Where have you been while dressed/made up?

Where have you been/gone while dressed/made up?

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  • Las Vegas Strip
  • Palm Springs
  • New Orleans
  • Local Mall
  • out to dinner
  • club/bar/pub
  • Casino
  • Drag show
  • grocery shopping
  • another state than where I live
  • my home state
  • my home city/town
  • Never within 100 miles of where I live


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      Stephenie Derick
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      Palm Springs, West Hollywood, and Santa Barbara.

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      Emily Alt
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      I haven’t been to 2 places on your list: Vegas and New Orleans.

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      Diane Marie Rakers
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      The “full Diane”? My lovely therapist, the wonderful Patty.

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      None of the above… I’m a private crossdresser, and I don’t venture out and about in public. 🙂

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      Jin Crocker
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      I have been out in my girly things pretty much anywhere i go in my guy things. I am a little scared to try a biker bar, but it is on my bucket list!

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      I’ve gone to the grocery store the pharmacy get cigarettes and gas liquor store nightclubs lovers houses or hotel rooms just out to walk or ride and the list would have been longer if I had gotten over my fears years ago

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      Gabriela Romani
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      Except from the three specific destinations (Vegas, New Orleans, palm Beach) I marked “all of the above, multiple times)

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        Managing Ambassador
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        I only put those in as an option from my own experience.
        I look forward to the time you and I get to meet and give each other a hug.
        I believe in you, Gabriela

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        Gabriela Romani
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        Hey, just thought I should add…

        I started going out after I moved in to the US. Being in a new city/country allowed me to be able to go out without any fear of being recognized. Maybe people would be able to “read me”, but there was no way in the world that anybody but a small group of co-workers (a dozen or so) would be able to recognize me. 12/1,000,000 people in the metro area, not bad odds)
        And that was about 23 years ago. So, my circumstances were kind of special. For those living in at the same place for years and years, going out can be much more difficult, since the chances of being read are higher.

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      K Swim
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      The lakes I where I can get the best privacy for swimming in a one piece swimsuit is just across the river which is across state lines. Even though that is not very far from where I live, I still found myself voting “another state”

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      Jenny Thigh High
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      I have gone out to other men’s homes and/or hotel rooms dressed. That’s the extent of my “public” dressing and really have no desire to dress elsewhere.
      On the other hand, I occasionally think a CD friendly bar or club could be hot. I mean fun. 😉

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      Oh my, I gave up the best thing I had always dreamed of.

      I was married ((to a Female) and I Had from the age of 5, totally wished that I had been a Girl.

      Not what you would think though, I in no way wanted to change my biological sex, I just wanted to dress in pretty Girly Clothes, have girls accept me and be as cute and Feminine as possible.

      This is TRUE!

      A few years ago I went to a Strip Club in Harvey Il. I was wearing a pretty pink lace trimmed bustier and stockings underneath my male clothes. One of the Dancers approached me for a dance, she put her hands on my chest and felt the underwire of my pretty Bustier. She had other stripers come over as she showed them my pretty Lingerie!

      After that I would go back every few months and offer other dancers $50.00 to do my makeup. The Girls were Wonderful and I believe they totally enjoyed it. In Fact after a few months a couple of the Girls actually brought me some of their old clothes, one of the girls, Mary brought me the cutest padded Bra, it was white with lovely pink flowers adoring the cups.

      Then it happened, my very best wish came true. The girl name Boston @ the strip club, not only did my makeup but brought me a makeup bag fully stocked with with everything a girl would need, even including .75 cents and phone number to call her if need be.

      I remember later she brought a bag of WONDERS to the strip club, Girls I am unable to express my JOY!~ Her bag contained, a Pretty Blouse with matching Skirt, a Lovely black panty girdle with lots of lace that she told me “I’d love it if I choose to show ‘A Little Lace. I did & I did.

      I asked her if we could go shopping together sometime and she was most receptive to.

      As I mentioned I’m married to woman not accepting. Boston called me and invited me to her sons high school Graduation, saying I can come dressed in any clothes I would feel like.

      I was in total Guilt Mode and like a idiot I- Declined the invitation, she left the club and I have Sadly never had contact again.

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      skippy1965 Cynthia
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      Anywhere and everywhere-coast to coast on planes, trains, automobiles. Locally and traveling.

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      Jenny Jones
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      So I am starting to go out, just baby steps for now I’ll admit so the things I have done aren’t on here. But I have gone outside to take the trash out as well as gone to the gas station. Just small things like that, hoping to be able to make bigger moves this year.


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      Jennifer Lynn
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      I am Jennifer 24/7 so wherever I or we go it is Jennifer. This unfortunately included 2 funerals, neither covid related.

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      Brittney Andrews
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      1st time; near my home town. Went to a walking track at 4am for a 20min walk on Memorial Day 2019.

      2nd time; in another state. Attended my CD/TG support group picnic in a secluded park July 2019. 3rd time, same other state. Later that night went to a semi-private party/event.

      4th time; in another state 100+ miles. Shopped at CDer superstore 6/11/20.

      5th time; in my home state. Had a meet-up with a CDH friend 10/19/20.

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      Gina Sinclair
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      I checked all but grocery shopping, guess I had better do that lol, I might add playing golf, strip club , nail salon, beauty parlor, not a lot places I have not been out as Gina

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      I’ve been out many places, shopping, to a few clubs, I’ve gone to several adult stores , many times just for an evening walk, many evenings while working away I would get dressed and walk out of my room through the hotel and lounge in the smoking area during the evening usually no one was around although one fall I was working out of a small city for a few weeks, I was staying in a motel with outside access which was perfect for me so each evening after I got in I got dressed with great care skirt nylons, heels and took great care with my makeup, with nice wig, oh and  I loved wearing hoop earrings at the time and although I don’t smoke I would pretend to have a cigarette and puff on one of course being fall it was already quite dark out with only a few lights and lots of shadows . Well one evening as I was sitting out doing this a young woman came along quite suddenly actually she startled me by asking me for a light, I fumbled for my lighter and handed it to her, she used it and as she handed it back said thank you then started to visit a bit and not wanting to appear rude I answered her using my best soft fem voice we made a bit of small talk and she left all the time I never moved until I heard a door close.

      Next evening I got dressed but waited and watched until I was certain that I would be alone and went out to my usual spot got comfy being careful to pay more attention to who was around, after several minutes I heard a door open, unable to move with out being evasive I remained where I was and once again this same woman came out for a cigarette she lite up and said Hi and I said Hi back and she continued to smoke her cigarette and commented on the evening and I agreed and she noticed my shoes and said with a smile killer heels ! I love them! and we started to visit again she chatted and I trying to use my fem voice ( I knew I was busted but it felt great) she never once let on and we talked for maybe twenty minutes, two cigarettes and parted company with her asking if I would be out tomorrow night I heard myself saying yes of course.

      And of course after work next evening I dressed very carefully again the weather was a little cooler that evening so instead of stockings I put on tights  and with an excitement this time and waited until approximately the same time and went out to the same place and in no time as if she was watching for me she arrived said Hi and lite up she had brought coffee this time and offered me some, of course I will and she said come and I will get you a cup not sure about actually seeing me in the light and actually on my feet and walking in heels, but getting some courage I followed her the few steps to her room and waited till she got me a cup of coffee, I noticed she was quite tall and on the way back I walked beside her, we chatted away as if we did this every night .

      This went on for about a week, then one evening she told me that her work was finishing the next day and was leaving but had really enjoyed chatting with me also sharing some clothing ideas and that she loved my heels of which I had several pairs also commented that I had great legs and blushing I thanked her for everything complimented her and we gave a little hug, I loved every minute of our encounters and will remember them always. Since then I’ve been a lot less guarded of my crossdressing and have been out more often usually in the evening and careful about what I do but I have come to believe that really most people really don’t care as a rule and we inherently know what is safe and what is a bad situation

      Kisses Wendy




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      Rachel McFadden
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      Coming from the UK, Las Vegas etc. are definitely not on my list. However, having spent a while living essentially full time as Rachel, I’ve done a surprising number of the more ‘mundane’ things on the list.

      Shopping for groceries was a regular occurence, as was visiting other local stores and occassionally restaurants. A few of the staff in those places came to recognise me somewhat – I honestly believe they considered me just to be another woman doing the shopping. It was an amazing thrill to have one male staff member refer to me as, “Luv” – I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have said that if he’d suspected something.

      Walking around the parks was also a favourite of mine – anyone who knows Oxford will know that there are some lovely parks and I found it really peaceful just to stroll. Although, it always set up a strange contrast inside of me, on one hand I was very relaxed, enjoying being outside in a beautiful place, feeling very comfortable in my appearance and my dress but, of course, there was that slight churn of excitement a nervousness of being outside fully dressed.

      Whatever, I still look back on those days as some of the happiest of my life.

      Rachel xx




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      Over the years I have done shopping in several malls around the country. I also like to go to movies and the theater. I’ve not done any sit down restaurants but multiple drive throughs.

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      Cindy Lou
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      Still waiting for my first time, but last night my wife and I decided to go for a mani-pedi together in the new year. I’ll be going out in drab, but underdressed with painted toes. I figure this will put me in a position where I will more or less have to fess up to someone I dont know, my hope is that this will propel me to a real outing soon afterwards.

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      Pamela Johnson
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      I love photography and because of that I love to put on a pair of nice fitting jeans and visit local  landmarks and forest preserves to take pictures. I’ve also made a couple grocery forays, Haven’t been anywhere that requires socializing because of the ongoing COVID thing.

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      I’ve been out to several clubs/ bars and that kind of stuff over the years. The more memorable outings would be going to work at the pool store one Saturday a little job I picked up after I retired. We had a bad location, right out on the edge of town and we were having an idea session one lunch to figure out how to get customers in. My manager, also Heather knew I was a CD so we came up with this plan. That Saturday, we sold chlorine for cash on Saturdays, I came in dressed, shorts, tight t-shirt, large breast forms, heeled sandals, you get the idea. We called the local radio station where I know the DJ and she kept putting out reports that a transexual was pumping chlorine at blue ocean pools all dressed up. We had cars lined up down the drive way and out on the street. I was getting the jugs and another guy was filling them plus we had a BBQ going selling hot dogs and sausage for the local SPCA. We ended up with a couple of local newspapers there and a local TV news, the police even showed up to do some crowd and traffic control, free hot dogs for our most under appreciated public servants. We made a stack of money and had to call suppliers to get restocked on the Sunday or we didn’t have much to sell on Monday and the best part we made over $1000 for the SPCA. A great day for all.

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      Jannie Murry
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      One thing you didn’t ask about is being on vacation. This is something that I’ve done and look forward to doing it again when its safe to travel after the pandemic. I love going on vacation away from where I live and live as a female while I’m there. Its interesting and fun to be seen as a female and treated as a girl on vacation. The Florida Keys offer many places to stay and live as a girl without having to worry about the things you are able to do while presenting yourself as a girl  I hope this information will help any girls who want to go somewhere safe on vacation


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      Dawn Wyvern
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      Hi Billie

      Many thanks for posting this, good fun to see where we all get to ..

      However you missed out a little trick in that this is an international site and some of us are not able to visit the American cities on the list, just as you may find it hard to visit Manchester, Melbourne, Deli, Oslo, Dublin, Auckland,  or Reykjaik …

      So maybe add ‘your capital city’ to the list and a TG/CD event …

      Just a thought


      Dawn x

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      Managing Ambassador
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      I should have added work and the beach!

      this was just a fun idea I had, and I’m so glad it’s been received so well!


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      all but the top 3. really no many places i won’t go. a few places not mentioned are the beach in a bikini, the hospital to visit a friend,  concerts, checked into a hotel, rode my motorcycle dressed, the movies, the mountains and walked the beach in a thong bikini this year. not really any place i wouldn’t go. even went to the mens room to take a leak dressed.

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      Alison Anderson
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      Probably too many places to mention.  I’ve been out shopping in a variety of stores (department stores, liquor store, drug stores, grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, women’s clothing stores as some common examples).  I’ve been out to restaurants both for dine-in and take-out.  I went to a club once for a friend’s birthday, but I’ve never really liked clubs because of the noise level (I’ll only go if I can stuff cotton in my ears). I went to a bar a couple of times but again it isn’t really my scene.  I went to a drag show once. I’ve been to museums, public transportation, car trips, local parks, Broadway shows.  I checked into a hotel en femme once.  I’ve been to a CD conference.  I went to the cemetery.  I’ve been out walking in my neighborhood almost every day for the last few months.  I’ve gone to CD events at my friend’s home or a CD support group many times.

      I haven’t been to Vegas, Palm Springs or New Orleans, but don’t feel I need to.  I also haven’t gone to a casino, and probably won’t because of the cigarette smoke.

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      Gretchen Carolina Laurentina
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      I have only been fully dressed in public one time. I used to attend poetry slams once a week. I love to write. I created 2-3 new pieces to perform for the audience. This week was, for the very first time, a drag slam. So, I finally had someplace to go where being dressed was de rigour. Expected. So, I first too a very long hot shower; and scrubbed all my parts very well. I, next shaved my face very close, about 3 times. Then, I put on my deodorant, a female scent Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds, and soothe that same scent of lotion everywhere, especially my privates, and booty. I didn’t need any perfume. I must’ve smelled like a odalisque in a sultan’s harem. That scent is my absolute favorite. It is rich, exotic, and silky soft. Since I’m kind of a rough guy, in my male persona; it feels wonderful to smell so girly. Empowering, I’d call it. Then, I laid out my underwear, a pair of black, lacy, nylon panties; a matching bra, a black satin garter belt, a very tight, trimmed in lace black garter belt, a pair of opaque black thigh high nylon stockings, black leather sandals, (it was June), a gray nylon dress, short sleeved, with a gathered waist, pleated, and a black leather skinny belt. My hair is below the shoulders, so I didn’t need a wig. Just a slight touch of rouge, some lip gloss in pale pink, and a lace scarf, also in gray; and I was ready. When I arrived, accompanied by a male friend, no one even recognized me. Once I opened my mouth; and my very low bass baritone voice was heard, everyone said hello, one guy asked me if I was wearing perfume. I said, “..no guts, no glory..” He was wearing a dress, nothing else over his male attire. Several of the guys were wearing some female things; but I was the only one who went all the way. I got hit on by several guys outside of the poetry group, who wanted my digits. I just smiled, and walked away. It was a very memorable event. I think I even won a prize for my outfit. “Best dressed” or something. One girl bought me a drink because I was fully dressed; panties, stockings, and a bra. If every time I went out passed as successfully as that night, I’d probably go full time as a female.

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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Hi Billie. Checked all but Palm Springs and never within 100 miles of home. I have spent a LOT of time out shopping, dining and doing whatever fully dressed. The sad part is it was all done alone. I wish my SO was more accepting but she is not comfortable being with me dressed so I am just happy she accepts that I do go out and I don’t have to hide that from her. Maybe one of these days.

      Over the years I have become quite comfortable being out and although once in a while I have that moment when I get somewhere that I second guess whether I look acceptable I just suck it up and get moving. 😂😂. Once I am out and about I feel fine and don’t get any hassles, strange looks or issues. I did have a trip one time that I was at a grocery store and got some looks and later on after looking in the mirror decided it wasn’t the facial appearance but the attire. Turns out the outfit after a serious appraisal just didn’t look that good, the waistline on the slacks was way too high made me look like I had super long legs and lower torso and a miniature upper torso. Kind of a fashion faux pax. I have never put that top and bottom together again.

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      Sally Drinkwater
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      I’m from the UK and never been grand enough to go to visit Las Vagas, Palm Springs or New Orleans. Have you?

      There are probably a 100 town, villages and cities within 100 miles from me and I have probably been to most of them.

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      Jennifer Swanson
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      First place I went out dressed was to a bar to watch my friends band.  His wife was surprised when I sat down next to her.  But I was even more surprised when she told me that her husband dressed.  At the next break he came and sat with us and just stared at me the entire time.  I had no idea he dressed but I knew it would be fun when he saw me.  I was new to cd but he had been dressing for years.  Since then we have been out dressed together to an art show, Palm Springs, Christmas lights, thrift stores, concerts, and many other places.  Oh all the friends you will find, when you know that your friends really don’t mind.

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      Thanks for making me think about this! I checked quite a few places, more than I would have thought. Actually going grocery/fun shopping today. Need some basics and I am in desperate need of a puffy vest. I’ve been doing a lot of walking on local trails and it’s getting a bit chilly but not quite cold enough for my winter coat. I believe a vest and a comfy sweater will be just the thing!

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      Patty Phose
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      I’ve gone out dressed pretty much everywhere. My first outings were just drive around in the car, look for places that appeared safe and got out and walk around. I got a little bolder and daring each time and would do brief errands or just walk around a shopping center and walk in and out of a store.

      My first long time outing was a college Halloween Party. That was a big deal. I was going to go fully dressed. I would have to walk a long distance from the car to the building where the party was. It was going to be dark, the path rough and no doubt there would be others I would be passing or walking among.I worried about falling or being harassed or assaulted by someone. Then I had to go through the building where it would be lit, get in an elevator and go to the floor the party was on. Then, how would party goers react to me? It all went very well. I had a great time.

      I had been dressing a couple of years and had been out many times with my little errands, walks and even more college parties. Then my girlfriend who I had recently introduced Patty, thought it would be fun if we went out as girlfriends. She wanted to get some summer clothes and thought Patty might enjoy getting some too. I was excited about it, but this was going into the real world. As I was getting dressed I was getting more and more apprehensive about it. Walking from the house to the car was fine. I had done it countless times. Driving to the mall was good. Something else I had done a lot of. Pulling into the mall with all the people around made me very nervous. I parked the car and was scared to get out. After a bit of encouragement, I opened the door, got out and stood up. WOW! There was a lot of people out there. Were they looking at me? After checking out the situation, I shut the car door and we began walking towards the entrance. I looked straight ahead. We got to the entrance. I didn’t want to go in. Once inside i was trapped. No escaping. I hesitated. She told me, “come on”. We walked in. It was so crowded and noisy.I didn’t belong here. All my instincts were telling me to leave but I walked on.

      I began to notice some people looking over at us. Were they seeing a pretty young girl and a guy in a dress, pantyhose and heels? That thought frightened me. Or were they seeing two pretty, young sexy and leggy girls? That thought excited me. No one was bothering us. My excitement built. Once we began going into the stores and looking at and trying on clothes, my fears pretty much went away and I was in full excitement mode. I was going into dressing rooms, trying on clothes and coming out to show my girlfriend. This was insane, crazy fun. I was so glad she came up with this idea.

      Then I had to make a restroom stop. Oh no. What restroom do I use. I’m dressed as a girl. I look like a girl. I have to use the women’s room. That seemed totally wrong. I hadn’t thought of this. I couldn’t wait anymore though. I walked in, just looking down. I found a stall, went in shut the door, did my thing and listened for when there seemed to be less activity. I opened the stall and quickly walked out. After that I didn’t drink anything. With the exception of the rest room, that outing had been a scary but very exciting experience. We both got a lot of really great clothes.

      After that, when we went out, I would ask if I should go as my male self or Patty. She would tell me to do whatever I wanted. Most of the time I chose Patty. After a while I didn’t even ask. It was mostly Patty. One of the things I really loved about this was, we always included a little shopping trip in. It was always fun and exciting to get some more pantyhose, panties, bras, dresses or shoes.

      When we would go out of town or state, I always took Patty clothes along. Whether we went out or not, I was gong to be Patty as much as I could. One time while out we noticed a place that had drag shows and drag events. My wife wanted to go. I was in male mode. We went in for the show. My wife couldn’t resist telling the performers I was a crossdresser. They told me I should have come in dressed. They even invited me to come into their dressing room and put on some clothes. I could even come out and perform with them. I politely declined but they kept coming around and kept bugging me. I did agree to get dressed and come back for Drag Bingo Night. That had to be the first time I actually felt like I blended in. Some patrons thought I was one of the performers and left me tips. I went back dressed a few times more for the shows when we were in town. I did get up on stage, and went to a few more Drag Bingo Nights. The last time I was going to go there, the place was closed.

      Then there was meeting other CD’s, getting dressed together, getting makeovers, sharing stories and experiences, and encouraging each other and going out. And of course there is the great Femme Fever parties and meetings. The Virus disrupted those, but they were great. Hopefully the virus will be gone and the parties and meeting will be back soon. So much fun, and definitely must dos for CD’s and TG’s.

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      Hiya Billie, checked off a few there… I’d like to add, hiking camping fishing swimming, during the summer the reservoir is my favorite place.  Kinda disappointed about the casino tho, pre-pandemic that was one I thought would be fun “deal me in ladies” 🤑 but, maybe another time.

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      I almost checked of all!! EXCEPT!! Within my town I grew up in but,,,, I did,,, kind-of-? If ? It’s still called going out dressed in your own town lol 😆 & what I mean is- I did it at Night,, &,, I even went as far as turning off my post light & looked outside the house door to make sure I,, didn’t see anyone around & especially my one neighbor &,,, I would run,,,, to the car 🚗 FAST!!! &,,, drove out of the driveway &,,, wouldn’t turn my headlights on in the car until a little further past the house lol &,,,, I really don’t know why it still scares me 😱? because if I think about it,, half of the people I new are all grown up &,,, moved out married/ perhaps died.  in the town itself,, / small town stores NO-,,, , I can Never go to shop/hangout in my neighborhood town that somehow? Still scares me &,,, I don’t even live there anymore

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      Lexie Trask
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      Unfortunately, my answer is work! The place of my employment.
      I haven’t had the courage or ability to go out to any of the places listed.

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      Thanks Billie!  I have checked several of those off in the last 3 months!!!    Hugs Pru

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