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    This weekend Christine and I go out in public for the first time! She has been out once before to a bar while I was traveling and prior to me knowing the extent of her need to dress. But this is a first for me. As an SO or GG, it may seem t hat I have the easy role, and perhaps I do. But for me… it is still a little hard. I love this person so much. What if someone makes fun of him/ her? What if someone becomes mean or physical? I can’t bear to think of Christine getting her feelings hurt. It would break my heart.
    I am also excited! We are both dressing as Rock-a-Billy girls! Both in our new wigs, dresses and fully make-up! We are headed to the gay district in Dallas. Figure it will be more accepting.
    If anyone is in the Dallas area, let us know, we would love to meet you! We will post pictures of our fun night next week!

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      We DID IT!! I say this for both Christine and myself… the weekend was AWESOME! We started out the day in drab having brunch in the gayborhood of Dallas. We needed a few things for our outfits that evening, like fingernails, stockings, etc. I forgot my amazing saddle Maryjane 6-inch heels. I wear them because Christine is so tall (6-2) and I am only 5-2. Not to mention she has legs for days… I have to keep up LOL! So, I needed some shoes that would work with our Rock-a-Billy theme. And there they were…. The most AMAZING patent leather (vinyl) purses any girl would ever see! We had to have one each. Since we were at Ross, you take what they have. They only had 1 Red and 1 Fuchsia. We really wanted Red and Black, but there was no black… So, I wanted the red one. Christine wanted red as well. (Husband was not dressed yet, but in the Christine mind-set). We bantered. She won! LOL. Fuchsia ended up right for me after all. Then we saw the same purses in bigger size. There was 1 black and 1 red. They were equally as fabulous, but we just loved the smaller purses for the outfits we had. So, what are a pair of girls to do? BUY ALL 4 PURSES!!! And that is what we did.
      After shopping we headed back to the hotel to get ready. I have NEVER seen so much make-up in my life!! She rivals any Sephora or Ulta store. AND she made a mess of our bathroom with all of her prepping and primping! But she emerged looking FANTASTIC!
      She was obviously nervous! It was time to walk out of the room and into the lobby. We had grand plans to take a ton of photos. She was shaking so bad; we took no lobby pictures. I held her hand and kept telling her how beautiful she looked. By the time the Uber dropped us at our destination, she was a bit calmer. Still a little shaky, but at least was able to walk with her head up! There were people everywhere with costumes so that helped. Everyone was calling her honey and darlin. They were so nice! A couple (of men) asked to have their picture taken with her. We told people our story. We danced. We sipped cosmopolitans. We ate appetizers and finally at 1:30 am our feet were tired; our make-up was wearing and it was time to go back to the hotel. We were Exhausted. And Christine was elated! We did it! People LOVED her. They were nice, helpful and fun! On our way back into Austin, we stopped at a wig shop and made an appointment for our next outing. New wigs for the both of us and professional make-up. (December) for a night out in Austin. We did take a couple of pics, but I can’t post any here as I am not at the appropriate membership level to do so. You can see the purses and a picture of us on Christine’s Instagram.

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        WifeofChristine, so happy for both of sharing your night out… I am a little jealous that I would love to experience a night out with my wife.lol
        You are a great writer… I think we all thought we were all there with you… looking forward to your next chapter makeup and night in Austin in December
        Regards, Leonara

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        Vecca Senn
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        You sound like the model of relationship almost all of us would love to have! I’m so happy you two had a great experience!

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        Amanda Burton
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        Hi Wife of Christine,

        Thank you for the updated, absolutely wonderful that you had a fantastic night out and it all went well. Fabulous to read your account and so beautiful your SO was accepted in public with such affection too. Much love to both of you, and congratulations Wife of Christine on being a featured member too sweetie.,

        Lol Amanda t

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          Alison Anderson
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          Congratulations.  I’m glad you had such a great time.  Once you realize the world isn’t going to end, you can start to relax and enjoy yourselves.

          A good outing leads to confidence, which leads to an easier time the next go-round.

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      Paula F
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      How did it go?  I do hope you BOTH had a good time.


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      Bridgette VonSmirff
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      Have a blast, enjoy the time together. I’m rely sure you will. My wife has gone with me nearly every time I’ve been out, and was nervous at first, but had gotten accustomed to it.


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      Bianca Everdene
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      Hope both of you have a fabulous time💃💃

      Can’t wait to see the photos.


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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Wife of Christine I would not worry too much about Christine She is a big girl and I am sure she can take for her self I always found comfort when my wife wanted to go out with me. She like you did not want any one to hurt or make fun of me. She always took the time to make sure everything fit and just looked right and ohh god my make up had to look perfect. She would make me feel like her teen age daughter going out on a first date We would go to private events that were organized by my CD/TG club. It was like a fashion show with GG wives were showing off we had the cutest CD husband All and all it was great fun My wife best describes us as “really cute and funny” It reminded her of being a young teen age girl playing dress up and she always had so much fun learning while being with other girls. Christine is fortunate and so are you. You get to have a sensitive strong husband and a best girlfriend all rolled in one I am sure the both of you will have so much fun. Teaching her to relax and enjoy presenting as a woman was always a challenge for my SO. Good for the both of you.

      Luv Stephanie

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      Hope everything goes well for you girl.

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      Nicki Johnson
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      First of all, congratulations on being a featured member. Christine and I are both very lucky to have such understanding wonderful wives like you two in our life. You guys have a fun time this weekend. I’m sure you’ll both look fantastic.

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      Alison Anderson
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      Humans have a tendency to think about all the unlikely scenarios.  I suspect this is related to our survival instinct.  It goes far beyond crossdressing.  If Christine in male mode was a little late, you start to worry about all the terrible things that could happen.  The same goes for a parent when their children go out on their own.  Most of the time nothing happens.

      It’s Halloween season, so going out “in costume” is to be expected (you are both going out as Rock-a-Billy girls).  That alone will minimize comments.  If you go with the attitude that you belong (and you do!), people generally leave you alone.

      There is always the possibility that someone will get out of hand.  But as a female, you have probably learned to spot trouble before it happens and avoid the situation.  You’re likely to go out where there are other people, and most people will be on your side.  If someone says a hurtful comment, you have to judge whether to just ignore them, answer back with a comeback, leave the situation, or seek help from others around you (management in a bar or restaurant, for example).  Just don’t let someone’s comments get to either of you.

      I was out about a week ago to a regular bar where there were some crossdressers as well as cis men and women there.  I was wearing a swim dress in a holographic fishnet pattern and a lamé aqua pettiskirt  I got some positive attention from the women admiring the pettiskirt.  Of course I had to be careful not to block the narrow paths with my poofy skirt.  (See https://www.crossdresserheaven.com/members/alison-anderson/mediapress/halloween-2021/ for photos of my outfit.)  I suspect your outfits will similarly draw compliments.

      Relax and have fun. Sure, be cautious, but you’ll likely find your concerns are just not going to happen.

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      Sorry I’m not nearer to you, or I would love to have your company for an outing. I only go out by day, now, and I’m sure I’ve been clocked many times, but the worst that ever happened were some catcalls by a group of teenage girls, who made remarks about my ankle boots. You will find that most people won’t notice, or simply won’ care Christine is a CD. And I always fared better when my wife was with me than when alone, so relax and enjoy.



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      Stephanie Bass
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      Such a wonderful wife you are Kelly..  Miss Christine is simply a lucky lady to have you as we here are lucky to have you also he he.. Please be careful and have a wonderful time the two of you so envious of you two ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Raquel Smith
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      Yay!  Good for the two of you. Have fun!  Wish I could join y’all.  🥂

      Much love,


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      Alice Underwire
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      Wishing you both the best of luck.


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      Good luck girls have fun looking forward to seeing some pics from the outing. Again have fun and be safe.


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      Laura Lovett
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      That is sooo amazing!!

      I wish you lots and lots of luck.

      My experience is that the idiots are there, but they’re outnumbered by people who really get what we do and admire us for it.

      Honestly, you may find yourself getting a little jealous of the increased female attention – that’s certainly been happening to me, no matter where I go.

      No-one has yet become physical in a bad way (The female attention can get very demonstrative!), but obviously reactions vary from place to place.

      I think, as you’ll be in each other’s company, you’ll most likely be fine.

      You’re right to be a bit wary, but above all, enjoy yourselves – it really sounds like you’ve earned a fantastic time out together!

      Love Laura

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      Bobbisue Jones
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      Wow, you are such a supportive wife. It is natural to be nervous but once you and Christine go out the door, I believe you will feel the same rush she feels or felt first time she went out. The mixing of all the emotions, nervous, apprehension, fear of unknown, all mixed together is so exhilarating, it’s unbelievable. I hope and pray you both have such a successful evening that will not only help you understand her need to dress but also find you have a new friend as well. Love and hugs Bobbisue J

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      Stephanie Roberts
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      Wishing you complete success. May you both have a wonderful time.
      Love and hugs, Stephanie💖

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      Carolyne Sherman
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      Luck your direction!! Hope you have a wonderful time. I can’t imagine the worries, love and compassion you feel for you SO to do this. May peace and joy fill your night.

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      Samantha Jo
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      Hope you both have a lovely night out together.

      Samantha x


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      Rozalyne Richards
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      Good luck girls, I hope you both have a great time,

      If someone has a problem then don’t worry it’s their problem and not yours,

      Hugs 🤗 Roz X

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      Jess Secret
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      It’s so great hearing how much you support Christine, and Christine is very lucky to have you. Hope you two have fun!

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      Connie Twirl
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      Christine is so lucky to have you.

      The thought of the pair of you swishing around in your Rockabilly dresses – oh, I’m so jealous!

      Have a great time, I hope nobody spoils it for you – it’s a special night.



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      Amanda Burton
      Baroness - Annual
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      Hi Christine,

      Wish you all the best with love. Have a great time out together. So nice to hear the support and love you both have as a couple,  it’s extremely refreshing to read  your posts, loving proof to other that these types of relationships can work. Thank you Christine  for having the courage to be  open,  honest and supportive.

      Have a magical time,

      Lol Amanda t

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      Stephanie Flowers
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      Sounds like a wonderful opportunity,  enjoy take care of your girlfriend and have a great experience. Perfect place you’ve have picked for a memorable time. Please let us know how your night went..🌷

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      Liara Wolfe
      Registered On: August 14, 2021
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      Good luck. You are such a loving SO.

      Hugs, Liara

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      Registered On: June 13, 2018
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      Sounds like a great girls night out.  You should have fun primping together and going out. I am sure you will be a little nervous.  Hope nothing negative happens and it is a very enjoyable time for  both of you to go out all dressed up.

      Thank you for being such a supportive wife , participating and encouraging her feminine side!

      Keep us posted on how it goes!



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      Grace Scarlett
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      Good luck girls…

      it sounds like you have picked a good place to go…have a blast!!!!

      Grace xx

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      Stevie Steiner
      Managing Ambassador
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      I hope the two of you have a great time!!  Try not to focus on the bad things that probably will not happen, and look towards the wonderful time you know the two of you will have together!  🙂


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      Good luck to you both, but I have to believe with you being such a supportive SO, and that there will be the two of you, in what sounds like a reasonably accepting environment, that you should have a great time. Just remember that the two of you will be returning home together, hopefully for a lot more of going and returning togethers to come whether dressed or not.


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      Heather Jameson
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      Sounds like a great time, Christine is very lucky to have you. You may get a few names thrown at you but just let it roll off, people like that aren’t worth getting upset about and that’s what you want, to get upset. They thrive on that sort of reaction, turn it around and throw it back at them. A gay friendly area is a good choice. Gay men won’t be interested in Christine which is good but they will make you feel welcome, I find. Enjoy yourselves and I can’t wait to see the pics. Heather

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      Robyn Drake
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      Have fun in the Big D!

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      Brielle Ross
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      I honestly don’t think Christine will get anything other than wolf whistles and admiring looks from GMs. Some of the GGs might give hard stares, but maybe out of jealousy (giggle)!

      You have nothing to worry about, sweetie! Just hang on and enjoy the ride – I’m so jealous of you and Christine’s openness to this!! I’m sure you will have a blast!



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