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      I love to under dress! Always looking for a better fitting and discreet bra, any suggestions?

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      For me, it’s sports bras. Easily worn, comfy and hardly any show beneath a shirt. I wear this one if I have to be in drab over my undies.


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      I have found a few CK bras that have NO seam and are great for drab dressed underwear. The bra is a PITA to put on, but works perfect for hiding in plain sight.


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      I LOVE MeUndies bras! They are just wonderful to wear when you don’t want the bra to show. Their panties are also great and their bras and panties match which I like.


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      For me it is zyia sports bras they are comfortable and still give you that girlish look without putting all the way out there

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      Caty Ryan

      Amoena 40AA’s in nude, “honey” and black. I dont quite fill the cups, but there’s enough  “man boob” there to hold everything in place, especially the straps.

      They are pocketed, but I cut out the pockets.

      I only wear them in the cooler months, cos the bra band and straps will show if I’m only wearing a summer t shirt




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      I find that a bralette works great. Some I’ve removed the small cup from them. I got them from La Senza.  Yes some have adjusters that might show a bit with a tighter t shirt on but I’m at the point that I don’t really care.  Like others have said sport bras work well also.


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        Ashley: I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the suggestion of La Senza. I was unfamiliar with the brand before your suggestion. I took the time to look them up, and I find myself blown away.So thank you. I also want to say that I think that it is really commendable that you have come to the place within yourself where you don’t care if parts of your bra happens to be noticeable.  have come to that place as well. It is so liberating to be to just enjoy and embrace the simple things in life that make us the wonderful, unique people that we are. I love having a feminine side and I feel so fulfilled and alive when I’m expressing it.

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      If I am indoors I wear a bralette bbut outdoors a sports bra or a 38A.

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      Teri Ray

      I love underdressing and I love lace un-lined bras. I am lucky in that I fill the cups of my 38C bras. My favorite brands are Wacoal, Chantelle, and Soma. I wear my bras and panties frequently underdressed with a vest over the top and never had any worries over anyone seeing my bra lines. If I am going to dress fully I go with a padded bra and small enhancers. I love the feeling of my bra and panties under my drab clothing.

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      Wacoal halo lace front close racerback

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      Hi Sharron, I have quite a lovely collection of lacy bralettes in all colors.  I’m wearing a coral colored one right now. Most of them have back clasps which I prefer over the “pull over your head” style.  I also prefer the type of bralette where the padded inserts can be removed, helps to be more discreet if you wish OR if you want to go bigger you can insert your breast forms into the pocket; bonus!  Stay healthy, stay safe, All the Best, Hugs, Krista.

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      I am trying to figure out how to bring this up to my wife.  She knows of my crosssdressing but is not supportive.  All I have are some panties right now but I am aching to splurge and buy some really nice matching bra and panty sets.

      I also want to try some pantyhose and stockings.

      I guess I just need to “have the talk” again with my wife and figure it out.  Wish me luck…


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      I was actually able to find an A/AA cup bra in a 42 Band on Amazon. Fits like a glove, all cotton, no underwire. It can hide well under a colored t-shirt as I found out the hard way when my wife came home early, before I had a chance to remove it. When I had a chance I was able to quickly remove it and stuff it away unseen. I am sure if noticed she would have said something. I wonder if it was designed to be an adult training bra? Well it me it is! She knows I like panties and hosiery, but she doesn’t know about my collection of bras or ballet slippers. Most of my bras are A and B as I do fill then nicely. I even have a push up that gives me a nice C cup profile. But for underdressing in winter I have a Warners B cup bra, slight padding, feels great and works well under winter clothing when outside! Keeps your chest warm! And being under flannel and a heavy jacket no one knows. I really enjoy it, feels so good to be.

      Lisa Leigh

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      Erika Henderson
      Duchess - Annual

      The other day I had a sports bra on under my shirt all day and not a soul noticed!

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      I under dress every day with panties and a bra. I don’t have a specific brand but prefer sports bras without formed cups, some bralettes, and some of my underwired bras that have sheer lacy cups that lay flat against my chest. Other soft unlined stretch cups work also. I like the strap adjusters to be on the front instead of the back where they would show a tell tell bump and straps that aren’t too thick either. If the bra band is too tight it will form noticeable indents at your sides in the back which can be a giveaway when bending over. If its cool and I’m wearing a coat then I don’t care and will even wear my small silicone forms. I’ve been noticed before but no one has ever said anything, just a smile or weird look… lol

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      I am not sure if I will be much help here, but I will share my experience.

      I wear a bra daily regardless of what I may be outwardly wearing.  I am naturally a small B cup, and have found going braless to become uncomfortable especially as my activity level increases.  I will also generally wear forms to fill out the cups for a better fit.  This gives me a solid B cup or small C cup bust line which on my frame (6 foot plus, 300 pounds, built like a bear) is on the smaller size.

      The style of bra that I wear is generally dependent on my plans for the day.  If plans call for more physical activity, I will wear a sports bra, but otherwise my goto bra is usually of the fully lined underwire style.

      As I said earlier, I do wear a bra daily year around.  I would doubt if no one actually noticed, but no one including my family has not said anything to me.

      I apologize for the lack of polish on this post.  However, I formed the response as flow of conscious while multitaksing.

      MacKenzie Alexandra

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      Mine was a cupped sports bra. Pink or black (had one of each, one broke and the other lost in a move). And a pink lace bra, no wire, cross back.

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      I have found that a bralette without a back clasp works great minimal lines and no bulges  wear a camisole top over it to get it to blend even more.

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      Work is the only place where I have a need for stealth (underdress).  My boobs are small enough that I can usually hide them with loose fitting clothes.  When the need arises, I have a few no-show sports bras.

      Outside of work I don’t care who sees me.  I often wear padded bras for a little extra oomph.


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      One bra I like to wear that is very comfortable and particularly easy to conceal is a Fruit of the Loom front-closure cotton bra in size 42. Perfect for underdressing.

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      Tracy H

      Underdressing isn’t really about what you have on under but rather what you have on over. I wear a lot of Bali minimizer bras and a Playtex softcup bra. But what shirt I wear does more to conceal my bra.




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      I spent all day at work yesterday in a Victoria’s Secret rear fasten push up with convertible crossover straps. It’s a 38B and fits me really nice. It feels delicious! With the crossover straps, they never fall down (with boy shoulders that seems to be an issue) so I don’t have to fiddle with the straps all day. I love it so much I came home and slept in the same bra.

      No one noticed at work, or if they did, no one said anything. I think so many people are next to oblivious today, short of a truck running down the hall no one notices or cares. No worries. I enjoyed it. Absolutely love the feel of the bra during the course of the day. Wish I could dress so the outside matched the inside!


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      For me it’s a bralette or sports bra no fiddling about at the back.
      Like to get my correct size a 40B as medium or large don’t fit well.

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        I am a 40B too. Not the easiest size to find but over the years I have managed to acquire around 50-60 bras and bralettes. I have all the usual suspects: Warner, Playtex, Maidenform, Vanity Fair. Macy’s is my go to pace for bras when on sale. Lately, I picked up a few very pretty bralettes on sale. With no cups or padding can wear anywhere and anytime.

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      Hi Sharron.  This is what fits me well and is comfortable.  I’m out so I don’t really think of it as underdressing when I wear my Maidenform underwired T-Shirt bra each day.  I’m a small 36 B or a large 36 A.  Most of the time I wear beige and I don’t show a lot through my clothes but if I want more presentation then I’l wear a Maidenform underwired pushup bra. And if the garment really calls for it or I want to stop the show, I’ll wear small forms also.  So, now you know what’s behind my fabric layers.    Marg

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      All of my bra’s are a favourite of some kind.
      If I am working physically, I like Warners model 1244. Its wire free and fits well. I have three of those.
      For most average days I like Calvin Klein sheer or opaque cup. I have four of those.
      If I am feeling sexy a bit tarty, or if I am going to tease my wife, I have two bras with gauzy thin cups with matching panties. One light blue and flowered the other soft champagne colour with small sparkly rhinestones all over the cups.
      Both are underwired and are from “La Vie En Rose”

      All in all for me it depends on what I am doing. Right now I am going to Home Depot, I am wearing one of the pink Calvin Klein bra’s with an open bottom girdle/bodyshaper over that. So effectively two bras which has become usual. I’m just out shopping though, anything that involves real sweat, my trusty Warners.

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      Victoria’s Secret and For Love and Lemons for Victoria’s Secret. Just received Bejeweled Corset Top and Evie Bra.

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        Caty Ryan

        Arianne from Montreal Canada, bralettes. No adjusters on the nice wide straps and a wide “no hooks” bra band. Hold my “A minus” boobs very nicely, with nothing to reveal under my t shirt on a warm day that I;m wearing a bra.

        I also have a few Amoena 40AA conventional soft cup bras for winter.



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      Listen girlfriend. If you have to underdress then do it. So if you do it then just wear a sleep bra from Summer salt. There flat and comfy. You will be in paradise without being forced or told to no bra outside of femme mode unless your cosplaying sweetie.

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