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      Hi girls, a simple poll this week, Halloween is nearly upon us (doesnt time fly!), will you dress up for Halloween or not? Go on then!! i’ll include the drab option too!! lets see!!

      Love and kisses, Fiona xxxx

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      Jane Doe

      Halloween has been declared costume day at the office. I’m not willing to out myself in public, so I’ll end up doing a minimal token effort at a boring drab costume. Sigh.

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      K Swim

      I can’t exactly dress up how I like and walk around the neighborhood that way………………..

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      Hi Fiona,


      A great question!  I answered undecided.  It’s great fun to dress enfemme on Halloween.  After all it’s a CD’s favorite holiday.


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      Yes! Yes! Yes!   In another another forum I mentioned I wanted to go as a southern bell bride in all that frill and cute hat.  Well I found a most beautiful southern brides gown in a second hand store and a lovely hat to with.  I in just so so happy.  I just got my nails done today and they are fabulous.  Looking forward to Thursday’s Halloween fun. It a day thing.  I go to the salon in the morning to get my hair done and makeup. It will be the first time ever in public and by a professional.   Then I get dressed and so I’m sooo excited I can’t wait.  I want to squeal so much.  I’m at a lost for words.  It will be a magical night.   The girl in me is so ready to emerge and have some fun.  Love you girls.


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      Amy Myers

      I will not be dressing on Halloween, however I did meet up with some other CD’s last night and some dressed up more than usual. I mean, whenever I go out, I feel that I am in Halloween dress, in a way.

      Last night, I dressed a little more boldly than usual, in black leather mini skirt, knee high black boots, patterned tights, red sequin top, and black satin shoulder jacket. Matched with sparkly red nail polish and black leather jacket. I got several compliments about my top, in particular, from a waitress and another woman during the evening.

      The place was a small, with closely spaced tables, so we got quite a few looks.


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      i am in the middle of a move and a separation this year so i will not be doing anything, but then i really don’t celebrate Halloween.  i celebrate Samhain (Sowein) the Celtic New Year when the barriers between the physical and spiritual worlds are weak and old friends …and enemies can visit.  Oatcakes and milk for the friends and a fire for the foes and a vigil for those that are gone.
      Next year i will be looking for a blue robe and a staff to costume as a Druid; i would be a Druid priestess but the were a male dominated group

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      I will be in full girl mode (and that’s how I answered the poll). But not likely I will be out facing the world, or if I am, it will be, shall we say, low profile.😎

      Also, sorry, Fiona — I didn’t see your Halloween post before I added my own.

      Lori Stark 💋

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      I’m going to get all dressed up in femme and hand out candy to any trick or treaters.

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      Just a in-home girl……health issues pre-clude of getting outs except hospital, these days.

      Dame Veronica

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      Pam H

      The wife and I are actually traveling to Vegas for Halloween and we can’t wait. I’ll be en femme the entire day from morning through night. Will be the first time I’ll be dressed the entire day. Should be a lot of fun and I’m sure there will be lots of interesting costumes to look at as well.

      I know we’ll hang out at Fremont Street at night. Not sure during the day. Just walking around, eating, gambling etc. we might get tattoos on Halloween so that will be interesting dressed as Pam 😎

      Anyway, I hope all you all have a great time.

      Happy Halloween 🎃 👻


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      Well, I did have a Brexit outfit, but now?

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      yep dressed up for one Halloween event this weekend and will be doing it again this Friday, suite my gothic look so well!

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      I went out Saturday night for holloween and had a great time. Went to the drag show and then numbers for holloween night.

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      I went out on Saturday night to our monthly Xpressions dinner as Cruella De Vil only 3 of us dressed up but we had fun anyway. I don’t know if I can link the picture but will try.

      [Link Removed]

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      I’m using this as an opportunity to go out and be me without any fear. Well, okay and hoping to not have any fear.

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      Unfortunately, I have to work Halloween night, so I won’t be going out.  Some friends had a little party this past Saturday and I went as a sort of Stevie Nicks/Gypsy kind of babe and had a blast, even with the few str8’s that were there.


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      Hi Girls!   My stay on Halloween night scarce on snacks…….lets’ of free meds; but BUT said ……me and 400 some all patients had a Conga stroll done the wing. Much variety for all of us frocked in the ever properly blue gown dress like everyone one hand under the behind slot let a stroll with one clenching their rears!!

      I saw!!!!!!!!   Bloody charmin!

      Dame Veronica

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      So, my 5 year old daughter wanted to be a superhero (a teen girl) who is friends with another superhero (a teen boy) so she decided I needed to be the friend. Nothing special in that, really. The fun of it is that I got to wear black jeggings, black booties, and a black women’s shirt for the costume. Of course, panties and bra as well.

      Now for the real fun for me. I wore the same costume to work but, since I can’t see the computer without my glasses I couldn’t wear the mask for the costume so I decided to wear a “mask” of eye shadow and eye liner.

      Admittedly, it wasn’t so obvious to a lot of people but that was the first time I’ve ever fully dressed at work. And I’ve spent this entire week scheming a Christmas costume top wear to work.

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      Patty Phose

      Every year at Halloween I dress up as a witch. I enjoy my black dresses, black tights and sexy pumps. I’ve been doing it since I was 18.

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      Not this time, but this is how it all started in 2003…

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