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    Mary Ann Summers
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    I had to make some deliveries in another town this morning and I couldn’t see why I should waste an opportunity. So I put Mary Ann in a bag and made my deliveries. They pull to the back of a parking lot, and just like Clark Kent from a phone booth, out popped Mary Ann. Nothing spectacular, just tight girl jeans and a cowl neck sweater, wig, eyes, earrings, flats, purse and a nice ladies jacket. Look out world, here I come!

    Wal-Mart was first, to get some new undies,… no luck. But I found a nice necklace. Then to Goodwill to hunt down those bargains. I found a nice black button up top and a pair of black dress pants. Then I hit the shoes.. a pair of Pink Maden Girl heels that are to die for. A pair of blue/cork sandals and then a pair of Apt 9 grey 4″ pumps that were simply delicious. I needed to go to the grocery store and liquor store… but I had these beautiful grey pumps on my mind. I took off my flats, put on the pumps, gave them a good look to see if they worked with my jeans. They did. In I went in all my clickity clack splendor. The sound of the heels on the hard floors as I walked the isles was sheer heaven.

    As I’m writing this I’m wearing the dress slacks with the grey pumps…. I don’t know if I can take them off!!!

    Hugs,… Mary Ann

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      Diane Crow
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      Mary Ann,

      I love that your are a fellow Goodwill Hunter! It is my favorite place to shop ever. Just yesterday I bought $120 worth of skirts, dresses and shorts. One was a brand new (tags still on it) leather skirt that fits me like a glove!! The clickity clack of heals reminds me of the first time I wore heals in public. I wore them in my male cloths on my way to my therapists and after our session I went to the bathroom. In the restroom was a man washing his hands and I saw his head tilt  ( like a dog looking at a ceiling fan) as he heard the clickity clack of my heals on the tile floor. After that I went to the bank in them. It was fantastic!!!

      I love your spunk girl



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      DeDee Demore
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      That was for sure the perfect opportunity and you ran with it, way to go girl! I loved the Clark Kent analogy, in as the delivery person and you popped out as Super Women. Happy to hear you had a very nice day and got so much done, I’m sure Mary Ann was tired at the end of day but O how nice it must have been for you. Thanks for sharing your day with us, it put a smile on my face.

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      K Swim
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      I could recycle that title and say “Woman in an Ammo Can…” because I am usually using a plastic ammo can to carry swimsuits and breast forms when I go out. It’s the ammo to my happiness.

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      Rhonda Jones
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      hello Mary Ann . I am having that can”t tale them of feeling at the moment . with a long cardigan, long sleeve knit dress a slip under that . Bra ,  briefs ( some call them panties ) , tights and  a bob  wig .

      Rhonda .

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      Amy Myers
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      Good for you! I’ve carried Amy in an old gym bag I bought at Value Village. It’s a bit tired looking on purpose so that hopefully it doesn’t look like much of a target if I have to leave it in my car or something.


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      Amanda Burton
      Baroness - Annual
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      Away you go Mary Ann,” go girl go”. So exhilarating to unleash the feminine inner self wrapped in the hard shell of masculinity.
      The shopping cart sounds delicious sweetie. And oooooooh new shoes, now your buzzing.
      LOL Amanda Xxx

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      Judy Ann
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      Great story, I travel a lot, and will bring Judy with me as I drive. Never shopped  emfem tho

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Mary Ann,

      What a great outing you had!  And a tremendous shopping day too!


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      patty williams
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      Hi Mary Ann,

      I love your girl in a bag.

      My wife is Ok with me dressing I may have to try your girl in a bag.

      Girl you made ahsul on shoes I love it.

      I so love heels.

      Thank you for sharing


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Sounds like a wonderful day Mary Ann. I have to agree with the girls here that there is nothing like the sound of clicking heels that we all find thrilling

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      Hello Mary Ann

      Love your story…’coming out of the bag”…refreshingly funny…so happy you had a lovely day….fortune favours the brave!!…..and I have to agree with Natasha…. there’s nothing like the sound of heels on a hard floor….dreamy…huggs, Grace x

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      Hello Mary Ann

      I am very happy to hear about your en femme outing sis. Im glad you got to enjoy yourself. Nothing like the sound of beautiful heels. I am also glad to hear you found some delish finds too.



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