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    As I sit here in my aqua blue nightie with white lace trim with my urban decay lipstick on i ponder a question.  Why don’t our wives, fiancés and girlfriends understand us?

    Its because they’re women and we like to emulate women. They don’t get it. Some of us would like to transition into a woman and that’s great. Most of us don’t want to transition don’t want to transition. We just want to get dressed up and feel a little closer to our feminine side. Every man on this planet has a feminine side as every woman has a masculine side. To what extent we express it is a question and a mystery.

    Some are very comfortable with expressing their opposite side. Some never mention it. Some want to move to their opposite side and live in that opposite side as their true identity and I applaud those who do because that is a very brave step to take.

    For those of us who like to connect with the opposite and then return back to what is known for us as “normal ” it is a hard road to hold. Our wives,fiancés and girlfriends are focwd to deal with an individual that is not accepted by really any other group. With the need for labels in our society, crossdresser is still not an acceptable label.

    Our significant others are left in a conundrum of am I in love with a guy man or a transgender person. They don’t know where they fit in the grand scheme of things. They feel betrayed by us and I think somewhat betrayed by society because of the stigma associated with being a CD. Let’s be honest here. In this day and age of total acceptance of just about anything, crossdressing is the one thing that most people are all “it’s just weird” about. We still aren’t really accepted. We don’t really fall into the LGBT category but we kind of do fall into it even though most of us aren’t lesbian, gay, bi or trans. We’re a category all to ourselves. A category of people with a different mindset that no one understands.

    Maybe one day someone will understand us. Hopefully our significant others will understand us. That’s really the only people we care about understanding us.


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      Patty Phose
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      All I Know is for as long as I can remember, I loved wearing pantyhose and loved how my legs looked and felt in them. I also realized if I wore heels. my legs looked even better, so I loved wearing heels. I really wanted a dress too but that was not available to me so I wore shirts that looked like short dresses. I also thought bras were intriguing and I manged to borrow a few of them.

      So from the time I was 4, I was wearing pantyhose, heels, bras and shirts that kind of looked like short dresses. I feel in love with sheer to waist pantyhose. At 13 I began buying my own. At 17 I saw Daisy Duke and was blown away. I wanted to look like her and be her. I bought some heels and short short, grew my hair longer and began going out in that attire. I even met several girls who liked my look.

      At 18, I got my own place and went fully en femme. I bought all the wonderful and sexsy clothes I had wanted for so long.  I wore them all the time at home. I even got a few Daisy Duke style wigs  and began going out in my Daisy looking character. My real big public outing was a college Halloween Party. I was very nervous but was a big hit. I got lots of compliments on my legs, pantyhose and shoes. I was hit on quite aggressively by both guys and girls. I even met other CD’s there. I partied and dressed with them often over the next 4 years. I even won “best leg” and “sexiest costume”. I love it. In many ways it was lifelong fantasies and dreams coming true. I was fortunate to be able to do it a lot over the next 4 years. I loved it. I got hit on a lot and often got to enjoy many wonderful, erotic experiences.

      But I wasn’t hiding. I was putting myself out there. You like what you see? You want this? Well, what you see is what you get. I’m glad it went that way. I think hiding and then suddenly appearing as someone another person wasn’t expecting can lead to all sort of problems. I was looking for fun, dressed for fun and had fun. No surprises.

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      Mary Jane
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      I think feminine women, want their husbands to be rugged individuals… the hero lumber jack type scenario. (Maybe thats a general sweeping statement.)

      Women tend to get a bit catty at times and competitive about looks, clothing, makeup etc.  (Another general sweeping statement.)

      Perhaps in the bedroom, the GG doesn’t want to compete.

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