

      I am building a lake house which does not have nearly enough closet space. It is allowed only a limited amount of heated space, so as soon as I get the CO and inspectors sign off I plan to build more. I have an attic over the 4-car garage there that is about 1600 square feet and which I likely will build out to accomodate more. storage.

      There did not seem to be an answer that would adequately address my hoarder situation. Houston is on the line telling me I have a problem.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        OMG Rhonda yes I think you have a problem!  But it’s a good one to have!  Retailers must love you!  If I had that large a wardrobe I’m sure I’d lose stuff all the time.  There’s no way I could remember everything I had!

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          Rhonda Lee
          Baroness - Annual

          I’m negotiating a buy-out or merger with Macy’s. Difficult problems to resolve include: 1) who is buying out who? and 2) where can we find a store with enough space to enable re-engineering to accomodate my wardrobe? Imelda Marcos wanted to bid on my shoes but discovered my size won’t work for her.

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            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            LOL!  Thx for the laugh!  Maybe you should solicit a bid from Ru Paul?  I think she’s doing quite well financially these days!

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            Rhonda Lee
            Baroness - Annual

            I don’t know about Ru Paul but I did learn, when visiting a CD clothing shop in NY once that Mayor Guillani is a huge shoe buff and big customer. They outfit him for womanless beauty pageants. I’ll have to see if there is a line item in the city budget for such purchases.

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      Hi Emily my closet is full of my drab man clothes, my girly clothes are all stashed up in the loft in suitcases, I’m in the closet to my wife so i can’t hang any of my dresses in my closet, questions will be asked!!!

      Hugs Rozalyn X 🎀

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        I lived that life many years.  It’s not easy.  The mental toll got to be too much and I came out to my GF 6 years ago.  That got me a little space but not nearly enough.  Even now in my own place closet space is in short supply.  But at least I got everything out of suitcases.

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      Fun question! OMG, my closet is bursting with dresses, tops, skirts, and high heels scattered all over my bedroom floor! I luv it! 2 wardrobes with t shirts, skinny jeans, bras, panties, sweaters! 😂

      Since I’ve come out as trans back in April 2021 I dress as me…Debbie Lynn everyday! It just feels so right and normal. 🤗

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Yes agree!  Bursting closet is a good problem to have!

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      As a recent empty nester, I moved my dresses, tops, and skirts into the guest room closet. There’s a lot more room, but the missus and I are having a minor power struggle over who gets to use it! We’ll share, especially since she encouraged me to raid her closet. She used to work in a trendy boutique and has TONS of pretty things, and some even fit me!

      xo, Nikki

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        How refreshing!  A power struggle for the right reason!  Good for you Nikki!

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      Caty Ryan

      I’m (literally) a mixed bag (closet/ wardrobe…)

      AT HOME. 3 out of 4 dresser drawers, with Caty’s bras, panties, camis, french knickers and hosiery. Scented draw liners in all of them… Love the faint scent as I  don my lingerie in the morning My wardrobe has about 20% space for Catys’ long nightwear. Rest male gear

      MY STORAGE UNIT. Double rack retail dress rack 100% full of Caty’s day and cocktails/ evening wear.

      Ex office stationery cupboard, with shoes wigs and breast forms. Stackable drawers in an industrial rack for more hosiery and lingerie.

      OLD STEAMER TIN TRUCK. Period formal; gowns and accessories.

      Male gear in the unit is guitar and amp, plus a few cases of wine.





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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Yeah I was aware you have Caty’s things nicely organized in several places.  Respect!  I don’t know how you do it.

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      Well, Emily, my clothes and other items are in two places. The second place has clothes that I seldom wear and is in a tucked away place that would be hard for anyone to find…well, until we move. I get into them on occasion, not as much as I used to.  And probably the day is getting closer when I’ll purge them, I suppose.

      The first is actually in my closet.  My SO and I have separate closets and I have the clothes I’m more apt to wear when the situation presents itself somewhat easily available, but they are also folded and tucked away in a back corner, and very hard for the average person (ie adult children, curious grandkids, snoopy friends, workmen, etc.) to figure out not only where they might be, but exactly how to actually get into the container and actually come upon them…without me knowing.  I’ve sort of booby-trapped the container as it were.

      I need them close, but not obvious to prying eyes.  Works for me!

      Hugs, ChloëC

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        I’ve sorta done the same thing with storage totes.  The less frequently worn stuff goes there.  Everything else is in a closet or a chest of drawers.  I live alone and not hiding anything.  Visitors are likely to see women’s clothes.

        Curious what your intent is for the booby trapped container?  I would think if you wanted to know someone found it, you’d be prepared for an awkward conversation?

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          Hi Emily, well, it’s not set to explode or anything, but they’re just in a plastic bag in a large backpack that I’ve used for extended hiking trips, way in a dark back corner of my walk-in closet, behind lots of clothes and things, and it has, as one would assume, all sorts of ties and straps and closures done up in a very specific way that if ever gotten into, I would know.  It also has a few hiking supplies (tarp, water purifier, mini stove, flashlight, etc) to justify its use (and it has been used!).  The point is I’d prefer if possible to know before anyone confronts me. I really, really don’t like being accosted for something someone may have thought I was involved in before I’ve had time to understand the situation.

          I sort of envy you living alone as I suspect if I had had the opportunity (which I did, and didn’t between my marriages as I won custody of my infant child), I probably would be dressing a lot more…a whole lot more…really, really a whole lot more, and perhaps be able to work up the courage to explore more of myself including going out and meeting others. Choices, which I’ve made and continue to make. Yeah, a few regrets as Sinatra sang about, but overall, I’m as comfortable as I can be.   Hugs, ChloëC

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            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            There are definitely advantages to living alone.  And there are drawbacks.  I’d forgotten how much work it is.  And it gets lonely sometimes.  Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything at this point in my life.

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      Ok Emily, With some trepidation I’ll fess up.  The bedroom closet that I share with my wife has two tuxedos and two companion dress shirts and that’s all.   But, if you go to the other rooms in the house and the basement you will find 8 industrial Z-frames (the 5 ft. long wheeled racks that they move clothes around in the garment districts) filled with Marg-ness.  The first rack is full of things needing alteration, practice or repair and the rest are finished pieces (gowns, dresses, tops, skirts, swimwear, blazers, leathers, club wear, dance and cosplay costumes.  You might consider them ladies in waiting for their chance to take the spotlight.  In fact, the Christmas dress that I wore for the pic I just posted was sewn 3 years ago and was quietly waiting for a chance to escape.  It all makes sense if you know that I work part-time as a woman’s costumer.   I also have 3 sewing machines and 2 sergers.  My wife used to be a dancer and I got started years ago designing and repairing her outfits.  I usually don’t get anything lost except sometimes for shoes that I keep in bins.  I may have to get some racks for them in the future so that I can find them easily.  Now when it’s time to make more room I just donate to the local LGBTIQ Community Centers or a local charity.  Everything is open at our house so there are no secrets.  As many here know, I’m intersex and live openly.  Women’s clothes fit me best.  It’s not uncommon for visitors or friends who see all the clothes to ask if I can sew or repair something for them.  So my advice to folks that want to have a lot of different kinds of clothes around would be to find an occupation that combines their lifestyle with their work.   Thanks for this interesting thread.    Marg

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Marg I want to hate your Marg-ness but I can’t!  LOL!  I think you’re giving Caty a run for her money!  So I have to ask….is there a room in your house that doesn’t have Marg’s girly stuff?

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          Ok Emily,  I’ll let you see what’s behind the curtain but you have to promise not to laugh anymore or the curse of the broken heel tip may follow you through life.  By the way, the clothes are the easiest to manage since they are on wheeled racks and I can just move them wherever I want.  Now with levity aside and in the interest of sharing, here’s the story but sadly the party here is ending now and soon there will be new owners.  On our farm, I designed and built our house myself almost 50 years ago and have put 2 additions on.  From the outside it is very unassuming and plain (think Beverly Hillbillies).  There is even a backhoe in my front yard.  Everything is attached so you don’t have to go out in the snow or rain to do anything.  I designed it to be like Andy Warhol’s Factory with fun and comfortable living spaces but with equally spacious working places.  It’s my laboratory.  I don’t have to send out to get things done and I’m only about 60 seconds from my bed or the fridge.  I have worn many hats in this life, so there were areas for the scientist, the tree farmer, the mechanic, the blacksmith, the pilot, the inventor, the crazy partier and light freak, the sysop, the artist, and the costumer.  Now not all of these things occurred at the same time but about half did.  Currently my wife and I are downsizing (she wants to but I don’t but I’m also not stupid and know enough to keep her happy) and I’m building another small house for us nearby for our last act.  As a result I’m cleaning out everything in the various rooms and corners and here’s what’s currently left (there was more before).  The sewing room (with machines), my wife’s art room ,  the electronic + entertainment room (tv, computers, etc), the game room (1950-60’s mechanicals here…pin ball, juke box, slot machine, neon, memorabilia, beer signs + posters), the video studio (think broadcast level video and music production….just cleaned that out with my Telecaster going to a relative along with mics, amps, mixers, drums, etc. but still have some studio video cameras to go), the greenhouse which now hosts a few old BMX and road bikes and a set of airplane wings (no plants anymore),  the old studio garage (with a sleeping pair of matched his + hers  74 vettes), the real expanded garage with the automotive shop, a wood shop, a metal shop, a pair of his and hers 79 Sportys, our 2 daily cars plus the rest of a single engine plane.  And oh yes, there are modern amenities  too, with 2 bathrooms, 2 furnace rooms, a kitchen, a dining room,  a foyer with a gas pump for the entry light, and finally a laundry room.  It’s very energy efficient and uses only about 50% of the average house energy requirement.  It can even be made to operate off grid if necessary.  My mind and body has never been able to slow down and my life has never been dull.  I have been fortunate to have a wife who works with me, encourages and loves me. If you can dream it you can do it and if it seemed fun and interesting to me then I tried it.  Sorry about such a late reply.  I had a full day on the farm here trying to beat the weather.  Hopefully we will meet in person sometime and have a chance to exchange some more stories over a drink.  Until then,  Safe Journey.   Marg

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            Rhonda Lee
            Baroness - Annual

            Wow!! I thought I was fragmented and busier than anyone I ever met, but you are an entrepeur’s enrepeneur. Do you sell tours? I’d love to meet up sometime. We have a lot in common aside from crossdressing.

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            Hey Rhonda, Sorry but no tours anymore, just tear down and a pile of boxes.  The parties were legendary but we are striking the sets now.  The tents are coming down and the show is being replaced by Little House on the Prairie. lol  Anyway, I’m hoping to make it to Keystone in March so maybe I might see you there.  Otherwise, we can always private message.  It has been a grand life and it seems like I just started it yesterday.  I’m so glad that my wife enjoyed it too.  I’ll still be able to play in the little house but just on a smaller scale.  That’s not really a problem since my arthritis has been getting more unruly.  Life can change in an instant so my motto is “eat the dessert first”.  Hopefully my life-sharing will inspire others to live their dreams too.  So, if and when we meet, I’ll be happy to buy the first round.   Party on!   Marg

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            Rhonda Lee
            Baroness - Annual

            I always plan my meals around dessert. I usually eat dessert last, but sometimes also eat it first, with a milkshake, daiquiri, or other girly drink in between. I am legendary for my dessert antics and may write a book on favorite ice cream places someday. I once flew to London just to go to a place recommended for their desserts. Sad to say, they were closed, so won’t make it into my listings.
            I won’t forget your offer and sure hope we meet!

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            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            Okay Marg I don’t even know where to begin.  So I’ll simply say I’d love to trade some stories and sip a few drinks!

          • #700071

            It will be fun.   Marg

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      Our adult son moved out of our home several years ago, so my wife and I have our home all to ourselves.

      This arrangement allows me to have one entire bedroom dedicated to my cross dressing activities.  Since the closet in the bedroom is not quite large enough to hang up all my female clothing, I share some of the master bedroom walk-in closet space with my wife.

      We are fortunate to have the entire basement of the home finished which gives both of us enormous  storage space for additional female wardrobe items.  I have also set up full-length mirrors and excellent lighting in the basement, so both of us can see what we look like, just prior to departing the home and stepping out into public.

      The basement is large enough to display all our shoes on shoe racks or shoe holders for easy selection and wardrobe matching.  Since I use wardrobe racks, the same is true for our jackets and coats.  Bureaus in the basement store off-season clothing items.

      Male items?  The other day I was amazed to find out just how few pieces of male clothing I own any more, and it seems to get less all the time.



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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        I thought I was doing well just to get everything out of suitcases and into proper storage.  Reading stories like yours Peggy leaves me feeling totally inadequate.  Bush league!  Sniff….reaches for a tissue….

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          Peggy Sue Williams
          Duchess - Annual

          Thank you Emily, but my closet and support facilities pale in comparison to Rhonda Lee’s!   I note that you read and commented on her extensive facilities, which she described in detail below.

          Having known Rhonda Lee for many years and spent many hours of personal time with her, I can assure you her description is true and accurate.  My wife and I served on the admin board of the local Tri-ESS chapter, as did Rhonda and her S.O.   My wife and I are no longer Tri-ESS members, having resigned our positions a few years ago.

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            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            I have to agree.  Rhonda Lee and Marg Produe probably have more clothes than I could fit in my entire 1 bedroom condo!  I will make due with my 2 little closets!

    • #699008

      Full closet! But I dont think purge is the right word. Maybe, thinning it out just a little. Things also disappear. Even from a suitcase when I am on vacation?  As Cyn can attest to. Hugs Pru

      • #699035
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        You’re right Pru.  Poor choice of words.  Perhaps Cyn fancies your wardrobe??

        • #699038

          LOL, she has more clothes than I could acquire in the rest of my life time. But I will continue to pick up somethings I really like from time to time.  Good poll!!

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      OMG. Like the entire Forever 21 wardrobe. Shirts, leggings, short shorts and dresses.

    • #699021
      Lola Caprice

      My girlie stuff lives in a locked cabinet I built in the upper 3 feet of our closet (10 foot ceilings), and dresses hang in the attic.  My SO knows all about Lola and is fine with me having my stuff in the closet, she even offered to give me space on her side where they can blend in BUT our two grown daughters frequently drop by unannounced and borrow stuff from her, an arrangement that my SO is totally cool with.  I don’t want to risk questions about why some of the women’s clothes are 4 sizes too big for her.  🤣  I am still in the closet except for my SO and one GG friend.

      As far  quantity…small but growing!  I could probably go 2 weeks without duplicating an outfit.  About the only occasion I don’t have at least one outfit for would be a formal after-five type affair.  And shoes, probably getting near 20 pair.  I’m either going to have to stop shopping or build a bigger storage space.


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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        2 weeks without duplicating an outfit is not exactly small….and a girl should always strive for a bigger closet!

    • #699150

      Well…, let’s see. Dresses, gowns, skirts, blouses, cute casual tops, slacks, jeans, jumpers, capris, heels, more heels, even more heels(!), wig stands, boxes for misc. stuff that doesn’t fit into my girly dresser, and more, lots more! But hey, there’s ALWAYS room for new outfits!!



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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        Agree Holly!  We have our priorities straight!

        • #700087

          Absolutely, Emily!!

    • #699487

      Many items for cosplaying and not cosplaying sweetie. But the section with all my non cosplaying clothes and foot wear has many female items with room for even more. Oh my gosh sister.

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      My femme “closet” consists of non see-through hard plastic storage totes and trunks kept in my garage loft. I have to keep my girly items hidden from my wife; she doesn’t approve of MTF CDing.

      From March into October this year I’ve added 97 clothing items to my 372 piece wardrobe, resulting in buying more totes and reorganizing what goes in each. I have 7 totes: 2 for my casual clothes, 2 for my non-casual clothes, 1 for my pants, slacks, jeans, and belts, 1 for my shoes, and 1 for my wigs and breastforms. Next I have 6 trunks for my intimates and lingerie and added a 7th for my developing jewelry collection.

      With 186 outerwear items, 283 underwear items, and 44 jewelry items: total 513 items; I created a “catalog” to keep track of what I have and which tote or trunk it’s in. I pack items newest on top and view the catalog in reverse to find what I’m looking for.

      The totes and trunks allow me to nearly never run out of “closet” space. When one is full; I just buy another one. It’s a good thing, because I’ve bought more clothes since the beginning of November.




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        skippy1965 Cynthia

        Wow-wish you could come organize Narnia-though the numbers are an order of magnitude larger for it lol.

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        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        This is sorta how I’ve expanded.  Frequently worn or delicate stuff goes in the closets or drawers.  Everything else goes in clear storage totes.

    • #699935

      This is a pretty easy one to answer at this point in my life
      Sara lives in the closet along with her clothes and in the privacy of our house. Her clothes hang along side his and in the armoire and his underwear and sock drawer mind you there is no more man underwear. Sara insisted that that be disposed of and as her women’s inventory grows his is tending to shrink.
      Only 5+ weeks and because of CDH and all you wonderful girls on here Sara is out and she has taken over his body and mind and pretty much dresses as a woman 24/7 unless going out for errands and such and covers her bra and panties with man clothes and she hates being told to stay home


    • #700019

      Only ONE Word: Stuffed!?!?

      My wife let me take over one of the spare bedrooms. That closet is about 12′ long and stuffed. There’s stuff hanging on the back of the door and some bits and pieces in the closets of the 3 other bedrooms. My plan is to sell off some things that I didn’t like as much as I thought or never found the right situation for wearing them. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

      • #700023
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        I’m wondering if we’re the same size DeeAnn….

        • #700024

          Dresses and jackets are roughly size 18; roughly as there are no sizing standards…

          • #700025
            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            Probably a little too big.  But worth looking if you ever pull the trigger.

          • #700220

            It is a matter of finding the time to get everything sorted, pressed, photographed and information uploaded. I’d need at least 2 solid days and likely 3. The way my schedule is, it is hard to find that kind of time, in between various meetings and events. Assuming I do the things that are on my calendar for the next 2 weekends, it means that I will have had activities for 10 straight weekends!?!?

    • #700022
      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Okay so someone chose the least popular and saddest option “The trappings of guyville fill my closet….”  I want to say I’m so sorry.  But is it by choice?  I sorta threw that in as a joke….didn’t expect it would get chosen.  Anyone care to fess up?


    • #700177

      Lots of beautiful/romantic lingerie to wear to bed! 🙂

    • #700375

      Hi Emily
      In my feminine closet and its drawers are:
      20 Brazilian thong;
      7 balconette bra;
      6 bralette bra;
      3 sports bra;
      20 hold-ups of various colors (black, red, purple, nude);
      8 tube dresses (black, navy blue, red, silver glitter);
      25 t-shirts
      5 shirts ;
      4 slim cut jeans trousers;
      7 shorts ;
      1 Alitalia flight attendant outfit from the 80s (skirt, shirt, jacket, scarf, 5cm heel shoes)
      1 x 2005 Delta Airlines stewardess outfit
      3 winter pajamas;
      7 nightgowns;
      5 bedroom kimonos;
      2 pairs of 5cm heel bedroom slippers;
      3 bathrobes
      2 Olympic style swimsuits.
      and my two beauty cases
      I’ll stop here for now….. I won’t buy anything anymore for the moment.

      XOXOX from Italy 🇮🇹
      Greta ❤️

      • #701254
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        WTF Greta!  Do you have a spreadsheet to keep track?  LOL!

        • #701257

          My dear Emily
          I don’t have a spreadsheet…. but it’s all very neat in my closet and also in its drawers; that makes it easy for me to be in control of what I have.
          At the moment Greta’s clothing takes up almost 1/3 of the total capacity of the wardrobe I have at home. the remaining space is occupied for 1/3 by unisex clothing and 1/3 by men’s clothing (which in part I would like to convert into women’s clothing using scissors and sewing machines)!

          • #701258
            Emily Alt
            Managing Ambassador

            You have my vote for your conversion plan!

    • #700401

      I have 9 feet of closet space just for hanging Kristine’s clothes.
      There are two “hat shelves” shelves in that 9 foot long closet. The entire bottom hat shelf of that 9 foot long closet, well half of that is filled with pantyhose, stockings and tights baskets. Ones I am using and are in good shape in one basket, then a full basket of hose new hose still in packages, another full of new tights and stockings waiting to be opened. Four baskets 16×12 inches each. Then the other half is filled with purses and tote bags.
      The upper hat shelf in that same closet is 25% lined up brief cases and business type bags and the other half is more totes and bags.
      On the floor in that closet, is about 25 pairs of shoes and boots in their boxes, gotta keep those shoes nice right?
      Then next to the closet I have a four shelves 18 inches deep for jeans, sweaters, scarves, leggings Turbans in three colours girly hats and odd things that don’t suit a closet.

      On the back of my door I have a shoe sorting thing where I keep slippers, flip flops and sandals as well as a few personal things.

      Above my bookshelves I have all my wigs which I rarely use but I have four of them. Each wig is on a Styrofoam head and has at least one women’s hat on it,

      I have a writing desk dresser next to the jeans shelf which is filled with personal stuff like corsets and shape-wear and blah blah. Three drawers full of girly stuff in that one.
      Finally, I have a cute little lingerie cabinet that’s 35 inches high, 22 inches wide and 12 inches deep. My wife gave it to me, shes had it since she was a kid.
      The top two drawers are full of bra’s… 25 of them exactly.
      (I have 27 bras technically, but two of them are seriously padded and I have my own breasts these days so no need for them anymore, so I am donating them.)
      The 3rd and 4th drawers are full of panties and two pairs of padded panties.
      The bottom drawer is full of women’s socks that I wear daily except when I need to present as male or I have military stuff, more on that below…

      My male clothing is all hung in four feet of space. That includes all my regular clothes including uniforms, suits, dress shirts and casual shirts. In my wife’s lingerie cabinet, which is a standard size dresser, I have one drawer for all of my army T-shirts and army related sweats PT gear etc, and a few regular T shirts.
      I never open that drawer anymore.
      One tiny drawer in a wardrobe I share with my wife, contains one tiny drawer with a few pairs of black socks, one pair of green army issue underwear.

      I never buy male clothes anymore and I asked my wife to never buy anything male for me again.
      Something she is enthusiastic about and looking forward to.
      She will buy me just plain blouses that will pass unnoticed, women’s jeans and T shirts etc.
      I have women’s winter boots too and working on women’s flat shoes that will work for me.

      No comparison.
      Its going to get worse. LOL

      • #701255
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        OMG??  Ya think!!

        I stared at this yesterday and went away with not a word at my fingertips!  All I can muster today is DEEP RESPECT  for your organization skills Kristine.

        I have this image of how you do it.

        Staring intently at your computer several times a week.  AutoCAD drawing of your home with every space laid out for maximum girly efficiency.  Enterprise Asset Management System to catalog every garment and girly accessory.  Depreciation schedules to manage disposal and replacement of assets.

        Safe to say you don’t lose things……


    • #701049

      I have a spare room that I use as a closet! Lots of racks with all of ny girly clothes in there!!:)

      • #701251
        Emily Alt
        Managing Ambassador

        I hate you Nikki!  Just kidding!

    • #704900

      I’m fortunate enough to work away from home and always rent a two bedroom apartment – one for Alice, one for me. Alice’s room is chaotic and pretty full, my room is tidy and sparse!!!

    • #706726

      Most of the time it’s me . But you will also find lots of lingerie .A few skirts .A few dresses .Couple pairs of shoes .wigs and make up. Oh And my wife rifling through and then moaning ive bought something new .!!!! And how annoyed she is ive still got this Stuff .

    • #698587
      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Yes Sam I suppose that’s a good problem to have!

    • #699006
      skippy1965 Cynthia

      @samantha88-thanks for the shout-out lol!

      Emily, if you weren’t aware of it my wardrobe is also known as Cyn’s Boutique or Narnia. Several dozen people from the site have seen the bulk of it in person, while dozens more have seen the rotating traveling collection as I attend conferences or add stops to my Cynvasion tour around the country. To set a baseli8ne for the collection, I live in a 4 bedroom 3000SF tri-level. There is one bedroom that has maybe 40% of Narnia hanging in it(it has 35-40 feet of hanging shelves that things are on top of and hanging from. The rest is scattered through 4 other rooms around the house.

      It’s been a while since I tried to do an accurate count of even the main items/categories (I’ve never purged BTW and the collection largely began around 2008-2010). But here is a partial list with best estimates:
      wigs-(which i haven’t worn since 2017 at all)- approx 200-250

      dresses-best guess about 600

      skirts-(which i rarely wear) -a little over 100

      shoes-somewhere between 500-550 pairs(50 or so of which I wear on semi-regular basis)

      camis/leggings, tank tops, undies-no idea except dozens of each minimum of the first three and hundreds of undies

      tops/blouses/sweaters- not sure but best guess 200-250

      jewelry- 2000 plus pairs of earrings; several dozen necklaces, 100+ bracelets

      I selected “other” in the poll though the first choice would have applied UNTIL the last part where you said “no room for something new”; those words do not compute for me! There’s always room for more…but I have indeed lost things in Narnia-rumor has it that PEOPLE have been lost in there ..but that’s unconfirmed as no one dares enter to search for them..
      Great forum topic!

    • #699011
      Rhonda Lee
      Baroness - Annual

      Have you called Guiness to see if you qualify for a world record?

    • #700015
      Emily Alt
      Managing Ambassador

      Cyn this thread has gotten so long I just saw your comment.  I’m having a hard time keeping up!  And now I’m realizing I should squeeze another option into the poll for girls like yourself….who basically have a warehouse of girly things!

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