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    Mary Jane
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    My wife and I attended a wedding on the weekend where she was a bridesmaid. And she looked gorgeous. (I didn’t mind being in drab at all.  I was glad to be her man, and celebrate her friendship with her friend. )

    We stayed in a hotel with a spa afterwards.

    We had a great talk. She confessed that she had found my clothes a few times. And that she knew I had more makeup then she did.

    She emphasized that she loved me no matter what. I told her I wasn’t interested in men, I wasn’t gay, or bi. ( She said yes she knew that.) I also told her I wasn’t transgender, wanting to become a full time woman. But there was something there that ‘compelled” me to need to cross dress.

    She knows I wear stockings and tights in the cooler months. They literally help support my lower back, and legs. She knows I wear nail polish. We often go for pedicures together. And she time to time puts a hair color in my hair.

    But this was the first time we discussed “the dress.” So to speak.

    As a result I’ll be moving some of my stash into the wardrobe.

    It was a bit of a painful, and tearful conversation. But a deeply honest one.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Congratulations. Sounds like a wonderful relationship.


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      Laura Jane Moore
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      Those are very difficult conversations to have…. I think all of us who have been painfully closeted for any period of time  would agree. I commend you Mary Jane for “facing the music” and your wife for leading off with words of love and not judgment.

      Hoping your journey as Mary Jane continues on a positive path…. hah…. we have so much in common…. Mary Jane…. Laura Jane….. lol

      All the best


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      Mika Malone
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      It’s great that it’s out in the open now. My knows and is accepting too. Baby steps are good. I have been wearing heels every day since we had the talk. I wore a skirt once. And I have practiced makeup four times around her. She’s only seen me fully dressed twice. Once was when she walked in on me when I was taking pictures with my public wig. The only other time was when she was letting me out through our garage as I sneaked to the car to go out dressed in public. So, most of the time, I’ve still been her man (with heels). I’ve been making extra efforts to give her more attention and affection and telling her often how much I love her. Keep taking things slow and have fun!

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      Rei Durden
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      That level of honesty is priceless, so much the better for having been met with openness and support.
      I’m very happy for you and your wife!

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      This is always great to hear! The weight being lifted, and the fear of being caught going away. Stick with those baby steps girl. You’ll get there

      Hugs xx


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      Wonderful to hear 👗👗🌹

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      Mary Jane
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      Stephenie. Slow and steady… for my wife and for me.

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      Hi Marry

      I’m so happy that it went well, now you won’t have to try and hide


      Paula XXX

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Mary nice to meet you and what a wonderful  story and a gem of a woman you have there . as we say here baby steps girlfriend  you have a nice start to your girly life as she new and waited for you to feel comfortable to answer the questions  about Mary  so happy for you and good luck slow and steady wins the race  ha ha .

      Stephanie Bass

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      Cindy Lou
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      Where were most of the tears coming from?

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        Mary Jane
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        Cindy Lou. I wouldn’t say one of us was crying more than the other.

        It’s a hard thing for a wife to know she isn’t the ‘only’ woman in the marriage. It’s a hard thing for the husband to reconcile his manhood with being feminine.

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          Regine Rich
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          Hi Mary Jane.
          First off, congrats on that first step, it really is the hardest.
          Second, the whole journey is not easy, for either party. Keep the conversation channels open, and as you have said, slow, small steps.
          You will do great:-)

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