Which Toilet Restroom to enter

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    Tina England
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    Just wondering which Toilet / restroom do you go into when you are feminine.

    I only been dressed in the car, Not sure if I will every be brave enough to go outside yet. But have no idea about if I did then I need the toilet what to do. Might just head for the toilet designed for people with a disability as they are gender neutral.

    I do not even know if it would be an offence if a male when into a ladies toilet in the UK

    Anyone any ideas – experiences ? What’s it like in different countries.


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    In Australia, law enforcement authorities (Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers – GLLOs) have advised that we should use the public facilities that match our gender presentation.

    Their advice was that, should there be a problem, either state that such was the advice of the police or ask that the police be called.

    The important thing is to be safe.

     Lucinda Hawkns 
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    well her Niagara falls N.Y. area  if you are dressed as a female i would use the female bath room if i had to go bad, this way i would not break no law for i am a female,  and would not break any law that i know of and get attention

     Martha Lou 
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    When dressed as a woman, I use the ladies room.

    I am a very passable transgender woman. Even went to the makeup counter and no body said a thing.

    When out as a lady, I use the ladies room, sit and then come out and fix my makeup.

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     Tina England 
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    At this stage I am only brave enough to be a rather bland female in a car, so the idea of going outside then going into a shop, cafe etc , then walking across to the ladies toilet. Finally going in the ladies is just too terrifying at this time.

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    I really agree, if you are out en femme, there is no big deal. You just do what any girl or lady would do and go to the ladies restroom. No fuss made and you will attract no attention ….. I just have to remember when I am not en femme to chose the right door !!

     Bianca Everdene 
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    Not sure on the exact rule of the law, but if presenting as female I agree with Patty that the ladies is the correct choice. I had to go in a shopping centre once, tried to look casual, no eye contact, in and out, phew, a relief in more ways than one ! Did not even consider the possibility I may be breaking the law.

     Terrisa Washbourne 
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>In Canada if you present as a woman you are allowed to use the woman’s. Though in drab form I’ve used the woman’s declaring I’m a woman; first time I’ve ever seen a line up for the men’s room but they were single use bathrooms. Lol.</p>

     Patty Phose 
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    If you are presenting as female, just go into a ladies room, go into a stall do your thing and leave. Don’t make a big deal about it.

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