When fantasizing about yourself dressed and out, how to you view yourself?

A fun poll about how we view ourselves

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  • 1. Do you see yourself from a distance, such as looking over your shoulder or from outside the location you’re imagining - which is third person.
  • 2. Do you see out from within the you in your imagination, that is, you don’t see your total self (except in a mirror, of course) but you see your arms, hands, etc., or you look around or you see others - which is first person.
  • 3. You don’t fantasize at all
  • 4. You’ve never thought about this aspect until now.
  • 5. You’ve had the chance to do live action fantasy role playing as a female character with others
  • 6. Some other response not mentioned. (but please do!)
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    Hi, girls! Here’s a little poll that’s sort of different.  If you’ve ever imagined or fantasized about going out dressed whether you’re a crossdresser or transgendered, how do you view yourself?  I will admit that for most of the time, for me, it’s a third person/third party fantasy, in that I imagine myself dressed, but it’s like I’m looking at myself from a few feet away.  I think it’s harder to put yourself to be fully within the fantasy only seeing parts of yourself, as you look outward.  But I wonder if that can be a little more satisfying – knowing, of course, that fantasies will never fully take the place of real-life experiences.

    A little side note, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve had ‘published’ about 20 cd/tg stories on fictionmania, some from a third person view where the action takes place to and around characters in the story, whether awake or asleep, while the other stories are from a first-person narrative where it’s all strictly actions and thoughts of the main character and associated re-actions by others, and only when the main character is aware. Yet even in those, if I put myself into that role as I’m writing, as it were, I’m still mostly imagining being outside that person’s body.

    Hugs, ChloëC

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      Amy Catrelle
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      I never fantasise about being dressed in public as that is something I’d never do. I prefer to blend in and not draw attention to myself when out and about. However, I do enjoy thinking of myself at a CD/TG event or dressing service and both are on my bucket list, these are quite realistic fantasies and I see myself from both first person and third person perspectives. Depending on the scenario.

      Oddly enough, my wildest and most unrealistic fantasies are reserved for my would-be macho self and I’m totally in drab for those… I’ve fought a lot of battles and won a lot of wars, all from the comfort of my own head. My girl dreams are quite tame in comparison.

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      Michelle Burk
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      I like to think of myself as a woman with all the attributes of a woman . Feeling beautiful desirable and getting a hello

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      Duchess - Annual
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      I see myself in a dress, nylons and heels walking through a mall going into a beauty salon and having my hair done. Then going into stores to buy dresses, skirts and lingerie. All fantasy but so enjoyable to think about.

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      Marlene Roberts
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      Hi! I’m interested in reading some of your books. Under what name do you write, and where can I find them? Best Marlene.

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      Holly Marie
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      Interesting question:  I always see myself from my own viewpoint – and as it’s a fantasy, I never look in a mirror – after all, why upset the fantasy?  Other than that, I can only say that I always seem to have lost two stone in weight, become 30 years younger, finally got my make up right and learned how to walk like a woman, talk like a woman and be perfectly feminine in my actions and gestures.  Mind – like I said… it’s a fantasy.  Ah well; maybe one day…  Holly XXX

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      Raquel Smith
      Registered On: August 26, 2021
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      Definitely, first person POV, when I’m out en femme.

      I have also written some CD/TG fiction and it’s all in first person. I tried writing in third person, but it just didn’t feel right.

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      Jima Smith
      Registered On: October 10, 2022
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      I may be in denial but when I’m dressed and out in public I feel that I look hot. And even if I don’t really look hot it makes me feel like the woman I am inside and that’s what it’s all about !!

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      Lola Caprice
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      Mainly me walking through a park and trying to picture how I would look to other people as I walked by them.



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      Lara Tucker
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      Hi Chloe,

       I have only had a couple of fantasies about being out with another cross dresser. In them I saw us from the third person view from several feet away.
      Of course in those I look more like one of the girls in a ZZ Top video than I do dressed in real life. Hey, it is a fantasy after all!


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      Kelli Marlowe
      Registered On: August 4, 2020
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      a couple of different views, both involving seeing myself from outside my body as another person would. both involve vintage vehicles, because I’m a gasoline junkie.
      in one, I see a Daisy duke like girl, but with long blond hair driving down the road in a vintage pickup truck, wearing flannel shirt and tight fitting jeans.
      in the other, I see the same blonde girl, but now she’s driving a sleek 80s era Camaro Z28, and as she gets out, shows a lot of leg under her miniskirt. her top is low cut, but tasteful, and she’s wearing knee high boots.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      I have a Meryl Streep hair style which can be fixed in a unisex style when in male mode. Yet I see myself out in public as a classy senior citizen that blends into the crowd.  Certainly more passable than when younger and wearing more daring outfits.

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      Duchess - Annual
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      Third person, someone who is viewing me in a dress, nylons and heels. Hopefully they say “looks nice”!

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      Cassie Jayson
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      Your poll for me was to limiting. Since I have been out, I have had the real experience of being out and about as Cassie. Sometime the real word lives up to the fantasies and sometimes not. Sometimes the fantasies are third person and sometimes first.
      Sometimes — at least for me – real life is going so good it almost seems like a fantasy.
      My biggest fear is that this, my real life fantasy, might turn into a nightmare.

      . Cassie

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      Kris Burton
      Registered On: August 6, 2022
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      Fascinating question! Fantasy plays a big role in my perception of my alter ego and persona. I voted #2 – but it does change a bit according to the situation…I think!

      I’ve been out and about a few times, and looking forward to more. I view myself from within the fantasy, its me, but a femme version, I’m “Kris”. I am not at all separate or viewing the whole situation from the outside, or seeing “her” from without. It’s easy to forget that you are presenting your alter ego at these times, but since my persona is a feminized, idealized version of myself its quite comfortable. I’m growing more comfortable in this skin as well.

      If I am taking photos, its the same – I’m “Kris” – no difference. However, when I am analyzing the photos, I am the photographer analyzing his subject and his photographic work, separate from the images I see. . And it’s here I see a dichotomy. I -as my male self – dislike having my picture taken. “Kris” – as my female self – loves it – I/she seems to be a bit of a diva. “I” have no problem looking at “her” pictures often repeatedly, its fun actually. I cannot do this comfortably with pictures of my male self. I mentioned this to my wife, and she says “That’s because it’s not you, its her.”

      Interesting, but I’m not going to try to understand too much or fight it. At the end of the day, I must say I enjoy this duplicity and fantasization that I can play from both sides.

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