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      Me & my wife are like peas carrots! She is 100% onboard! We were married last October, & we both wore a wedding dress! We go shopping together for clothes, lingerie & makeup. Heck, we even check out guys together! Not sure if we’ll ever bring one home to share, but that would be fun! (A girl can dream, can’t she?). We share a lot of clothes, because we both are very adventurous where fashion is concerned.

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      Teri Ray
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      I am a very lucky person to have an accepting wife.  I lived with hiding this desire for many years fearful that my  wife would not handle it well.  After I left a picture in our computer she found out.  Lived in Dont ask dont tell for many years until we had the “big talk” because she knew I was dressing when she was away but had no idea what I did while dressed.  The “not knowing or understanding” for her was not good.  Without the full discussion she was left to her own imagination as to why I had this desire and what I did when dressed.  This discussion was not easy but was the best thing I ever did.  Now My wife knows I dress, my clothes are no longer hidden and we discuss my desire to dress on occasion.  Sharing this with my wife has resulted in great shopping trips where we both enjoy looking for womens clothes.  An additional benefit is we do each others manicures.  As I started I am very lucky.

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      Julianne Mitchell
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      My wife knows but is not supportive only tolerant . we struck a deal that I can wear leggings or yoga pants around the house but I can always tell that she is un comfortable when I do .My wish is that we could just talk openly just like I do with my therapist no judgment . She preaches to our children that communication is key to their relationships but won’t with me on this subject .I just feel she doesn’t even want to learn or open her mind on the subject and that hurts because it means I have to do everything behind her back and that makes me feel terrible . I Love my wife like no other could and I love everything about her ,I love all of her !                            My wish is she could love all of me !

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      Emily Lace
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      I am with you Tina. My wife knows of my crossdressing but does not want to actively participate. I always hope that she will buy me some pretty panties or other lingerie as a surprise for my birthday, Christmas, or Valentines Day, but so far it has not happened. Just a little acknowledgment of this part of my life would be so special to me.

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      Regi Kelly
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      I’m afraid to say, and feel a little guilty posting in this topic, But I have the perfect wife, for a CD’er.
      All my Christmas presents this year were for Regi, she does my makeup for me, and is always pointing out new clothes.
      The only thing I could ask, is that she shared my love for shoes, I want them all, and he thinks I have too many now, lol
      Hugs, Regi👩💕

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      Emily Alt
      Duchess - Annual
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      Talk.  I’d like it if my girlfriend would have a discussion.  She flat out refuses.  She doesn’t want to see me either.  It’s a difficult situation.

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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      My beloved of over 20 years “knows but does not want to know”.

      I get sick of all the lies and subterfuges that I must resort to to “hide” Caty from her.But to bring it all out in the open is not an option.

      The only saving grace is that we sleep in separate rooms at the opposite end of the house. This means with the exception of hot summer nights and days, I can at least underdress in cami and panties and in cooler months heavy duty tights 24/7, plus an A cup bra under my winter “heavies” . Bed time also sees me with a bra on and breast forms attached.

      Happy dressing one and all




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      Stephenie Derick
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      I too have a very supportive wife. She has seen me dressed up many times. She zips up my dresses and helps me keep my stockings seems straight. She even addressed my fem Christmas gifts with To Stephenie from Santa. He could I ask for more. I think she is more excited about me going to Crossroads than I am

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      Falecia McGuire
      Registered On: January 11, 2019
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      Hey Gang,

      I don’t know if I’m alone on this or if others of you agree.  My dream would be that my wife would acknowledge and appreciate anything I wear that looks and fits well.  I don’t really try to pass or to even look like a woman.  I just like wearing feminine clothes.  So if my wife could be comfortable and accepting of my wearing jeans or tights with a feminine blouse, shirt, tunic, or sweater and sandals or boots (booties) with 3 to 4 inch heals or wedges, I’d be ecstatic.  Since I already go out and about dressing like this, I believe I’d be relaxed and feel normal just adopting my own style while we went about our lives.  I also know that, given the freedom to dress as I like, I’d likely continue to enhance my feminine look.  At some point I’m certain that I’d take it up (notch by notch) and want to do the full masquerade – with hair, makeup, jewelry, and accessories.  But that would come gradually as we both became more comfortable.  I love my anonymity and do not want to be the center of attention.  At 5-10, 145 lbs, I could appear to be a shapely woman.  I’m competent moving in foundation garments, with breast inserts, stilettos, and skirts, dresses, or feminine suits.  For now, I really only want her to join me on the journey, not really contribute, but be patient as I find my way.  If she could find her way clear to see my feminine choices as similar to her trying a new outfit, a new look, or a new hairstyle, my wish would be reality.  Am I dreaming too much?


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      My wife is fairly supportive but she does not want to be seen with me. I would love it if we could go out together. She has said she might if I lose 50+ pounds. Not likely to happen

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      Hi Tina.  Yes, my wife knows that I’m a CD.  She has seen me all glammed up though only once.  BUT she puts her foot down that I can’t dress more girly than her.  Her typical daily wear are femme jeans, femme top, femme slippers.  So I can wear all those too – actually I think my femme skinny jeans look better than her femme regular jeans.  I also get away with wearing leggings and some jewelry (neither of which she wears). I’d love for her to accept me wearing skirts, dresses, earrings, etc.  Oh, and I like Gen’s comment.  It would be nice to hear my wife call me Krista.

      Take care, Hugs, Krista.

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        Tina Q
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        If I put any clothes that are mine, I am dressed more femme than my wife. She made a comment last week that the way we are, it is like she’s the guy and I’m the girl.

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          Julie Carson
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          Many many years ago i got laid off from work and my wife asked if i woudl like to be the houssewife. Of course I said yes. Ihad never been so content as I was waking up to see my shaven body weaaring a nice teddy and my nails so pretty. I was a great housewife. My wife said better than she ever was. One day she toold me she was feeling so masculine and did i mind. I said no one of us has to be and it certainly isnt me anymore. Oh how my feemninty grew during that time. And when it was time to go back to work I realized i would go as a male.

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          Tina Q wrote:

          it is like she’s the guy and I’m the girl.”

          So true Tina… my wife and I are the same.

          GG’s being feminine is a fading art.

          Gen ❤

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      Jeannie Jones
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      Totally agree Tina. Helping with makeup etc would be nice 😊💋

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      Peggy Sue Williams
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      My wife is supportive, and for this, I am grateful.

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      Wendy Swift
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      My wife is supportive of Wendy, and honestly I couldn’t ask her for anything more.  When we go shopping, even though she doesn’t feel like it at times, she’ll try on some clothes that I pick out just to see if it fits.  She allows me to be fully transformed in the home, and since it is covid, pretty much the whole day.

      One thing I want to ask her is what would she think is a good girl name for me.

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      Registered On: July 28, 2020
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      Although my wife is very accepting/supportive of my feminine side… I would like her to call me ‘Gen‘.

      Gen ❤

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