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      I find myself drawn to (compelled to?) have “breasts” whenever I can in public.  I can’t pass and barely

      have any women’s outerwear (jog bras, tight bike shorts, leggings) but I am always carefully stuffing with 5-6 panties for each breast giving me unmistakeable “breasts” in my jog bras.  This is fairly recent and I’m not sure what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m not signaling that I’m anything more than a man in a dress.  When I wear my D-cup bras at home (only at night for bed) I stuff the same way. I told myself it was so the shaped cups of my push-up/plunge t-shirt bras didn’t lose their shape with me sleeping on them.  But I don’t need to so that in a jog bra.  This is definitely more than my wife would be happy to see me do so why do I risk it? It isn’t a sexual excitement thing.  I do get a sense of happiness when walking my dog that way and women stop and talk to me (always about my dog) and I’m standing there clearly in a jog bra and leggings with large “breasts”.  I don’t know what they think of me or what I want them to think of me.

      Okay girls any advice? Anyone else do this?

      Thanks, Megan

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      I love the feeling of being dressed in public with breast.

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      If you want the real feel without spending a lot of money. Put two balloons in each other and fill with water. You can make to your desired size. The feeling when you walk or jog is fabulous , Give it a try you won’t regret it. If they break it’s only water not a $200 silicon filled. Just don’t over fill you’ll know.

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        Use warm or hot water to fill, once they get cooled down you’ll know why. Rice is also a good filler, mostly for weight but not so much bounce.

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          Tried rice in the past and other material inside nylons but they all tended to pack too firm over time or be too heavy

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          Ginah H

          Flax seeds work well in a nylon pouch, I would not use water as a balloon is WAY too easy to puncture!

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        I’ve used cool not cold but not hot due to expansion from steam.

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        Ginah H

        I paid 35 bucks for a pair off eBay, nice and soft, nice bounce,  and are super comfy..

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      Having breasts is my one wish for a body change. If I could grow my own breasts I would be in heaven. I love my fem clothing from lingerie outwards. But the feeling of a full bra with shape and weight to it is heaven. the shape that a full bra gives to dresses or blouses is amazing.

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      I keep a bra and a set of forms in my car. When I go out alone, I almost always stop and put them on, no matter what I’m wearing. I to don’t pass as I have no wig and have never tried makeup….yet. I just love the feel of them and looking down and enjoying the view. If I were to suddenly grow my own, I’d be thrilled.

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        Thanks Stephanie, I feel less alone in this…

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        I will be driving tonite and I have my bag packed for the ride home, it is fun to drive when your by yourself!!!  LOL

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      Ginah H

      im kind of in the same direction, i dont do the whole girl thing, although i have in the past, i consider myself an “it”, more so a boy that really likes girl things, but i find myself wanting to wear a bit of “padding” in a bra out and about, not enough to be super noticeable, but enough to give me a bit more boob…and then at home i like wearing bras with my B forms in, preferring the look of breasts with my boatload of dresses i wear around the house..and im guilty of wearing a soft, well padded bra to bed, like the sight and feel of them! Dont know why, but life is too short not to enjoy what i enjoy! GF has known since first date, so its a non issue with anything i wear.

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      For me, it’s because I want to look in the mirror and see the woman I have always been! I also want them so I can be seen by the world as Lauren too!

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        Thanks, Lauren.  I guess there is the rub for me.  I don’t know what I want the world to think.  I’m a bearded man but I want people to know I’m wearing women’s clothing and the breasts, I don’t know what I expect them to think.  Jump to the conclusion that I’m a CD with breastforms?  A guy with a glandular or weight problem? (I’m on the heavier side but nothing else in my body shape suggests the D cup breasts make sense as “just extra fat”… I’m clearly manifesting a female attribute without attempting to send all female signals.  Doesn’t seem too common here on CDH so maybe I’m nuts or perverted in some way… why do I feel compelled to show large breasts and show I’m wearing jog bras and tight running shorts to strangers when my wife would be upset if she knew?  Too many questions around this recent development for my comfort.

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          Megan, I don’t really have answers to your questions. But I can tell you this: being different, being in the minority, doesn’t make you “nuts” or “perverted in some way.”

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      The thought or desire to have breasts is an extension of the desire to appear female when we see our reflection in the mirror or when you walk out in public. Breasts give you shape, adds curves, proportions and is one of the most recognizable identifying characteristic of being female. Having breasts forms was definitely a defining moment for me in crossdressing. I was able to create cleavage and depth with a little makeup augmentation. My breasts forms are a C cup though for fun I have a breastplate in D’s. Just love my breasts when they are all snuggled up in my push up bra or comfortably covered under a camisole.

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      There seems to be something magical about breasts. They are the source of our first nutrition and later the source of a great many fixations! As a male gendered person my breasts are small and insignificant from a dressing pov but they are very sensitive and sensual to me. I also love wearing my breast forms and having a full figured look. While they can’t match real breasts from a “feel” perspective I do love the weight and feel of them not to mention the profile!

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        The weight in the bra, the way they help the bra, teddies, camis, and other clothes look feminine… exactly.  I really should consider forms.  So many questions and “features” I’d want from them… I’m sure there are threads here to start learning…

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      J J

      I know the feeling. I love wearing forms even when in total hit mode. I often wear them with a loose shirt so they are not too obvious. They just feel good to wear and to give the occasional squeeze when out and about. I have always loved boobs, and they are far and away my favorite femme feature and the feature I most enjoy emulating.

      Though I started out by wearing panties, I quickly moved into bras because that is what I most enjoy seeing pretty women wearing.

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        I love the bounce.  Even just 5-6 nylon panties in a breast shape for both sides in a jog bra has a little bounce. I’m guessing if I had proper forms the effect would be even better.

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          J J

          The difference is huge…night and day. Not just the bounce, but the feel and weight are so much better.

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        JJ that’s exactly the way I feel.  Couldn’t have possibly said it any better.

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      I love wearing my breast forms,  I have 4 different sizes but prefer my C-cup ones best to fit my body. They help complete the feminine package

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      Megan I am a plus size too and I wear a 42D bra and for me I have some of my own but just was not enough to fill the cups out full. I tried foam rubber route I cut circles out of a 2″ foam and it felt better to really fill out my bra’s. But I too wish I had my own boob’s. LOL  After joining CDH and reading what everyone had to say I bought a pair of D triangle forms on E-Bay and have just love them, there’s no way I would pass but at home the second thing I put on after my bra is my forms. I love looking in the mirror and my tops and dress’s look great and you get a nice feel when you walk with the bounce. I’m going to spend the day with my kids and will be driving home in the dark and I already have my bag packed with my bra and forms, and will find a spot to change for my ride home, and it’s fun to hit the bumps in the road the jiggle and bounce will be fun…………

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      Hey Megan, I think it’s only natural to want/have breast to complete the feminine look that we all desire…I won’t feel “the complete woman” inside me, without my silicon forms securely close to me and inside my bra. Invest in a pair, I hope you won’t regret it…!!! I may be the minority here, but I also only wear them when in full “Tiny mode”….never wear them any other time, for me…ALL Tiny, or none…!!! I love how I look in them, as well as how they make me feel….AND, how they feel, so soft and “natural”….I complete my look with self-attaching larger nipples, that POP in most of my tops…I wish I could show you all here, but the CDH “morality squad” reject that picture I wanted to share, though fully covered….”NOT appropriate”….such is life….”Happy Dressing”, ALL….!!!

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        Chrissie Smith

        Tiny, I had a couple of photos rejected but they were ok in private photos xx.

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      For me, it’s because I would look so much more girlie, and because my boyfriends would like them. They would remind me daily of who I really am. And, there are so many options for how to display them.

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      The weight, the jiggle  and bounce and the sight  of the breasts are just the best feeling in the world. The two periods when I used estrogen and got sore and sensitive breasts were even better. All I want for Christmas is breasts and pierced ears.

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      Same here. It is the one thing I would change, to have natural breasts. Not huge, and in fact I’m carrying some extra weight just to have small breasts! But do need to lose!

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      It’s one of those things that just feels right. It should be part of your body and it’s “empty” when looking down and it’s just flat.

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      Caty Ryan


      Cos’ “outwardly” breasts and the need to wear a bra are just about the most feminine thing we “gender diverse” folks can do/experience . Closely followed by “tucking” to hide all the “dangly bits”

      I sleep femme every night, (well these days, after I got caught by my DADT SO) …”underdressed femme”..

      I dont feel complete unless I have my bra and forms on

      On overnight charity volunteer trips, (currently suspended due to the above “misfortune”), I sleep braless with my Gold Seal forms attached.

      There’s no better feeling than “unsupported weight” on my chest as I dose off into the night. Same again when I wake up in the morning







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      I would also leap at the opportunity to have my own little pair of boobies. Nothing grand, just A or maybe B cup (I wear size B forms). I think the only thing I’d go for in preference would be age-defying facial cosmetic surgery 😀

      But I too always wear my forms when dressed (which is most of the time), occasionally glued on, which as has been said, really translates all those bounces and jiggles into physical sensations (shame the nipples aren’t connected lol).

      It’s definitely a psychological thing, wanting my own breasts, but also aesthetic. I need boobs to make my clothes look ‘right’, and I’d love my own cleavage to be able to wear more ‘revealing’ clothes that don’t do any favours for silicon fillers 🙂

      On the other hand, – hypothetically! – my partner would probably be very jealous of the time I spent playing with my own boobs… although who knows? She might like them too!

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      I have been drawn to breasts for as long as I can remember, back to my early beginnings of being aware that I was “different”. I knew before I was three years old that I was supposed to be a girl. By the time I was five I had already tried to see if one of my mom’s bras would fit.

      I am a trans woman, and also an intersex female, so my desire to have breasts is probably quite understandable. When puberty came, my body responded in a decidedly different path. My male parts, which were tiny, stayed that way while the rest of me developed small boobs, feminine hips, bumm and thighs.
      Years later I now know this is a direct result of being intersex.
      I now wear a 42C bra with D-cup forms every day. The type of forms I currently wear look, feel, and move just like the real thing, enough so that I have ladies at work asking me if I’ve had a boob job.
      The constant sensation of feeling and seeing my breasts when I glance down is definitely delightful!

      Hugs girls,

      Ms. Lauren M

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        Wonderful!  I only wear D cup bras.  May I ask what brand/model of breast forms you bought that are so good?

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          Hi Megan, my forms are are made by Gold Seal, the model is Classic 1 1/2, size 8.
          They weigh about the same as the real thing, they move when you move, they warm up to your body temperature, and they are designed to fit in a way that helps hide wider shoulders. They’re asymmetrical and right and left handed, which is how a real breast is shaped. They completely fill and fit my 42D bra perfectly. This is the second pair as the first pair were size 7 which is a C-cup, I’m a bigger gal and a D-cup definitely looks better on me.

          Hugs girl,

          Ms. Lauren M

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      I love the way my breast plate fills out my tops and adds shape to an overall shapeless figure.  I also love the way my breasts look in a low cut dress or top and how feel and bounce when moving around.  It is definitely the most important part of looking and feeling more feminine to me.

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        I tried individual forms in a pocket bra in the store many years ago but never the chest plate. Agree they look fabulous and very real.  I have no idea how they would work on my frame to fit properly (6’4”, 260). “Standard” size assumptions tend to not consider girls my size…

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          Megan, I purchased a breastplate designed for a larger frame.  The breasts are proportionate to the size of my frame/natural chest.  If you dig around you’ll find the right breastplate for you.  Admittedly, before I purchased, I made a primitive mock up using the dimensions provided to see if it would work for me.

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      Hope Rose

      I too, went through a major breast growth during puberty. My areolas and nipples were growing and always hard as rocks, sticking out at least an inch. They hurt so bad, stretching my skin. I went to the nurse and showed her my problem and was instantly put into counseling. Come to find out that the vitamins my single mother was giving me weren’t vitamins at all. They stopped being part of the morning routine before school. When I asked why, she told me they weren’t working.
      My areolas and nipples stopped hurting thereafter. Thankfully… But ever since, I have definitely felt I was missing them.
      I was very athletic as a teen, in the locker room the guys always asked or made comments about my big nipples. I ignored them all, of course.
      In my later teenage years, I noticed my nipples were very sensitive. My girlfriend at the time liked to tickle them while watching TV. This made me so wet. She always questioned this with no answer from me. Now I would love to have a pair of C cups all the time and I would definitely pierce them.

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        I too have always had over sensitive oversize nipples from puberty onwards – very disconcerting !. The solution I have found and the one thing I love is to wear breastforms preferably 24/7 either in a pocket bra or straight onto my skin which is what I am doing now as I type this – they are Amolux size 8’s. It is possible always to go out in bra and breastforms but it needs some fairly heavy sweaters or the like.

        The best solution would be to have my own real breasts ( which I have always wanted)

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