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    Stephanie Green
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    I’m following up on the post “Women’s Restroom Dos and Don’ts” that I wrote last year using an account that I have since deleted.  I have a specific question that I did not ask back then.  What’s with making trips to the restroom a social event?  Men don’t understand it.  Comedians make jokes about it.  I am still anticipating my first night out with others while en femme.  What should I expect, and what should I do if I’m invited to join another lady in going to the restroom?  What if I don’t have to go?  I assume that I will be expected to invite others to join me when I have to go.  Again, what should I expect?

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      Mindy Mills
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      Good questions and answers. I haven’t had to use the restroom while out. I have only been shopping at the Walmart one time as Mindy. Stopped to get gas a couple times and a quick run into a convenient store 2 or so times. My plan would be the same as going to the men’s room, go in do my business wash hands and get out. I would of course sit down to pee and not speak.

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      In my experience, to avoid any controversy, enter, do your business, wash hands and leave… dont linger and don’t give anyone any reason to become upset with you being there.

      Its ok in the UK to use female bathrooms when dressed, but dont do anything that will bring any complaints as its better not to have to defend your actions in a heated discussion with an upset person.

      if you are with friends, then its probably keep the sane attitude and leave as soon as you can with out loitering.

      Better be safe (and relived) than sorry!




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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Have gone many times to the women’s restrooms if for nothing else but to freshen up lip gloss or masscra just to talk about something you don’t want others to hear at the table.


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      Ambermaria Martinez
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      That’s a millon dollar question when I go out to the mall as ambermaria I never had to use restroom s but what would happen if I there as ambermaria and had to use the women’s restroom could I get arrested .that would be bad cause then I would be exposed.which I don’t want

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      Been out many times with others. But only to the Girls room by myself Steph.  Hugs  Pru

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