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      Rayna Carlian
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      I have a synthetic wig, so, I was warned NOT to curl or style it much since it will likely STAY however I curl it.

      I have synthetic wig shampoo that I use every 10 hours of use. After washing, I hang it to let it air dry.

      I do brush it put when I take it put of the bag before wearing, but I’m pretty gentle with it and try not to over brush, I’m afraid to break the fibers(ham fisted at times).

      Hope this helps…

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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Definitely gotta have a wig! I used to have long hair, but mine is frizzy curly, and very difficult to deal with, so eventually I went back to a military cut. So, girls don’t look so great that way in my opinion, certainly not this girl! So I use wigs. Either platinum or copper. Strangely, either works with my skin tones.

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      Patty Phose
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      My wigs make all the difference. Without them I looked like a guy dressed in sexy women’s clothes. Start at my feet. Check out my sexy shoes. You like? See my sexy long legs in my shiny pantyhose? You like? Bet you would like to feel them. Are my panties showing under my dress? Is my dress too short? You got a glimpse of my panties, but my dress is not too short. You’re so sweet. Like my dress. I just got it. I think it’s such a pretty dress. I love so much how it shows off my legs? Are you looking at my breasts? Yes you are. I can tell.

      Then look up to my guy face with my guy hair. Ahhhhh! What is that? OMG! Put on a wig with that long and flowing pretty, sexy hair. The fantasy image continues. A great big YES to wigs.

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      Kristen Moore
      Registered On: August 2, 2019
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      I actually have long hair… It’s really the way to go. Unless you’re bald, which would be totally understandable, theres no reason to not just grow your own hair out. A lot of men have long hair. I work in healthcare as a medical technician and have never had my hair brought into question about being “unprofessional” or anything like that. Plus it really adds to the whole experience. Brushing and curling (or straightening) your natural hair, attached to your head, is a far better experience. Compared to doing it to a wig where you don’t feel the heat of the iron, or pulling of the hairs.

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      Cindy Lou
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      For sure I had an Aha! moment the first time, actually I think every time.

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      Rei Durden
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      Absolutely a game changer!
      I couldn’t believe the transformation and I spent an awful lot of time admiring the reflection in the mirror.
      I’ve a number of looks I want to explore and the endless possibilities afforded with wigs is staggering!

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      Patrichia Ann
      Registered On: November 20, 2020
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      II will concur with previous replies.
      A wig is a game changer.
      Without it I am a male with it I pass as a female assuming I have everything else in place.

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      Patrichia Ann
      Registered On: November 20, 2020
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      Wigs are about a MUST have item.
      Lessons learned:
      Don’t cheap out on a wig. The quality will show in both appearance and life.
      Synthetic Fiber has a enemy. Friction. The longer the hair, the sooner it frizzes because of friction. Get and use a detangler on the longer wigs (or for that matter a shorter one). it’s basically a lubricant and will prolong the life of a wig by reducing Friction between the fibers. don’t over do it, and be sure to wash that stuff out regularly.
      I went to a wig repair shop and the proprietor spent about 3 hours teaching me about wigs. (I’ll be purchasing my next one from him.)
      He showed that is is possible to unfrizz a wig with lower levels of heat and a little practice with speed and a heat controlled curing or flat iron (see caution about this later in his paragraph). he also showed that he uses a hot air blowing heat gun and I watched the strands basically straighten out right before my eyes. I made note that the gun was set at about 330 and again, technique and practice and I was able to get the same results.
      *** A word of caution here ***.
      At those temperatures it is VERY POSSIBLE to damage the hair strands so practice on a wig you were about to throw before going after that one you love. Speed and technique are the keys to finding the right process that works. Manufacturers will tell you you cannot, but I have seen proof to the contrary that, that is not true.
      This is also true for curling synthetic fibers. They relax over time and with the proper addition of limited heat you can get synthetic fibers to basically remelt and reform with curls, but again this requires practice and limiting the amount of heat being applied at one time to the fibers so as to not destroy the original shape of each strand. This is truly a case of the less, the better, and multiple reapplications until you get the desired results.
      he also showed me that some of these wigs are of a woven cap with exposed ends. These types are not intended to last more that about a year. When buying look for ones with the cap having a closed ends as opposed to open strands at the edge.
      I have also discovered that stretch wigs loose their elasticity over time and use. The proper fix is to remove the wefts (the strands with the hair in them) and resew them onto the vertical Elastic bands closer together. Frankly that is why you pay someone else to repair them, as that is very time consuming. I was told that the cheap fix is what I was using (tie the wefts closer together at intermittent spots across and up and down the bands) works. When you look at the inside of the wig it kinda looks like a lot of X’s in random spots. But it gathers up the stretched part and keeps the ‘head band’ where it belongs.
      I was also introduced to a product called Wiggrip. It’s a corduroy band with a hook and loop fastener that you basically wrap your head with, prior to putting on a wig. It was amazing how well it keeps a wig in place no matter how much to move or shake your head. I still use 4 curved bobby pins between the band and the wiggrip as my longer hair and the extensions
      I have added, added weight, so I don’t want any chance of the wig coming loose or moving. I have worn one wiggrip out and am about to replace a second one.
      I have also added 18″ extensions to my wig. I’d have gone longer, but didn’t see anything that clipped in, in human hair, longer than that. I am a softie for longer hair, and went to Sally Beauty and found human hair clip ins (about $135/9 strand set). I figured that by combining the human hair with the synthetic it would help with the synthetic on synthetic friction problem and would add realism to the finished wig. in short…it did both things. the beauty of clip ins is that when they wear out you can unclip and replace with another set. You can also move them around to adjust he layered look and where you want the length. They also sell colored synthetic clips in sets of two. My current hair piece has 6 in it and I get complemented on the pink stranding all the time (about $10/two 18″ strands) (see profile photo)
      I’ll add more if I think of it. But that is enough for tonight.

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      Mika Malone
      Duchess - Annual
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      I haven’t purchased my wig yet. I’m just now taking crossdressing to the max after 10 years of underdressing. However, I already know that my wig choice will be a game changer for me. I’m 47 and my hair is white and thinning. Even my beard is white. My eyebrows are still black though! As much as I would looooove to be a blonde (maybe I still could occasionally with the right wig) a black wig would go perfect with my eyebrows. I am excited to get a wig, or two, and be rejuvenated.

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      Robyn Devine
      Registered On: October 24, 2020
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      I just got mine over a week ago and when I put it on for the first time after doing my makeup

      😲💥💥 BOOM!!  Game Changer!!  Your wig ties it all together.

      I was blown away and stunned at who I was looking at…which was a beautiful woman!!

      It’s easy to see why some girls have several.  You can change your look at the snap of your fingers.

      xo -Robyn ❤️💃

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      Diane Rakers
      Registered On: August 18, 2019
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      I would LOVE to have shoulder length gray hair.

      Lee Ann

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      DeeAnn Hopings
      Registered On: November 10, 2019
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      Wigs are not the head covering of choice here in the desert. We have days in the 118F to 122F range, so I wear hats instead. I have 2 wigs and I may wear them once or twice a year…

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      Bre Martin
      Registered On: November 1, 2020
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      Night and day,15 wigs mostly long and medium length cut with a couple pixie cut wigs.I wear the pixie cut wigs once in a while

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      Regi Kelly
      Registered On: October 9, 2020
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      Makes all the difference in the world. My head is shaved bald, as I didnt have much left there to begin with, so I go from a bald man in a dress, to a farly decent looking lady:-)

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      Rachel McFadden
      Registered On: November 13, 2020
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      A wig is an essential part of my dress that makes the world of difference. Although the clothes and make-up might be the same with or without the hair, the overall appearance would definitely be of a ‘man in a dress’. There’s no way I could feel right in myself being like that and absolutely no way I could function as a woman in the outside world.

      With the hair however, I feel utterly transformed, both visually and mentally. I won’t be vain enough to say that a well-chosen wig and outfit makes me beautiful/sexy but it can certainly make me feel that way and once I have that confidence in myself everything else seems to work out right.

      Rachel x

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      stephanie plumb
      Baroness - Annual
      Registered On: November 17, 2018
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      Magic Mirror on the wall – who is the most beautiful of them all.

      No wig – Miserable old Shrek in a dress.

      Wig – OMG!   I’m (almost) slightly beautiful – and 15 years younger!  And a smile has appeared. Really.

      But you do have to have the right colour/style.  And this takes trial and error unless you get to a store.

      The wig colour that suits me most is Ash blonde – my natural colour before the snow set in – now I am “moonlight blonde.”  Strangely – orangey/copper also works.

      The style that suits me is a medium bob face framing wig  35cm – 45cm,  with a fringe (bangs). The shorter styles don’t lengthen my face. The fringe hides my forehead – so less face is visible.  A big no-no is a long straight wig with a central parting –  it seems to gives me a sort of  round moon shaped face.

      Mood seems to affect wig preference too. Sometimes my favourite (35cm Ash blonde) doesn’t look quite right so I opt for a 45cm blonde wig with darker roots. I have quite a short one too (profile pic) which I love sometimes and hate other times.

      I have lately started to prefer blonde wigs with darker roots – they look more natural than a monotone one.

      Stephanie P

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        Hello Renee

        I have 13 wigs, virtually all diff colours, and I love them all…

        Change of hair colour, lipstick, eyeshadow……new girl!!….keeps it fresh….

        I obviously do not have them all out on stands, but I carefully wrap them and bag them and when I take them out….a quick shake…and yay!!

        I buy from three or four suppliers, and even with these, you can get colour and style variations….my current blonde highlights shoulder length is so lush, I ordered another, which was so different, I sent it straight back….the replacement was worse…so there are differences…I await the fourth with trepidation, but it could well be the best yet!!

        Yours, hopefully, grace x


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          stephanie plumb
          Baroness - Annual
          Registered On: November 17, 2018
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          I do try to look after my wigs…really I do.

          But one or two favourites are getting a bit ratty now and I have to chase them, squealing, round the garage! No not me!  And its more like a fight than a shake, before they behave themselves. Time to bring in the exterminator.

          I have had the same experience of variable quality too, so thank goodness Amazon has a great returns policy.  I think I need some replacements ….

          Steph 🐭

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      Wendy Swift
      Registered On: May 11, 2020
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      Difference for me is like night and day.

      Old age has crept up on me so I cannot grow out my hair naturally.  So the wigs I’ve bought make an enormous difference.

      I made sure I researched each wig I bought on line (yes I know that visiting a wig shop in person would give you the best results); so far all the ones I’ve bought I have been happy with, from colour, style, fit and finish.  I stopped buying cheap costume wigs and ponied up for more realistic/passable wigs.  I wasn’t gonna splurge the farm, but a fair reasonable amount with budget in mind.

      I don’t wear mind daily, maybe at most 3 times a week.  So I wash mine every so often.  I bought special wig shampoo/conditioner, as it is supposed to be much gentler for synthetic fibres.

      Most of mine are shoulder length, so I just shake it out before wearing it and it is good to go.  I sometimes use a wig comb to straighten it out.

      Mine are all synthetic, so no heating elements.


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      Registered On: March 18, 2019
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      Well, considering I am somewhat devoid of hair, my wigs make a massive difference!  I have a number of them in different colours, lengths and styles. I wash and condition them on a regular basis, based on how much I wear them – so some get washed more frequently than others.  I use shampoo and conditioner specifically for synthetic wigs (I don’t have any real hair wigs at the moment).

      I shake the wigs out before wearing and will adjust/tidy the style once on.  I do sometimes use a spray to hold in place, although the heat your hands will often do the job for gentle hold.  I do brush through as they usually look much better that way – particularly longer wigs.  As ever though, always use a wig comb – a normal brush/comb can be a bit too aggressive and pull fibres out unless you’re very careful.

      Isabel x

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      Kelli Marlowe
      Registered On: August 4, 2020
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      To me, it makes all the difference in the world. Still have plenty of my own hair, but don’t want to grow it to the length I prefer(shoulder length) or dye it to the shade I prefer(dark blonde)

      as far as care, my best discovery has been Batiste original dry shampoo, and a good wig brush & comb

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      Celeste Starre
      Registered On: June 26, 2018
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      Actually they make a huge difference. My own hair is long blonde and straight with bangs.  I’ll wear a wig when I want a different color, style,length,or  all three at once.  I prefer not to use things like hot rollers or even a hot hairdryer on my natural hair so a wig gives me a new style and look without the fuss.

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