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      Hi Ladies,

      I know several of you attended the 2023 Keystone Conference.  Would you drive 1000 miles to go there?  That is about how far away I am and wondering if the experience is worth driving that far plus the cost of a room and food.

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      I’m 550 miles, so I’ll attach myself to see the results.


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      50 miles max- 1 day only , after that I’d phone it in for the others😂

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      Maybe fly pretty for the first time !


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      Hey Kerri,  thanks for this fun topic.   A  plane is easier but I’d probably drive if I had to.  I flew two different airlines and transferred planes twice both directions to get to Keystone.  Currently I drive 260 miles round trip in one day just to go to Martha’s fun parties once a month and I think that it’s worth it.  I start from home early and leave the party early so each direction I’m driving for about 2.5 hours.  I’ve got a bag of snacks along and have good tunes on my flash drive.  I get 50 mpg on my car (2021 Mitsubishi Mirage 3 cylinder stick shift) and the roads are easy with traffic that’s not too bad.  So to me, I’m not afraid to put some work in to have a good time with great ladies.  I kind of like driving, especially late at night.  If the 1000 miles to Keystone is a lot for you, then perhaps you can find someone to share the drive and room with you?  You’ve got a whole year to try to set it up.   Hugs,  Marg

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      It was my first time at Keystone (but not my first conference) and I had a great time despite dealing with some medical issues. I’m about 160 miles so it is just under 3 hours for me. I brought so much stuff, including a big light to makeup (my ex had a seasonal affected disorder light which is bright and gives a daylight color), a makeup bag, a jewelry box, and two suitcases (one mostly filled with shoes). I give a lot of credit for those who flew to be able to bring all their stuff because of the extra charges for extra suitcases.

      1000 miles is a long way to drive, about 2 days each way. If you can take the extra 2 days around the conference to drive, I am sure you’ll have a terrific time there. In the last few years I have had a pain in my leg from driving long distances, although I managed to do my drive this year without too much discomfort by taking a naproxin pill before and driving in high heels to alter the angle of my leg. I used to do 1000 miles in two days taking my daughter to college, and then driving home the next day. But 10 years later, I don’t like driving that long.

      With so many factors going into the decision, I’m not sure I could answer right now. It’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. I can only vouch for the great time I had at the conference.

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      Roberta Broussard
      Duchess - Annual

      I actually drive about 1300 miles to get to Keystone. I love every minute of it. It gives me extra time to dress and interact with others along the way. Staying in hotels and going out for a drink and dinner after a a day of driving is what makes it fun. When its warmer i then cant wait to take a glass of wine down to the pool to just sit and relax after the days drive. I dont like to drive much more than 450 miles a day when I’m driving. That lets me stop early enough to unwind before dinner.

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        Roberta Broussard
        Duchess - Annual

        For me, driving added to my dressing time, where as flying would have shortened it.

        Plus having a car there allowed me to shop and do some other things.

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      Yup and I would enjoy every mile dressed as Jill! Hopefully I can join you ladies in the coming years.

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      Rayna Carlian

      If I were 1000 miles away, I would buy a plane ticket… that’s roughly a 14hour drive.

      I’ve done it, but only when I HAD to… a couple of hours on a plane is a worthwhile trade for the ability to relax sooner.

      Just my own approach.

      Have fun out there,



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        Flight time + TSA time + boarding + disembarking + waiting for baggage. You’re still time to the good, but all that adds up. Of course driving has to be tempered with city rush hour and/or interstate closing for construction/wrecks. It took me 12 hours to make a 7 hr drive once.

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      Stephanie Flowers

      Well it wasn’t a full 1000 miles but kinda close. 12 hours,  across borders and mainly a straight drive down on a 4 lane divided interstate 81. My  3rd time doing and enjoy every trip  Immensely. Long drive but worth every mile. My question to you all that fly,,How can you pack for such a wonderful time and not wish you could be more. I come down in a small car mind you and couldn’t fit another thing… well again driving as much as it has it does have some advantages..  lol..🌷

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      Kelly Lee
      Duchess - Annual

      Montreal-Harrisburg is 800km*2=1600km or 1000 US Miles so like Stephanie Flowers I basically did it, at least if you count the return trip. With stops it took about 10h. Listened to a two audiobooks made it not feeling that long.



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      While I would drive to Keystone I would first look at air fare before I embarked. That would be a two day trip for me both ways as I am only good for about 8-9 hours in the car. I often drive dressed when going to my in-laws in the Chicago area. It is such a great feeling driving en femme. I once even had a person pump my gas for me while it was raining which I don’t think would have happened if I had been in drab.



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      If it meant it would be as positive an experience as this past one, I sure would!

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      I was wanting to go this year (2023); but I got hit by some financial setbacks and work complications the month before registration. It’s a little over 500 miles one-way and I’d prefer to drive. Here’s hoping I can make it for 2024.

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      I did, for Keystone 2022. Approx 1,270 going, and the same on my return trip.

      The first leg of my journey was from New Orleans to Jeffersonville, Indiana to pick up my BFF and Keystone companion, Beverly. That was about 700 miles.

      Then we drove from Jeffersonville, Indiana to Harrisburg, Pa. approx 570 miles.

      I hope to one day, maybe next year, make that drive again. It was my first time at Keystone, and my first time to any trans conference, and my Keystone experience was worth every mile (at least, for me it was). Note that I HATE flying, and hope never to have to get on a plane again for the rest of my life.

      I unfortunately could not attend K-2023 this year, to my great lament. If my health holds out and I have no critical family issues by the time Mar., 2024 rolls around, I am seriously considering making that drive again.

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        Did you ever go to Atlanta and the Southern Comfort Conference? 4-6 of us would meet and drive down and we stopped in Jeffersonville, Indiana to pick up a girl there.

        We always had a great time. Unfortunately, when they moved the convention to Florida the group no longer wanted to drive.



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      Caty Ryan

      No. Cos where I live if I drive 1,000 miles in the direction of Eastern USA, I’m in the  “deep blue” Pacific Ocean somewhere north of the tip of New Zealand.

      Sorry bout this, very flippant of me. But I need a giggle this afternoon. Two “ailments”, one very painful, got me on Good Friday and have not let up.

      Bad time to get ill…..No GP’s available and I dont fancy hospital emergency.

      Now where are my painkillers.




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        Your sense of humor is surviving and much needed today! I hope you are better already sister!


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          Caty Ryan

          Thank you Gwyn,

          Better today on both counts, tho it has taken a lot out of me, so a quiet few days coming up. DAMN…. Tomorrow and Thursday are potential Caty days, but will I have the energy??

          I should add that I’ve been to two Australian CD events, one in 2014, the last one in 2017.

          Both were up in either Sydney or close by up in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, in a town named Katoomba


          I did not write much about the first one, but as is obvious wrote about the second one. Tho I do clearly remember the rubbish cheap makeover for the first one. Put a big dent in the night.

          Reference to my sense of humor brings to mind the night of the Sydney “Seahorse NSW Gala Ball”, ie the 2014 event. Here we were, roughly 150-200 “gender diverse” types in all our finery milling around on the hotel foyer  and sharing that space with a group of befuddled Asian tourists…

          Bet that sight was not included in the “tour package”…….

          G’nite another granpa nap coming up


          (Nana ) Caty.




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            skippy1965 Cynthia

            A former CDH member , JaneS, wrote a fabtastic article/post years ago on her experience at Seahorse!

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      While I’ve never been to Keystone I’m seriously considering it.  I’m about 950 miles away so I would break that up into at least one night on the road each way.  Maybe two since I’m retired and have the luxury of time.

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        Maybe you could swing by Gatlinburg on the way and carpool!

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      skippy1965 Cynthia

      Drove 930 miles to first ever cd/tg conference (Southern Comfort in Ft. Lauderdale; Keystone is fortunately only a four hour drive for me (and only that long due to DC metro traffic). Driving DOES allow for more of Narnia(my wardrobe) to make the trip(this year was 7 suitcases plus assorted other items(cooler, food, alcohol, soda, etc. ) that took two luggage carts to get it to the room. I do fly when
      I attend Esprit as that is about 2600 miles and would take 43 hours of driving each way not including ANY stops(and assuming I’m NOT averaging 100 mph) so obviously I fly to that when I go. You’d be amazed how much you can get into two checked bags, one carryon and a personal item(laptop bag) especially if you roll items instead of folding(takes up less room and less wrinkles appear)- pretty sure what I take to Esprit is more than 80% of our members have in their entire collection(I’m blessed to have never purged and be out full time and a large home to keep it all in- and for better or worse no one to put any restrictions on Cyn).

      So YES it would be worth it to drive the 1000 miles in my opinion- the opportunities to meet folks you chat with here on CDH, to spend a long period dressed, to socialize freely among like-minded folks in a safe space? Priceless!

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