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    Mary Jane
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    My collection of female work clothes would be unique within the sisterhood.

    My wife and I own a little farm. She works off farm, and I develop it as time goes on.

    I have 3 summer dresses, which I bought for $15 each from Best and Less. And a paint stained denim skirt that I paid $5 at a charity shop.

    Sometimes I wear tights, sometimes skinny jeans, sometimes tracky pants under them as I go about my various farm duties. The skirt is great as it has pockets. And not to mention the work boots.

    My biggest bugbear is dresses don’t have pockets.

    I love wearing the skirt when wood working, or painting. (Buildings, not pictures.)

    Today I was out the back doing tractor work. Boots. Tracky pants. Blue summer dress. Hair tie. Small ear rings.(they don’t disrupt the ear proctection.) And bit of lipstick. And off course my farm hat.

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      I relate to your post Mary Jane. My wife and I have a farm in a very rural area of Florida. Access is down a long dirt road to a winding driveway. The entire perimeter is a thick wood line. There is no outside visibility of the interoor of  our land.  I regularly wear skirts, leggings, dresses or skinny jeans depending on the weather and what task we are working on. It is fun. We are in our late 50’s and had lived in the city up until 2 years ago. The country is a vastly different lifestyle.


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      Deborah Sullivan
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      Since I am a clerical worker work clothes to me is full fem attire. Love blouses, skirts, strappy heels, and hose

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        Cindi Calloway
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        Nice dress, hose and high heel boots is a great office outfit

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      Polly Stewart
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      Ahh, Mary Jane…

      I was demolishing fences to reclaim the palings and the on the jack-hammer breaking up cinderblock columns. I was working with the next door neighbour, two women from the archeological group and three workers from the city water works! I wore earrings, lippy, forms and bra, knickers… t-shirt, shorts, boots, ear protectors and sunnies! Nobody said a thing! How cool?!

      Boots n all Polly 🥾🧤🥽🦺🩳👙👓

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      Celeste Starre
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      For the last  20 or so years of my carpentry career I would wear ladies Tee shirts and denim overalls.  The funny thing about the overalls is that they actually had faux flies down there. It would take my a good half hour to carefully remove enough stitches to make them functional so I didn’t have to undress every time. I still wear them sometimes to do chores around the house but usually dressed in skinny jeans or leggings with a cute top.

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      Andi DuBois
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      There is a UK company called Popsy Clothing who make a big play of the fact that all their dresses have pockets!

      My SO loves them (has a collection of over 30) but me not so much as the prints are a bit too quirky for my liking!


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        Clara Cross
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        I looked a little more closely at the Popsy site. In an effort to bring authenticity to their clothing line, they show a gallery of customer submitted photos of the women in  their Popsy clothes.  I thought it felt strikingly similar to a lot of the photos posted on CDH. In fact, I nearly fell out of my chair when I came across a couple that were obviously Face App-ed ! (Sorry, we probably don’t  want to go down THAT road again.)

        Again, love the look,


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        Clara Cross
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        Thanks for the tip Andi.  Popsy. Absolutely adorable.  Love that look.

        Best, Clara

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      Diana Morgan
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      Lovely story Mary Jane, smiling as I picture you tearing around on your tractor dress flying in the breeze!



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      Eva Kelly
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      Very nice Mary Jane! I am drab at work 🙁

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      Jo Jo Sweet
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      I would be so upset if i got paint on my skirt lol

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