How do you tend to see things?

Please see my post for descriptions of the styles.

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    Casey Amber Twitchings
    Registered On: May 15, 2020
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    However we come by them we all have a certain way we view the world. Some are optimists, some are pessimists, and those are just two I can think of. When you vote I’d love it if you’d say how you voted and tell us a little about why. The six styles in this poll are:

    Optimist: Optimists tend to look at the bright side of life. (Yes that’s Python.) Their motto: the glass is half full.

    Pessimist: Pessimists tend to have a more negative view of the world. Their motto: every silver lining has a cloud.

    Engineer: Engineers tend to be pragmatists. If pessimists see the glass as half empty and optimists see the glass as half full, engineers see the glass as being twice as large as it needs to be. I first read this viewpoint in a joke by an engineer. Their motto: and that’s the way it is. (miss you Walter)

    Optimistic engineer: Optimistic engineers see the world the way it is but they still hope for the best outcome. Their motto: I see things as they could be and ask why not.

    Pessimistic engineer: Pessimistic engineers see the world the way it is and they know it’s not a fun place. Their motto: I see things the way they are and ask why.

    Other: I learned as a young adult that you don’t know that you don’t even know. No matter how many options you think are out there somebody always has one that’s new on you. If this is you, please also describe how you see the world.

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      Paula F
      Registered On: August 7, 2019
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      I chose ‘other’.  I am more of a realist than anything.  The glass isn’t half full or half empty, it is a half glass of water.  I do sometimes see the bright side of things, and that does make me feel good, and also the dimmer side of other things, which just makes me think about them more to figure out out why I see it that way.


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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      Interesting choices as I am an engineer by profession and an optimist by astrological sign…

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      Registered On: July 12, 2020
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      I wish everyone thought that way. I sure do. 💋💋💋

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      Registered On: May 17, 2020
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      I chose optimistic engineer.  over the years I have learned that no matter how bleak any situation is, look at it long enough, ponder it, look at it from outside the box and you will find hope that with a little effort I can improve the outcome drastically.  after a while the problem may still be there, but the existence of the problem became insignificant because I managed to change myself. or just how I now look at the challenge. isn’t that really what change is all about.

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      Lucinda Hawkns
      Registered On: September 1, 2015
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      I voted other   for I see the world as it is no matter what people they are.  cross dressers, lesbians, gay or straight, white, African American, we are all human beings. so if you want to dress up and go out enfem do it,  I don’t make fun of people they way they dress. every one dresses differently.

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      Alison Anderson
      Registered On: October 15, 2018
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      Most of my life I would have said optimist.  But I’m becoming increasingly skeptical.  It’s not pessimism as much as realism of the way things are.  I want to be positive but I see too many things where things are either moving backwards or are on the verge of moving backwards.

      I don’t want this to be a total downer, so I’d like to tell you about a tee shirt I have.  It has a 3×3 grid on it with drawings of faces and the following text.

      The top row says:  Optimist:  The glass is half full.  Pessimist:  The glass is half empty.  Realist: The glass is.

      The second row says:  Idealist: The glass should be full.  Feminist: My glass seems less full than HIS glass.  Environmentalist: Save the water.

      The third row says:  Anarchist:  Break the glass!  Capitalist:  Let’s sell this glass.  Chemist:  It’s 50% H20, 40% N2 + 10% O2.

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      Samantha Murphy
      Registered On: February 20, 2018
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      Originally my vote was other without reading your descriptions. Because I’m a glass is half full sorta person. However, I know from my past that I’m very pessimistic. And I’ve been trying to change my outlook on life the past few years. I do believe it’s working because recently, at work, I was described as an optimist. I’d say that Optimistic Engineer would be more accurate.


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      Natalie Nervous
      Registered On: April 16, 2020
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      not sure which i seem to be a mix of all. i see the world for what it is , not what its percived to be. let that soak in awhile.

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      Jin Crocker
      Registered On: November 15, 2019
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      I am the optimist that sees a half empty glass and asks: “If you are not going to finish that drink may I have it?”

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      Vanessa Law
      Registered On: April 19, 2012
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      I loved this poll and your descriptions Casey 🙂 🙂

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      Dala Carlian
      Registered On: March 4, 2020
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      I voted pessimistic engineer. IAM and engineer, and I am ALWAYS asking “why like this?”

      I would like to be an optimistic engineer, I would. But I’ve gotten to where I just tend to think, this is how it is, but WHY does it have to be THIS way?

      I love that engineering joke…

      I long to be the dreamer that I was as a child…

      Take care!


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      Registered On: January 24, 2017
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      Hi Casey, very thought provoking.  I ended up voting “other” as I just couldn’t decide.  Guess I was just waaaay overthinking it especially as I could find examples of every style.  Stay healthy, stay safe, Hugs, Krista.

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      Autumn Valiant
      Registered On: July 14, 2019
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      Hi Casey,

      Good topic. I voted other since I could not vote for both optimistic engineer and pessimistic engineer. Lie is about why do some things suck and we could make improvements that would be so much better. I would like to think we make things the best we can in most circumstances. The biggest why nots come from bigger things we don’t have any control over and that’s where an accepting attitude is needed and appreciated but don’t let it stop you from campaigning for better.




    • #364634
      Stevie Steiner
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
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      Damn it.  Part of the time I’m still an optimist at heart I guess.  I just cant help it.  Lol.


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      Registered On: November 29, 2019
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      Debbie J
      Registered On: April 24, 2019
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      Optimistic Engineer. Speak softly, and (especially today) carry a .357 with hollow points just in case.

    • #364347
      Britney Summers
      Registered On: June 6, 2020
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      I don’t know if I can answer fully as it will likely end up political.  I will say it depends on what it is in how I decide pessimist or optimist.

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      Kathryn Lynn Peters
      Registered On: October 10, 2016
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      Other because as I’ve gotten older (71), not much surprises me any more.

    • #364252
      Daisy Marie
      Registered On: September 27, 2019
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      As a race engineer, my mood oscillates inside the engineering spectrum. Always seeking improvements (“do the best you can with whatever you have”), but when it depends more on external factors, I lean towards the pessimistic side. However, when it depends more on me, when I have proper time to spend and initial results are positive, I lean towards the optimistic side.



    • #364232
      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      Optimist/pragmatist here. Python got it right. “Always look on the bright side of life”.

      Throughout my over 3 score and ten years on this mortal coil there have been times when I was very low. But when the optimist in me came back, I would tell myself, “the only way from here is up”.

      So back up that optimist ladder I went and life has generally been very good. Just gotta control this “bug” so I can get out more. Both the male me and Caty.






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    • #364216
      Liz Maybeoneday
      Registered On: June 29, 2020
      Topics: 2
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      Going to have to go with optimist. No matter what has gone on in my life and the lives of friends I’ve always been a look on the bright side kinda person

    • #364169
      Kay Anderson
      Registered On: June 1, 2020
      Topics: 11
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      I am an engineering technician. Everyone at work is so logical. I need balance in my life, I need emotion, nurturing and femininity. I couldn’t pick any choice with engineer. I did pick optimist!


    • #364157
      Sandy Jayson
      Registered On: September 29, 2019
      Topics: 8
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      I guess optimistic engineer describes my outlook best.  For most things I just say that’s just the way it is, most bad things are just not worth getting upset about.  But for many other things ware things could be better I do say why not.

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    • #364153
      Registered On: January 21, 2018
      Topics: 165
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      Hmmm.  ½ optimistic engineer, ½ pessimistic engineer.  Guess that makes me a neutral engineer.  And perhaps explains why I rarely get anywhere in life quickly.  “You don’t know what you don’t know”

      Great thought provoking poll, Casey!!

    • #364140
      Alice Underwire
      Registered On: September 16, 2019
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      Hi Casey,

      Too many years of training as an engineer.  Sometimes optimistic but an outcome can change due to other factors.


    • #364105
      Bettylou Cox
      Registered On: May 26, 2019
      Topics: 12
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      Since Bettylou took control of my brain, I’m definitely an optimistic engineer…searching for, and expecting to find the answer to every problem.  A big improvement over my old guy self, whose motto was “Don’t worry; nothing’s going to turn out right”.


    • #364090
      Heather Jameson
      Registered On: April 1, 2019
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      I went for optimistic engineer, I do always try to see the bright side of things [ I’m a Python fan too] but I’m always trying to see how we can make it better. I t has a lot to do with my work and my mom and dad. I worked in a steel mill for a very innovative company and we were on profit sharing and it was instilled in us never be satisfied we can always roll one more coil and we all looked for ways to make things more efficient. Time is money! My parents also taught not just to sit back in life and be content with what you have try that little bit harder and make it better, not just personal belongings but in our relationships with our families and the people you meet on the long path called life. I think it’s a pretty healthy attitude but you have to be careful not to go too far and become obsessed with things. If that’s as good as it gets, great, now move on to something else.

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    • #364055
      Registered On: November 29, 2019
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      I have always been an optimistic. Glass half full kind of gal. Things never seem as bad as they look there’s always good in everything.

    • #364051
      Peggy Sue Williams
      Registered On: June 26, 2019
      Topics: 9
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      Easy answer on this one.  I am an optimist, because I am only a temporary inhabitant of this world and all its problems and just passing through.  My future and permanent home will be with Jesus Christ in eternity.  How do I know?  Again, easy answer, I accepted His simple Plan of Salvation and thus gained assurance of my future.

      FWIW, I am an electronics engineer by trade, although during my Navy career, I was a cryptologist.

    • #364050
      Stevie Steiner
      Registered On: June 11, 2020
      Topics: 16
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      What a depressing thought.   Haha, just kidding.  But, I did have to lean towards pessimistic engineer.  ( Damn it Jim, I’m a crossdresser, not an engineer! ).

      But a pessimistic engineer with a hopeful sense of humour.  Lol.


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    • #364049
      Brittney Andrews
      Registered On: August 1, 2019
      Topics: 3
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      I voted optimistic engineer. Since I’ve accepted myself as a CDer in 2016 and a gender fluid individual since 2019; I’ve definitely found an inner peace and I feel my life has a brighter outlook. However, my dressing en fem has to stay a secret concerning my domestic life. My wife is not accepting nor supportive of such activities. Her view is fine with me, I’m doing this for me and not to enhance our relationship. She is very observant, so I have to very careful on how I try to blend any feminine characteristics into my life. I’ll give a few examples:

      My fingernails break, chip, and split very easily; I started using nail strengthener. She noticed the shine and complained. I now use hair, nail, and skin vitamins. I recently started using hyaluronic acid serum on my forehead wrinkles, same thing she noticed the shine on two occasions. I told her I had just washed my face with a “sea breeze” cleanser. This past Saturday afternoon I had the house to my self and needed to wash some of my intimates; the next day she asked me why the washer was on the delicate cycle. I never use the delicate cycle for anything, she said. I realized I forgot to switch it back, I just blew it off. That same Saturday; she asked me why there was a $2.50 parking fee on our joint checking account. I told her I was downtown looking around, I couldn’t tell her that I was getting fitted for my first strapless bra. She joked that I must have been visiting a strip club. This sort of hurt me, because she knows I’m not into that. She’s a real piece of work; she knows how to cut me right to the quick.


    • #364029
      Jo Jett
      Registered On: May 8, 2020
      Topics: 1
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      I try really hard to be an optimist… to always see the bright side… no matter how deep the mud I’m standing in.I can only tolerate pessimists so long… when they start to bring me down I walk away. I have worked with some good engineers and some I couldn’t stand…I prefer the optimistic engineers, but that’s the tradesman coming out. Fun fact… Henry Ford was a machinist… not a engineer . Most of our outstanding inventions were designed by dreamers and trades people… Keep on dreaming and doing what you can do to make this old world a better place…❤️❤️

    • #364021
      Erica Lightly
      Registered On: June 5, 2020
      Topics: 3
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      Pessimistic engineer here.  Actually I’m probably more of a pragmatist (so just Engineer) but too late to change my vote I guess!

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      • #364040
        T.J. Byron
        Registered On: October 18, 2018
        Topics: 0
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        Would love to see your pics.

        Me…optimistic engiener…a surgeon,47 yrs. Check out my gallery and hit me up.Love to chat…


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    • #364019
      TJ Laber-Tea
      Registered On: June 29, 2020
      Topics: 6
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      What an interesting post! I was unfamiliar with the term Engineer in this context and certainly something I could use. I hate disappointment, so I figure if I have low expectations, then I am less likely to feel let down or disappointment. Optimistc engineering sounds a more fruitful (albeit risky) approach. 🤔

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