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      I just started wearing a wig and I hate it because my head starts to sweat and itch but without it I just don’t look right now it’s not a cheap Amazon $50 wig it was $300 from does anybody else have this issue?

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      No! Never have never did. I own 5 wigs.all from Paula Young where I’ve gotten over a dozen over 30 years, none were over $59,and I’m very content with them with no sweating or itching problem. Too bad🤢

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        I actually had the same issue when I used to wear baseball hats. If he did not have a mesh top, my head would start to sweat and itch like crazy.

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      I have good luck with Paula Young wigs also.

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      Peggy Sue Williams
      Duchess - Annual

      My wife and I have purchased wigs for many years from Paula Young.

      A big plus for us is the fact that they are the only company we know of that sells a true “large cap” wig.   We both require wigs that come in the “large cap” size.

      We have had no issues with returns, when required.

      Also, no issues with the sweat & itch thing.


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        Most of my wigs are from Paula Young also. Never really had much of a problem with sweating or itching under the wig cap.

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      Liz K
      Managing Ambassador

      I think some of us are more prone to sweating.  For me, wearing a wig is like wearing a winter hat.  It becomes almost unbearable during the summer.

      I now have shoulder length hair and don’t need a wig.  It’s much cooler.

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      Hi, I went to There are so many different types of wigs to choose from. What makes one wig better than another? Thanks

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      I sweat wearing a ball cap it is in my nature to sweat. One of the most embarrassing facts of life. I was in the public eye for years and would get covered in flop sweat. I am older and don’t let it bother me.
      If some one objects it is their problem not yours. If the wig makes you feel sexie, go for it.

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      Do you wear a wig cap ?

      Not sure if this is a blessing, but thanks to old age I’m almost bald on top so I don’t have hair itching my scalp when I wear a wig.  If it is freezing cold I don’t have sweat issues but when it warms up I do start sweating.  I find wearing a wig cap helps soak up some of that sweat.


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        J J

        5hat is an impressive number of wigs, and not cheap considering the cost of a descent wig these days.

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      just purchased a few new wigs wife bought some wig shampoo haven’t tried it yet  though

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        Hi, Denise. Please let us know how the wig cleaning went, and what you used and how. I was told that cleaning wigs and combing to shape is tricky. Thanks! Best, Marlene.

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      I too am bald I keep it cut as close as possible without shaving it, my  wig sucks to it like Velcro and works great, I am going to Florida on good Friday for two weeks I will be taking at least 2 wigs with me, yes there Hot, yes they itch, yes they need shampooing it will be hot but I’m not going to fully dress up and go without a wig, I learned to live with that last year at this time I can do it again a clean wig makes for a happy girl and a good presentation, Dayna

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      Just a thought… maybe try some anti-antiperspirant on the ole knoggin.

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      I have three wigs, two of which are quality wigs that cost a pretty penny. I don’t really care for them, for all the reasons others have cited: hot, itch, give me a headache, etc. That would be bad enough, but my real beef with them is that look like, well, wigs. That is, they don’t look natural, and I don’t have the skills to make them look natural. Whatever it is, they make me stand out like a sore thumb. I have long natural hair, so I’ve just decided that’s good enough. My plan is to have it styled in a femme-leaning unisex style for wearing down; I most often wear it up in drab mode, anyway. I like that I can change my whole style just by wearing a different wig, but in practice it’s inevitably the weakest link in my presentation which kind of sucks.

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      I hear you about the sweating. The best wig I ever had was one called “Newscaster” (unofficial Ron Burgundy) I wore in a production of “Boeing Boeing”. It was a guy’s wig but the length made it easy to give it feminine styling.

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      Patty Phose

      I love my wigs. Putting on the right wig turns me from a guy in a dress, pantyhose and heels with breasts into a girl. I’ve seen many other guys turn into beautiful women when putting on a wig. Wigs are so magical and transformational.

      That being said though, I have often found going out wearing a wig in the summer when it’s hot and humid is like wearing a hat. It is very hot and I sweat under it. For that reason, I often don’t go out femme when the weather is like that.

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      This thread was started last year but thought I would reply to it since summer is around the corner.

      I use a product called HEADLINE IT.

      It is a wig liner that absorbs the sweat.

      You can find the product on Amazon, some wigs shops carry them.

      Google HEADLINE IT to find a distributer close to you.


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      Thanks for the detailed instructions, Jessica. I have printed them out to use. Best, Marlene.

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