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    Since I’ve been working remote I decided to try dressing for an entire weekend. Nails, makeup, bras, panties, stockings, dresses, etc. I shaved my body smooth and put on my favorite white lingerie, blue polka dot dress, heels, jewelry, makeup, and a little perfume. This was a big change for me as I usually dress for less than a few hours. I committed to going the whole weekend. Dresses and skirts during the day and sleeping nightgowns. I even ran on Sunday and wore leggings, thong, sports bra, and a VS tee. My only compromise was the running shoes and the black rain cover I wore as the leggings have a seam up the back and really shows off your butt. The front was pretty revealing as well so I needed to cover up and it sorta did the job. The only easy tells were the leggings were patterned in a feminine way and I had French tips on. Otherwise I was pretty comfortable. The weekend went by and I really loved dressing everyday so I decided to keep going. It’s been a full week now and I am laying out a new dress that came in the mail this morning and cannot wait to put it on. I don’t know what this means for the future but I am loving being a crossdresser and embracing this side of me.

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      Working from home allowed for more Helena time than I ever had, and like you I went full steam ahead on staying dressed. I only returned to the office in September, and I miss staying dressed. With the exception of Zoom calls, I dressed how I’d want to if I could at the office and found that I was quite productive. I made sure to have a long standing mirror near my computer desk so I could see myself, and it just did wonders for my self esteem. I was even recognized by my office for processing claims timely and accurately, and some of my clients even phoned in to thank me for being so prompt! If only I could have responded as Helena! I was given a certificate of excellence for the 2nd quarter, and I would not have been as successful if I hadn’t been given the chance to be Helena full time.

      As a reward, I had a custom certificate made with Helena’s name on it and it hangs proudly above my desk at home. It was the first time Helena was recognized for anything, and I am happy every time I look up to see it. She deserves all the accolades!

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        Congrats Helena….a certificate is something for you to look at with pride..YOU did it!!!…..but tell me…which idiot invented zoom calls??.

        Haha…..grace x

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          Aww thanks Grace!

          Ugh-yes! Who was the idiot-LOL! I hated having them as we were doing them 4 days a week and then went down to 2 a week not long after. So glad not to be doing them anymore!

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      Hi Molly

      I think one of the nicest things about long spells dressed..

      …is how you can really get into doing something and be totally oblivious to your surroundings, or even what you are wearing. Then you stand up and hear the “swish” of your dress or catch your reflection…and wow, yes!!

      …I find everyday things like that so dreamy.

      Huggs, grace x

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        Cindy Lou
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        Wearing fem things pretty much 24/7 has had that effect on me, while letting the dogs out earlier today one of them was going to do her business right outside the door, so I instinctively stepped forward to shoo her away without realizing I was momentarily standing outside in my pink satin nightie! One of these days I’m going to get busted.

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      Rei Durden
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      The future sounds bright indeed!
      You GO girl!!

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      Regine Rich
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      That is awesome, Molly. and you will find the more time you spend as Molly, the more you will look forward to, and enjoy it:-)
      I cannot work from home, but the minute I get hoe, the forms go on, wig, go through my new wardobe (I can actually say that now, lol),add heels, and Im done:-) and all weekend, I’m Regi
      Hugs, Regine

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      Julie Carson
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      Oh Molly, isnt it wonderful awakening each morning and seeing your clean shaven body in a nightie, your nails such a pretty color, your lips stained from yesterdays lipstick and mayb you purse hanging on the kitchen chair. It just puts you into a nice feminine frame of mind.

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      Quite frankly, this working from home thing is wonderful!
      Dressed every each and every day – dress or skirt and top or sometimes leggings and a jumper.  Jewellery and wig; often make up, sometimes not (usually dictated by whether I’m likely to have a video call or not – fortunately most meetings aren’t).
      I dress for work time and then change when work is done.

      This has become the new norm for me and I love it.  Going back into work, if that day comes, will be hard.  When it does, I should still be able to work a lot from home (please?!).

      Isabel x

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      Robyn Devine
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      Yes, working from home thru the week can  definitely have its advantages.  I haven’t tried the full boat like you have, but have done the “few hours” off and on.  Sounds like a big case of the “pink fog” to me.

      Glad you had such a good week

      xo – Robyn

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