Which of the following do you identify with?

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  • I am a straight male crossdresser
  • I am a bisexual crossdresser
  • I am a gay crossdresser
  • I am not sexually active
  • I am not interested in a sex change
  • I am curious about a sex change
  • I am planning on having a sex change
  • I have already had the operation

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    Jennifer Swanson
    Registered On: April 20, 2019
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    I’ve been to to several events lately and I’m curious as to where we fall as a community.

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     Alice Underwire 
    Registered On: September 16, 2019
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a straight M2F crossdresser and love women.  I do have some womanly feelings which perhaps, fits in the gender fluid category.  After all, many of us have a mix of emotions and feelings.


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     Jillian Walker 
    Registered On: October 13, 2019
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I am a straight male, as in I’ve never had sex with a man. However, to be honest, lately I have begun to wonder.

    My wife lost interest in sex a few years ago due to a physical issue. So I don’t know if my changing sexuality (if in fact it is changing) is a result of a lack of sexual activity or my Jillian side having more influence.

    I have always been envious of women’s bodies and wished that I looked like them. I have slowly come to believe that if I were younger person in today’s climate I would have already transitioned.

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    Registered On: October 22, 2015
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    I’m a straight male crossdresser with the thoughts of maybe having SRS later in life, still trying to work out my head

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     Ellie Hope 
    Registered On: October 3, 2019
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    Until the last ten years or so, I been exclusively heterosexual. But for  the past several, I find myself desiring intimacy with a few select males, especially those who are also exploring their female side. So although I have never acted on those desires, I do believe I could now be bisexual in the right circumstances. These bisexual notions continue to strengthen each passing year. I often wonder if the transition I am experiencing corrolates with my declining testosterone levels?

    Interesting poll, thank you.

    Ellie Hope

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       Roxanne Lanyon 
      Registered On: November 11, 2018
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      I know I could! How very sweet and nice that would be!

      Roxanne Lanyon

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     Morgan Staar 
    Registered On: November 3, 2018
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    I’ve only had relationships with guys..an interaction with woman have been disastrous and humiliating..I am in a serious relationship now with an open minded caring gentleman that has no problems with my boy bits ( they are small and unobtrusive) so no plans for any operations, but wouldn’t mind a having a nice set of boobs to help the landscape. Come on Hormones, do your stuff…lol


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     Jenny Thigh High 
    Registered On: August 10, 2019
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    Gay crossdresser.  Boom.

    But one of only two?

    Uummmmm….i know that stat is highly highly dubious, but, everyone is free to vote as they wish, of course! 🙂

    Honestly, the volume of “straight crossdressing” that occurs is something i learned from this group and it just astonishes me.

    I had no idea before joining this group…then again, yeah, I think the numbers here are a bit dubious nevertheless.  It’s way more gray (or gay) than the lopsided totals thus far.



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     Rozalyne Richards 
    Registered On: March 10, 2018
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    As a bi cross dresser I’ve always had an eye for a beautiful woman and an handsome man, I’ve also been wondering what it would be like to actually have a woman’s body and be seen as a woman, I’m a married man and my wife has no idea I’m a cross-dresser or that I’m bi, when I’m out and about i always eye up the women not in a sexual way but to look at what they are wearing, some women look fabulous in the dresses they wear and I’m not just talking about the younger ones some older women can look sexier than the younger ones, i suppose if things were different when i was a lot younger I might have gone down a different route and plumped for a full sex change xxxxx

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     Sally Drinkwater 
    Registered On: July 15, 2019
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    I don’t know where ‘we’ fit in the community Jennifer?  I don’t even know where I fit ‘within’ the community?

    If there is a lable for those who take pleasure in looking and feeling sexy without the hang ups, guilt or unhealthy fantasies I would like to be in that one please 🙂

    Sally x



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     Vicki Smythe 
    Registered On: September 6, 2019
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    Answered as a heterosexual crossdresser but there is a lot of gray area for me depending on the day, mood, state of dress. For surgery if I could get away with breast implants I’d consider it, nothing overtly large but something for additional shape and volume. In probably have some latent gender dysphasia that needs addressing.

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     Heather Jameson 
    Registered On: April 1, 2019
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    I’m bisexual and consider myself a lesbian when I’m with my wife, which really turns me on. I would love to have a sex change and look like the person I am, but can’t due to health issues, my heart couldn’t take it.

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     BillieJo55 Smith 
    Registered On: August 15, 2017
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    I consider myself gender-fluid, comfortable as a man but have about 20% female feelings. Am in a very good marriage with a woman that understands my dressing & haven’y been with a man but as a female I do find some attractive & maybe…..

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     Anne Preuss 
    Registered On: December 13, 2018
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    I only chose “I am curious about a sex change”.   As I have aged, I have become less interested in sex with women to the point of becoming sexless.  When I am out and about in my vanilla male-drab world, I frequently look at women and think “Would I love to be her” or “Wish I had breasts or curves like her” or “She looks fabulous dressed in….”.  Yet, in this same vanilla world, I am not checking out men in a homosexual way as I don’t identify as someone interested in male-on-male relations.  But as Anne, I find myself attracted to a good looking man and have enjoyed sex with a couple other CD’s (I viewed them as men dressed in women’s clothing, nothing else).  This goes back to other labeling discussions on other threads.  As Anne, am I really acting out in a heterosexual way…identifying as a woman and only interested in men as Anne?

    I’m not only curious about a sex change but I am convinced I would already proceed in that direction if not for my fear of being ostracized by those close to me in my circle of family and ultimately losing contact with my grandchildren whom I love so dearly.  It’s a daily struggle.  I give Tiffany Alexis a mountain of credit for moving ahead in her life journey…to accept herself and take steps to become the person/the woman she truly identifies with.

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     Camryn Occasionnel 
    Registered On: December 10, 2018
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    I chose “I am a straight male crossdresser” and “I am not sexually active” and “I am not interested in a sex change.”

    I echo the 1st, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs of Laura Lovett’s reply. But I have no SO, understanding or otherwise, to contend with. And I certainly never had a memorable childhood experience as she describes!

    That said, I support 100% Tiff’s “change of wrappers,” and I hope she keeps everyone at CDH fully informed of her step by step transformation.

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       Tiffany Alexis 
      Registered On: March 28, 2019
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      Not going anywhere, and I’ve never been accused of being quiet, or at the very least subtle, or even “not loud”, so yeah, I’ll keep ya posted…

      Also, to clarify, I didn’t see you could put orientation in. Although I’m not sure I fit into the given categories, as not only am I going to be the girl, I fully intend to get the girl too. Cause they’re prettier. I happen to like pretty. I am not attracted to men. So, guess for Tiff, lez is more…

      She who dares, wins.

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     Alison Anderson 
    Registered On: October 15, 2018
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    I am a straight male crossdresser. While mostly interested in the clothes, I’m just as comfortable presenting fully as a woman. I am in a monogamous relationship, but my SO hasn’t been interested in many years so I’m not active. The relationship is hanging by a thread which is about to be cut. I have no plans to start another relationship at this time.

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     Olivia Livin 
    Registered On: October 22, 2018
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    I am in a straight loving relationship and am strictly monogamous by nature but now find beauty and attraction to those of any particular associated gender.

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     Tiffany Alexis 
    Registered On: March 28, 2019
    Topics: 137
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    All tiff here, wrapper got switched with Standard SomeDude accidentally. I am going to correct the oversight fully. Tiff4ever FTW. Voted for all the way, work already in progress.

    She who dares, wins.

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     Laura Lovett 
    Registered On: November 18, 2018
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    I love women and all things feminine, but have never wanted to be one, just to dress like and be with as many as possible.

    Slight rephrase required… I am happily married and take my vows seriously – I keep myself to my wife, but friends are a different matter entirely.

    I’m pretty sure it’s a gender dysphoria thing, as I’m repelled by men and most male things, body hair, football, boxer shorts (never worn them!) – took me a long time to adjust to the taste of beer. Still not keen.

    I suppose I’m a very girly kind of man, because there’s no questioning my biological gender – but I’ve never been effeminate.

    One happy, happy memory that comes to me is the time I was in a school operatic performance at a local theatre. I arrived late, and my singing teacher collared me on the way in, reprimanded me, and said that the boys were right down the corridor, the girls changing area was nearer, so I would have to go in there.

    She practically dragged me, but I couldn’t believe my luck!

    It was a sizeable room – there were a great deal more girls interested in singing than boys, and I found myself surrounded by girls who wanted to talk to me as I changed – and as they changed!

    Obviously no-one went further than underwear – but being in a room full of girls, probably 30-40 – and stripping down to my own underwear was delicious!

    Even though I was 15, it wasn’t a physically arousing experience, it just felt right. Beautifully right.

    And, of course, after the performance, my clothes were still in the girls changing area, so I had to go through it all over again.

    This time I was surrounded by some of the older girls, and let’s keep it clean, but they did look amazing in their underwear!

    I wished I could wear the same underwear and pretty dresses – and yes, for a few moments, wished I could fill a bra like that too!

    I could probably be happy with breasts, but I’m happy without them, so no biggie!

    Love Laura


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     K Swim 
    Registered On: July 8, 2019
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    Straight male who only loves one piece swimsuits. Although I use breast forms with them, I have no interest in surgery. And I am still only attracted to natural born ladies.

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     Danielle Silverfeather 
    Registered On: July 29, 2019
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    I am bisexual and bigender. I am comfortable as a man or as a woman


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